How I Recovered from Bipolar Disorder on You Tube

Healthline magazine USA requested I create an inspiring YouTube video offering hope to over 5.7 Million recently diagnosed with Bipolar … A tremor of fear took over me. Could I really do it?

I perservered, created a video…

“You’ve Got This – Bipolar – Karen Tyrrell” sharing my recovery from severe Bipolar Disorder and how […]

PUBLISHED: My mental health articles on Healthline

YAY! Its official! Healthline, America’s most popular online health magazine published #3 of my articles on Mental Health, my burning passion! I’ve TRIUMPHED over parent-teacher abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder.

I created my tell-all story ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness and

ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery, winning a mental […]

Kill Anxiety for Good Healthline Guest Blog

Healthline America’s leading online health magazine, requested to Guest Blog here on Karen’s mental health BLOG.

I’m so honoured! Healthline asked me to choose a topic. I chose ANXIETY, the world’s biggest mental health problem… A subject close to my heart since my RECOVERY from parent-teacher bullying, post traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder.