Author Talks and School Visits with Karen Tyrrell

Author Talks and Schools Visits by Karen Tyrrell, Brisbane author.

Author Talks

Karen shares dynamic interactive author talks on the writing process, revealing her writing tips and publishing journey. She won 3 awards, 3 literary grants, and a mentorship with the Society of Editors. She presents talks to schools, libraries, festivals and conferences.

Author Talk at Fairvale Public school

Author Talks at Fairvale Public school

Superhero Writing Workshop

KAPOW! Meet Superhero, Karen Tyrrell author of Song Bird Superhero series and Super Space Kids series.

Kids will be supercharged with story writing powers to create an original SUPERHERO story, jam packed with SUPER powers, SUPER action and SUPER villains. Please message me for a quote.


Karen Tyrrell author talks with superhero books

Bully Prevention Talks

Karen wears her taekwondo outfit to present bully prevention talks and writing workshops. She shares  practical strategies for bully prevention for students, teachers and parents.  Many describe her talks as inspiring, educating and entertaining.

Karen Tyrrell author talks

Interactive Storytelling & Pantomimes

Karen presents interactive storytelling and pantomimes to children. She gets into character, wearing FUN costumes and wigs. She entertains and educates children with humor, actions, banners, props, and  music.

Karen Tyrrell Author

Song Bird Superhero Interactive Storytelling

Writing Workshops

Karen presents practical writing workshops for adults and children, inspiring them to create and publish their story. She reveals how to create characters, for the reader to care about.  She shares how to create a page turning story. She’s a writing tutor for Queensland Writers Centre.

Masterclasses: Book Marketing 28 Jan,2017.

Memoir Workshop April 2017.

Karen Tyrrell presents Harry Helps Grandpa Remember pantomime

Karen Tyrrell presents Harry Helps Grandpa Remember pantomime

Resilience & Well-being Talks in Power Point Format

Karen speaks about how she recovered from parent-teacher bullying which tri

I, Karen Tyrrell, present FUN, interactive Creative Writing workshops and author talks to Brisbane schools, libraries, writing groups and clubs.

I present an imaginative Creative Writing workshop called Build a Spaceship where children write the first chapter of their novel choosing their characters, story theme and “movie-like” setting using visualization techniques.

On Building a Spaceship: Creative Writing workshop…

‘Thanks so much for bringing your talents to Mabel Park SHS for our Year 9s. I admit I was a little anxious embarking on creative writing activities for some of the low-achievers, but delighted when I saw the result. Your motivating, inclusive style and high-yield activities really had the students at all abilities working hard, creating stories and experimenting with their imagination. Congratulations. I’m sure the students can now approach creative and imaginative written tasks with a sense of confidence and achievement. “– Chris Norrie, Mabel Park SHS

You can book me for a writing workshop or talk by contacting my agent at Creative Net

I’m an award-winning author-teacher, interactive story teller and dynamic creative writing workshop presenter for kids and adults. My published works include STOP the Bully (8-12) and Bailey Beats the Blah (4-8), all with an empowering message of resilience. My books are aligned with Kids Matter: Australian curriculum.

Preferred Audience: Prep – Year 3 (book talks), Years 4 – 9 (writing workshops), Years 10 -12 to adults (advanced workshops).

My FUN story telling sessions include interactive chants, costumes or puppets, following up with kid’s activities. All kids receive goodies from Kids Helpline. My writing tasks help young people create vivid stories that come to life.


Some popular topics include:

  • Build a Spaceship (Or Build a castle, forest, darkness, museum, undersea, war. etc. Choose from a long list)
  • Choose your own Adventure
  • How to STOP the Bully
  • Life Skills for Year 11 high school.
  • How to write fast-paced stories which hook in the reader.
  • How to write the first page and/ or an elevator pitch.
  • How to write memoirs, picture books, junior novel

Available as:

30 min talk/activity presentation

1hr interactive workshop to gain story ideas and starts.

2hr intense workshop to create story ideas and a short story draft.

Or any time requested.


Workshops costs are calculated using the base rates determined by the Australian Authors Association. Their schedule of fees can be found here:

*Encouraging literacy and creative expression in children is something I feel quite passionate about. As such, I am sometimes willing to offer my time freely to schools with students at risk, or in need. It is also possible to reduce fees by organizing pre-orders of my books. If you’d love a school visit, speak to me, we can work something out for the kids.

Contact me at:

Or book by heading over to Creative Net:

Downloads: FREE teacher Resources HERE

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