Arts Queensland Funds Song Bird Drought Rescue

arts QLD Grant dfunds Song Bird Drought Rescue

Arts Queensland grant kick-started Karen Tyrrell (me) and Steve to complete the 1st draft of Song Bird 5, to empower kids to become eco-warriors.

START grant funding from Arts Queensland and BEMAC facilitated our 5th and final book in this eco series.

 What’s Song Bird 5 about?

Karen and Steve Tyrrell Karen write passionately on the environment, creating four books in our Song Bird eco series.

Karen writes from the voice of Song Bird Superhero, eco warrior. Steve writes from the voice of Destructo, the evil environmental villain.

The final book is all about ‘helping kids to practice resilience and sustainability in a drought environment.’

Where did we tour?

Steve and I traveled to Winton and Longreach to research attractions and locations featured in Song Bird Drought Rescue. We immersed ourselves wherever we went, asking questions and snapping photos.

What Outback schools did we visit?

Children at Winton State School and Longreach Distance Education brainstormed ideas for a chapter, with us.

They shared their resilient water saving practices. We added the BEST ideas into the book. Out in 2021.

Destructo and Song Bird perform at Winton SS.


Longreach School of Distance Education


What places did we visit and research?


Stockman’s Hall of Fame

Bladensburg National Park and Sheep Station

Age of Dinosaurs

Karen at Age of Dinosaurs, Winton

What happens in 2021?

Song Bird Drought Rescue will be out in 2021.

We’ll visit schools and libraries for speaking events and reader’s theatre to educate children on the importance of caring for the environment. And living in a resilient and sustainable way during droughts.

WIN a copy of a Song Bird Series book. Go to  How we won an Arts Queensland grant … and wrote our story! HERE

Song Bird Tours Outback animated video BELOW … Click PLAY >

 Who wants to Read Song Bird Drought Rescue in 2021?

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Ready Set Discover Logan Pantomime

ready Set Discover Logan Pantomime

Ready Set Discover Logan Pantomime

Recently, I won a BEMAC (Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre) grant to create a YouTube pantomime.

It’s based on my picture book, READY SET DISCOVER LOGAN, using costumes, props, puppets, special effects and FUN!


Ready Set Discover Logan Pantomime

WHO: Karen Tyrrell & Steve Tyrrell won  a BEMAC grant.

WHAT:  Through pantomime, we explore Logan’s TOP attractions: parks, environments, history and wildlife.

Steve plays aboriginal boy Bunji. I perform as newly-arrived girl Yana.

WHY:   I created Ready Set Discover Logan Pantomime  for Logan children  to enjoy online.

We share positive messages about Logan as an eco-destination, urban green space within a harmonious community.

Karen and Steve utilized costumes, props and comedy to encourage children to explore Logan.  Seven places are highlighted in the pantomime. Includes: Logan River Parklands, Riverdale Park, Darlington Parklands, Berrinba Wetlands and MORE.

WATCH:  My YouTube pantomime with costumes, puppets, props and special effects  HERE

Create YouTube Pantomimes

WHY did I Create YouTube Pantomimes?

  • Recharge my creativity during COVID 19.
  • Share my books with children.
  • To let schools know I present pantomimes, writing workshops, reader’s theatre and author talks,  online and *LIVE.

My Books are available HERE

How to Create YouTube Pantomimes

  1. Create a captivating book, connecting with children. Consider an Arts grant for  books AND pantomimes.
  2. Write a pantomime script based on the book, maximizing interaction and engagement with the audience. Consider costumes, props, puppets, songs, jokes, physical humor.
  3. Consider your tech equipment: lights, camera, mike, background.
  4. Practice pantomime with co-actors, focusing on spatial awareness, voice projection, movements, surprise, camera vision, sound.
  5. Perform/record in front of camera and mike. Play back and take note for how to improve. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.
  6. Edit adding pictures, special effects and music using a video editing program.
  7. Upload to YouTube adding description, tags and hashtags.
  8. Share!

READY SET DISCOVER LOGAN won an Arts Queensland Grant in 2018.

BEMAC (Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre) sponsored our NEW pantomime creation.

  I presented ‘Grants for Writers Masterclass’  via ZOOM

Write, plan, strategize and WIN a grant!

Steve and I share our experience and strategies on winning #6 grants.

 Sat 13th June @ 9.30-12pm



Logan Radio 101 FM interviewed Steve and I  how we transformed a picture book into a children’s pantomime via a BEMAC grant.


 WIN a signed copy of Ready Set Discover Logan

Leave a comment on my YouTube pantomime page HERE

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Karen Tyrrells ISO Book Show

Karen Tyrrells ISO Book Show

I launched Karen Tyrrells ISO Book Show, a child-friendly and entertaining YouTube channel for kids.

I’ve never had so much fun dressing-up, creating props and hamming it up. My inner Year 2 teacher is taking complete control.

What is the Karen Tyrrell Self-Isolation Book Show?

I present children’s books and review in a FUN interactive performance. My goal is to connect children with books so they grow to love them as much as I.

Every Monday and Thursday at 4pm AEST, I present a YouTube show where I review children’s books dressed-up in character with props and comedy to engage and entertain children.

I perform pantomimes & readers theatre in schools and libraries.

Why did you create Karen Tyrrell Self-Isolation Book Show?

To entertain, educate and engage children.

I wish to encourage children to read more and think.

And help kids create an enduring love of books.

Who is the audience?

Children, families, teachers, schools, libraries, bookshops and children’s literacy organizations.

Which authors and books will you review?

I review highly acclaimed picture books, junior fiction and occasional middle grade or YA.

I focus on books from the Romancing the Stars event, short-listers and long-listers from book awards including CBCA, Aurealis, Speech Pathology Book of the Year and other awards/events.

I’m seeking recent Australian children’s books from authors, illustrators and publishers.

How did this idea come to Fruition?

I performed a *LIVE book talk on Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue at Romancing the Stars event in March.

I later videoed this talk and sent it out to children’s literacy groups.

It was popular so I then challenged myself to create book talks for my friend’s books.

Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue by Karen Tyrrell HERE

Which books were reviewed for Children?

Where’s Lucky by Jacqui Halpin, illos Sandra Severgnini HERE

Scribbly Gum Secrets by Dannika Patterson, illos Megan Forward HERE


Super Nova by Krys Saclier, illos Rebecca Timmis HERE

Which Books will be reviewed Next?

The Golden Llama by Aleesah Darlinson Thurs 23rd April 4pm

Pippa by Dimity Powell, illos Andrew Plant Mon 27th April 4pm


Coming Soon … books by Deborah Kelly, Robert Henderson, Allison Rushby & MORE

Where’s Karen Tyrrell Self-Isolation Book Show?

Watch Playlist: Karen Tyrrell’s ISO Book Show

Go online at Karen Tyrrell Author channel HERE


Super Nova Book Giveaway

Win a copy of Super Nova … Follow these steps 1.. 2.. 3..

  1. Subscribe to Karen Tyrrell Author channel.
  2. Leave a comment on the page.
  3. Winner announced on YouTube, Facebook and this blog page. Apply HERE

Which New Releases do you recommend?

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Resilience for Writers 2020

Resilience for Writers

Resilience for Writers 2020

With each news update on the corona virus, I go into a state of shock.

Will I be able to cope?

I brand myself as a resilience author (Karen Tyrrell) – a survivor of school workplace bullying and mental health issues.

Now is the time for me to spend extra-time on self-care and coping skills. I urge you do too.

Resilience for Writers

 Coping Strategies

  1. Restrict how much news you watch. I suggest no more than once a day.
  2. Exercise daily outside in the fresh air with positive self-talk.
  3. Spend time in glorious nature every day. Listen to the birds. Breathe fresh air. Tend your pot plants or garden.
  4. Laugh, giggle, sing, dance. Humor is powerful, reducing stress. Watch comedy shows.

  1. Be grateful for each day. Meditate. Practice mindfulness.
  2. Practice kindness to yourself and to others. Keep yourself calm. Take slow, deep breaths.
  3. Get enough sleep. Unplug an hour before bed time.
  4. Connect with your support team. Ask each other RU OK?

Keep Safe

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Don’t touch your mouth, eyes or face.
  3. Social distance yourself. Restrict human contact to one and a half metres. No hugs. No handshakes.
  4. Cancel non-essential events. Go online wherever possible. Consider self-isolating.

Resilience for Writers

  1. Scribble down your feelings and emotions in your journal every day. Make positive plans.
  2. Write your story, the one that’s in your heart. Write EVERY single day.
  3. Submit your polished manuscript to publishers. Follow submission guidelines carefully.

Resilience for Writers

Glorious Books

Enjoy reading uplifting books every single day. Books will empower you to stay strong.

Read out-loud to children. Be a reading role model.

Support your local indie bookshop. Order books online.

The Future

The world will be different.

There’ll be new ways of sharing books, creating book events and … a virtual community for writers and readers.

Be open-minded and positive. Uplift others. Embrace the change. Provide a random act of kindness daily.

Writers and books will survive, if we fight for them.

Remember we are all in this together. You are not alone.

So, get busy writing that next book!

Warmly, Karen & Steve xx

Resilience for Writers

 How are you keeping Resilient? …    Please Comment/ LIKE. 🙂

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Mon Repos Saves Endangered Turtles

Mon Repos Saves Endangered Turtles

Mon Repos Saves Endangered Turtles

I encountered endangered turtles at Mon Repos, Bundaberg. For me, Karen Tyrrell, author of children’s eco book Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue, it was a dream come true.

Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue is my children’s STEM-enviro novel featuring science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  It encourages children to take action to save the reef and its marine creatures.

I’m privileged Sir David Attenborough, Queensland Museum, schools and libraries support my book.

Sir David Attenborough sent me a letter of support.

What did I experience at Mon Repos?

A ranger guide led Steve Tyrrell and I down to the beach to search for a loggerhead turtle nest. Dusk and rain clouds make the night darker than normal. Moonlight struggled to break through but was visible high on the horizon.

Mon Repos Saves Endangered Turtles

Steve and I at Mon Repos Turtle Centre

One by one, a clutch of 132 baby turtle hatchings emerge from the sand. Thrilled, I touch a hatchling in the palm of my hand. Their powerful flippers paddle in non-stop swimming motions.

Shining a torch light, I join a people-tunnel of low light beams guiding the hatchings from their release point into the ocean. Incredibly exciting as turtles actually crawl over my feet on their way to freedom. Such an exhilarating and emotional experience.

Please place this to the top of your bucket list.

Mon Repos Saves Endangered Turtles

Baby hatching turtles

How is Climate Change endangering Turtles?

Australia has experienced four years of high summer temperatures. Loggerhead Turtle eggs incubate between 26–32 °C. Any higher than that, turtle hatchlings won’t survive the birthing process or scampering on super-heated beach sands.

Of most interest, I found turtle eggs kept at a constant incubating temperature of 32 °C become females. Eggs incubating at 28 °C become males. An incubation temperature of 30 °C results in an equal ratio of male to female hatchlings.

High sea levels and stronger storms erode and destroy their beach habitats. Warming oceans change ocean currents, potentially introducing sea turtles to new predators and harming the coral reefs some of them need to survive.

Mon Repos Saves Endangered Turtles

A clutch of hatchings ready to scurry down to the ocean.

  5 Ways Kids can Save Marine Turtles.

  1. Cut the GLOW to help turtles go – Turn off outside lights, pull curtains closed
  2. Reduce plastics especially bags and straws.
  3. Don’t let helium balloons go up into the sky. They fall into our water ways.
  4. Watch where you walk on the beach especially at night.
  5. Pick up all litter in the waterways.

 What is Mon Repos Turtle Centre?

Mon Repos Saves Endangered Turtles

Mon Repos Turtle Centre

This area has the largest concentration of turtles on Eastern Coast of Australia. The centre is dedicated to endangered marine turtles: research, protection and education

 A turtle ranger/scientist takes you on a group tour from 7pm -2am. Opens from October to March.

Phone 1300 722 099.

Mon Repos Saves Endangered Turtles

Thanks Rebecca Coulombe for sharing your knowledge.

Mon Repos Encounter Book HERE

 FREE Gift Bags with book, Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue Amazon

Who wants to go to Mon Repos?

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Grants for Writers Masterclass Online

Grants For Writers Masterclass Online

Winner of 6 grants, author Karen Tyrrell  shares her secrets to Grant Writing for Australian writers and authors.

Come to my Grants For Writers Masterclass and learn how to write and win a grant.

What are Karen Tyrrell’s Qualifications?

I’m an award-winning author, teacher, key-note speaker and presenter, winner of 6 grants.

  • I delivered writing-based talks to Queensland Writers Centre, CYA Conference, Brisbane City Libraries, schools and festivals.
  • My ground-breaking resilience book won a mentorship with the Society of Editors (QLD)
  • I presented 3 grant writing Masterclasses for Moreton Bay Libraries, Logan City Council and Write Links Children’s writers group.


  • Winning picture book, Ready Set Discover Logan follows the virtual reality journey of a migrant girl and an aboriginal boy. Themes include diversity, inclusion, friendship and environment. It won an Arts Queensland grant.

  • My picture book, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember raises awareness of dementia and Alzheimer’s to young and old through humor and empathy. It won a RADF grant.

Grants For Writers Masterclass

In my masterclass, I reveal a step by step guide to writing and winning a literary grant.

I show you how to strategize, research, plan and write a strong grant application. Plus build relationships and market the book once a grant is allocated.

Masterclass includes FREE notes, grant links, grant writing activities and Q&A.


Saturday 13th June 9:30am to 12:00pm




Did you book your ticket yet?

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Raising Climate Action Superheroes

A child holds placards during a protest march to call for action against climate change, in The Hague, Netherlands September 27, 2019. REUTERS/Piroschka van de Wouw

Raising Climate Action Superheroes

With our Great Barrier Reef, forests and waterways ravaged by climate change and pollution, kids need hope for the future.

How can children  save our planet? … Without terrifying them?

Kids need eco-education and scientific knowledge to inspire and empower themselves to take positive action and become eco-superheroes. One pathway is reading books with positive messages of hope.

Books with positive eco messages highlight environmental and ecological influences on our planet – and what we can do about it. Eco warrior books motivate children to take care of the reef, endangered animals, and precious resources of Planet Earth. They teach kids about sustainability and how to reduce the human imprint on the oceans and the environment.

Eco warriors are modern-day superheros.

They help kids to connect with their inner super powers and take charge.

Eco warriors fight environmental problems and villains, challenging themselves to find solutions. They model how children can take action to become eco warriors themselves. Kids learn how to keep our waterways and environment clean, green and beautiful.

#6 Ways in Raising Climate Action Superheroes

  1. Pick up litter in waterways, parks and streets.
  2. Reduce purchase of plastics or excessive packaging, especially plastic water bottles straws and take-away containers.
  3. Reduce your carbon footprint and live more sustainably, a way of living that minimises impact on the planet.
  4. Recycle as much as you can, and use reusable shopping bags and water bottles.
  5. If you’re visiting the Great Barrier Reef, help scientists and researchers by getting involved in Save the Reef programs.
  6. Read books about environmental superheroes like Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg.

Greta Thurnberg … HOPE!

What’s the Climate Action Message in Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue?

Song Bird and her friends solve climate change problems using cutting-edge STEM science, perseverance and team effort.

Sir David Attenborough wrote a personal Letter of Support.

Australian Marine Conservation Society, Coral Watch, Brisbane City Libraries and reef organizations support Great Barrier Reef Rescue eco adventure too.

Sir David Attenborough supports Great Barrier Reef Rescue

#8 Climate Action Books for Kids

  1. Grimsdon Series by Deborah Abela – JF
  2. The Tomorrow Book by Jackie French
  3. Wind Catcher by Diane Jackson Hill
  4. One Child by Christopher Change
  5. The Great Lizard Trek by Felicity Bradshaw
  6. Weird Wild Amazing Animals by Tim Flannery
  7.  A Patch from Scratch by Megan Forward
  8. Song Bird Series by Karen Tyrrell – JF

List compiled by Karen Tyrrell & Vanessa Jean.

Karen Tyrrell’s Brisbane’s award-winning author of the Song Bird eco series.
Rainforest Rescue shortlisted Speech Pathology Book of the Year. Amazon

Can kids Save the Planet?

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Song Bird Superhero Braille House

Song Bird Superhero Braille House

Today, I, Karen Tyrrell, visited Braille House with Steve to witness the final stages of Song Bird Superhero in Braille.

Braille House published  Song Bird Superhero, for vision-impaired children to enjoy.

I’m deeply honored Braille House, Brisbane, chose my book, Song Bird Superhero. Thank you. 🙂

What’s Song Bird Superhero about?

Rosella’s nightly dreams are filled with flying.

Too bad her waking hours are a living nightmare:

SongBirds’ flying inventions crash.

 Her kooky parents are over-protective.

 Her singing shatters windows,

 The principal bans her from the science fair.


Worst of all she lives next-door to Frank, an evil boy genius who’s determined to see her fail.

Rosella is the girl least likely to soar, and yet when she learns to sing something incredible takes flight.

Rosella becomes Song Bird, a flying superhero who saves the day

Can Song Bird defeat Frank’s evil bullying ways?

Themes: empowerment, disability, perseverance, bully prevention, inclusion

Song Bird Superhero Braille

How did Song Bird Superhero Get Published into Braille?

  1. Braille House requested my book.
  2. Reviewers read it, deeming it suitable for production.
  3. Volunteers transcribed Song Bird Superhero into Braille.
  4. They bound the printed pages together to make a special Song Bird Superhero book.

Braille Printer

Adding Braille tape to the cover


Add spine title to outside folder.

Today, I was amazed to see my very own book in braille, volume 1 and volume 2.

Its NOW available for children to read … ring or order online.

FREE bookmark to the first five readers!!

Voila Song Bird Superhero in Braille, Vol 1 & 2

Song Bird Superhero also is available in regular print too.

at Songbird Superhero SeriesAmazon & Booktopia

What is Braille House?

Braille House provides Braille and Moon tuition and reading material to empower people who are blind or have low vision to live with dignity and independence.

They are a voluntary association of people specializing in tactile literacy to ALL states of Australia.

Library: a free lending library of braille and moon books – click here or contact us on (07) 3848 5257 for more information or to access our catalogues.

School Visits:  If you have a vision-impaired child in your classroom, Braille House will help bridge the gap.

Braille House sells regular books $5 or less which help fund Braille books

LIBRARY: Andrew Backhouse explains how children’s books are made into Braille.

 Song Bird Superhero PANTOMIME

To celebrate, my side-kick Steve and I will perform a FREE interactive book pantomime at Braille House

Come to Song Bird Superhero and Friends with costumes, music and FUN.

We present pantomimes, storytelling and book signing at this FREE event.

Song Bird Superhero Braille

Save the Date:  10am Saturday 30th May

Braille House

507 Ipswich Rd, Annerley QLD 4103

RSVP:  Facebook Event Link coming soon.

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Romancing the Stars Kidlit News

Romancing the Stars Kidlit News

Romancing the Stars Kidlit News

OMG! Soon I will be a *STAR! Come ‘romance’ me at Romancing the Stars  on 11 March, 2020.

PLUS I’m thrilled to announce exciting kidlit news, events and opportunities … which I’m part of.

Blog Co-ordinator for Book Links and Write Links.

In 2020, I will be the Blog Co-ordinator for two cutting edge kidlit organizations, Book Links and Write Links. My job is to ensure the children’s writing community knows about valuable events and opportunities for writers, illustrators, teachers and librarians.

I’m requesting writers who plan to attend events. Please message me, so you can snap photos and write a short blog about your experience. Your blog will be accredited to you, and shared widely, promoting your profile.

SCBWI Meeting 9 Feb Chermside Library

  1. New Commissioning editor, Clair Hume from UQP Books will reveal her publishing vision for children’s books.
  2. Book Launch Brainstorm Panel shares quirky and pro-active ways to organize a book launch. Speakers include Dave Lowe, Angela Sunde, Taryn Bashford, Karen Tyrrell (moi) and MC Jacqui Halpin.


Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue

I’m honored to announce my book, Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue will be featured at Romancing the Stars event.

Song Bird, half-girl half-bird battles Destructo to save the Great Barrier Reef with her team of friends using science.

Romancing the Stars Kidlit News

Authors Karen Tyrrell & Steve Tyrrell perform Great Barrier Reef Rescue


Sir David Attenborough

Sir David sent a letter of support for Great Barrier Reef Rescue, sparking community interest.

The Courier Mail published a story and ABC radio interviewed me.  LISTEN HERE

Romancing the Stars Kidlit News

Sir David Attenborough supports Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue.

Romancing the Stars 12 March  

Jenny Stubbs, President of Book Links Qld Inc. invited me to be part of Romancing the Stars, Brisbane’s premier children’s literature event. I’m honored to be included with so many authors and illustrators I admire.

On Thursday evening 12 March discover books our local authors and illustrators  created for children and young adults. Each creator will give a short introduction to their latest publication in a small intimate circle. Then they rotate to the next group. You have an opportunity to get inside information from the book creators.  And make contact with potential presenters for your school or library.

Romancing the Stars 2018


Speed date 20 local stars and meet others informally. Great food and drinks. View and buy books and illustrations.

Enter raffle and quiz competition.

Professional Development certificates provided after the event.

Romancing the Stars Kidlit News

Karen Tyrrell, Remy Lai, Jacqui Halpin, Josie Montano.


Meet: Aleesah Darlison, Allison Rushby, Jane Smith, Kathy Hoopmann, Lisa Walker, Remy Lai, Richard Yaxley, Taryn Bashford.

Andrew King, Anil Tortop, Chi Mary Kalu, Cori Brooke, Dannika Paterson, Heidi Cooper-Smith, Jacqui Halpin, Megan Forward.

Michelle Worthington, Robert Henderson, Sophie Beer, Yvonne Mes, MC Josie Montano and Karen Tyrrell.


Join us if you are a teacher, librarian or lover of children’s literature. And want to gain the inspiration behind the latest cutting-edge books.

RSVP by 1pm Monday 9 March.


Iona College, (Library)
85 North Rd, Lindum QLD 4178


Thursday 12 March, 6- 9:30 pm

Contact Details:

Jenny Stubbs 0409 266 786


Romancing the Stars Kidlit News

Who’s coming to Romancing the Stars?

 Comment below, LIKE, Share on Facebook. Thanks 🙂

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2020 Make it Your Year

2020 Make it Your Year… 2020 will be MY year too!

Today, I’m setting Achievable Goals for 2020: Guaranteed for success!

As an award-winning empowerment author, writing workshop presenter and speaker (Karen Tyrrell) I’m aiming HIGH determined to attain my goals and dreams! My passions for writing, speaking and empowerment will drive me in 2020.

2020 Make it Your Year

I’m creating my own luck and capitalizing on every opportunity that’s presented to me.
With determination, I’m planning ahead every step of the way, setting realistic, achievable goals.

No Pie in the Sky dreams for me!

I’m focusing on my achievable goals. I’m planning practical steps to reach there. It’s time to reset my targets, as the New Year comes hurtling towards me.
My wish is to make 2020 my MOST memorable year yet, one to be proud of.

2020 Make it Your Year

What’s your Main Goal for 2020?

Squeeze your eyes shut and visualize your Big Picture for 2020.
Which goal drives you the most?

What do you want to achieve ABOVE everything else?

2020 Make it Your YearConcentrate on your main goal FIRST

Now set practical mini-goals you can complete in three months or less.
Your brain will react to genuine personal goals that are S.M.A.R.T.

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound

Display your goals at eye level as a constant reminder and incentive … on a whiteboard or vision board above your computer … and/or on your fridge.

Aim High in 2020 – Make it Your Year

3-month GOALS for Writing Success

  • Write every single day with passion, courage and conviction and everything else will follow.
  • Tick off daily attainable goals in your diary (visual reminders) and congratulate yourself on every SUCCESS along the way.
  • Rewrite & Redraft every writing project you’ve created to the HIGHEST publishing standard possible.
  • Send away completed projects to writing buddies for feedback, writing competitions, Beta readers or to editors.
  • Extend your writers platform, reaching out to your community: face-to-face and via social media.
  • RESEARCH every writing project, every opportunity that ignites your interest. Understand how the publishing industry works from the inside out.
  • Join a pro-active writing group or sign up to a writing course that will assist you to achieve your goals.
  • Network and Critique with writers who have a similar passion to you. Create pro-active partnerships.

So, I’m setting those positive goals in motion RIGHT now.

And remembering how far I’ve come …

Once I was a bullied school teacher… Parents at my school harassed me to breaking point, triggering PTSD within me.

Now, I’m an award-winning author of #12 books. I’ve won 4 awards, 4 grants, 3 sponsorships and a mentorship from the Society of Editors.

I published 12 highly-acclaimed books. 2 resilience memoirs and 10 children’s books. MORE

My Personal Goals for 2020 Make it Your Year

  1. Maintain my OPTIMUM happiness, health and life balance. This MUST be my over-riding #1 PRIORITY
  2. Send my latest children’s novel to publishers.
  3. Share my books to a wider audience including MORE author events, MORE school visits, MORE libraries, MORE festivals, MORE bookshops and MORE networks.
  4. Mentor writers on how to present school visits, author talks, storytelling, pantomimes, reader’s theatre, and workshops at schools, libraries and festivals.
2020 Make it Your Year

School Visits Engaging Author Talks Masterclass

 COME TO  … School Visits Engaging Author Talks Masterclass @ Garden City Library

19th January, 2020.


Wishing you all a VERY happy, healthy and SUCCESSFUL 2020!
Thanks for your AMAZING friendship, support and encouragement in 2019.

 What are your plans for 2020 Make it Your Year?

What’s your S.M.A.R.T Goals for 2020?

Please comment, SHARE with your friends, LIKE, Tweet and Google plus. 🙂

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