Karen Tyrrells ISO Book Show

Karen Tyrrells ISO Book Show

I launched Karen Tyrrells ISO Book Show, a child-friendly and entertaining YouTube channel for kids.

I’ve never had so much fun dressing-up, creating props and hamming it up. My inner Year 2 teacher is taking complete control.

What is the Karen Tyrrell Self-Isolation Book Show?

I present children’s books […]

STOP the Bully Audiobook Giveaway

STOP the Bully Audiobook Giveaway

STOP the Bully audiobook is now available to empower children and families world-wide. … through humour.

I’m thrilled that STOP the Bully, a humorous story will help children to stop the bully and live strong.

Children, families & schools can embrace my pro-active bully prevention strategies, addressing the bullying epidemic […]

ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness LIVE on Youtube

WOOHOO! Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness book trailer went LIVE on Youtube!!

ME & HER narrates the story of me Karen Tyrrell, Australian teacher harassed and abused by parents at my school to breaking point.

I escaped to a lonely motel where police discovered me: manic and INSANE. Police incarcerated me into the […]