Meanjin Writers Camp created Superhero stories

Meanjin Writers Camp kids created Superhero stories. And I, Karen Tyrrell author taught talented young writers how to write them.

ALEA (Australian Literacy Educators Association) invited me to present two 90-minute writing workshops for children. I was gobsmacked!

When I discovered which uber-talented authors would co-present with me, I almost keeled over!

Well-renowned children’s authors Morris Gleitzman, Gregg Dreise, Kris Sheather … and lil ole me, Karen Tyrrell taught children how to unlock their imaginations.

Meanjin Writers Camp

Kids and teachers from Logan and Ipswich schools attended the Meanjin Writers’ Camp at USQ at Springfield campus on Thursday 19th October.

I’m a Superhero author, writing empowering Superhero books, so it was only natural that I chose to teach: Create a Superhero story.

I’m a passionate writing workshop presenter and interactive story teller wearing fun costumes.

How was I chosen for the Meanjin Writers Camp?

Someone recommended me to ALEA as a presenter and I will be forever grateful to them.

I’ve won a range of awards for my books …

Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird 1), The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2), STOP the Bully, Bailey Beats the Blah, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, Super Space Kids series ignite imagination and positive self-esteem.

How did I present my Superhero writing workshop at Meanjin Writers Camp?

Wearing my red and blue Song Bird Superhero costume, I taught kids how to create a superhero story with SUPER powers and SUPER villains. Using superhero posters, slides and story starters I posed questions, to jump start children’s creativity.

Kids dressed up as characters from my book, Song Bird Superhero rehearsing dialogue in a play. Step-by-step I guided children through the writing process focusing on characters, worlds and problem solving.


PLAY: Song Bird Superhero VS Frank the evil child genius

What did the authors present at Meanjin Writers Camp?

Morris Gleitzman – Keynote author, shared his secrets on writing funny, moving books.

 Gregg Dreise  – “Bringing back endangered stories and storytelling.”

Kris Sheather – “Creating believable 3D characters.”

Karen Tyrrell – “Interactive Superhero Writing Workshop.”

Karen Tyrrell & Kris Sheather at the USQ sign


AUTHORS Gregg Dreise & Karen Tyrrell


“I would like thank you for presenting at Meanjin Writer’s Camp yesterday. My student’s were able to stand in front of the student body this morning and share their experiences with passion and excitement for literacy. One of my students proudly read out the story she began in your writing workshop. She was so nervous but thrilled to bits when I asked 500+ students if they wanted to hear how her story ended. 500+ students and staff members all raised their hands. So I have challenged her to complete her story and a student is going to illustrate it. We are then going to publish it to the school library for the school to read. Passion and Inspiration lit. Most of the students at *** come from under-privledged and ESL/D backgrounds. This would normally not be an opportunity that they would be able to take advantage of. So if your purpose was in inspire, arouse passion and light a fire in the bellies of young Australian writers – then Mission accomplished. Thanks for your presentation on behalf of my students and myself.” Below is a student’s illustration of me at my workshop …


I will present four Superhero Writing Workshops at Brisbane City Libraries very soon. Please stay tuned for dates and locations.

All children at these FREE workshops will receive a double-sided Song Bird Superhero bookmark and a story starter kit.

I’m gobsmacked by these awesome opportunities … Thank you universe!!

How do  YOU present Writing Workshops for children?

What tips would you like to share?

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Digital Future Press WINS Awards

Digital Future PressDigital Future Press publishes empowering books to energize kids and grown-ups to live strong. Karen Tyrrell (that’s me) published 9 highly acclaimed books barely mentioning my imprint. Now, it’s time to shout Digital Future Press to the world!

 WINNER: Digital Future Press

Digital Future Press received 3 mental health awards, 4 literary grants, a mentorship with the Society of Editors PLUS two sponsorships.

Digital Future Press now is emblazoned with its own logo…

Digital Future Press

What books did we publish?

In 2012, I published my ground-breaking story Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness. Its reveals the breakdown of me, a bullied teacher told through the eyes of my sane self “MEvs my insane, manic self “HER”.

In 2013, I published my self-care manual Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery with 30 steps to recovery and happiness. Its endorsed by the Black Dog Institute and mental health organizations.

In the same year, I published my self-care picture book for children, Bailey Beats the Blah. Bailey teaches kids how to cope with anxiety and depression. Its endorsed by Kids Helpline and aligned with Kids Matter on the Australian curriculum.

In 2014, I published STOP the Bully, a humorous yet powerful story about Brian and the dark secret he hides. Its endorsed by Kids Helpline and aligned with Kids Matter on the Australian curriculum.

In 2015/16, I published FUN action-packed Super Space Kids series with Book 1: Jo-Kin Battles the It and Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra. Kids laugh along, learning NEVER to give up and how to work as a team.

In 2016/17, I published the superhero page-turning Song Bird series about Rosella Ava Bird, half-girl half-bird. In Book 1: Song Bird Superhero discovers how to defeat the evil child genius and save the school from disaster. In Book 2: The Battle of Bug World, Rosie must save the bees and a climate-changed world. Song Bird is both an eco-warrior and a bully prevention champion.

Digital Future Press prides itself with a published memoir, a self-help book, two picture books and five exciting junior novels … All with *5 STAR Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

What’s coming in 2018?

Two NEW books …

** Song Bird will battle mythical creatures in a mysterious eco adventure in Book 3.


** A unique picture book  with eco and diversity themes … Winner of an Arts Queensland grant.

Who is Digital Future Press?

Karen Tyrrell – author, publisher, creative, speaker, presenter.

Steve Tyrrell – director, creative, guest author in the Song Bird Series with chapters 2 (Bk1) and chapters 6. (Bk2)


During Mental Health Week in October, Steve and I are BOTH speaking at a forum at Brisbane Convention Centre. We will share pro-active coping skills and well-being tips.

Please LIKE Digital Future Press Facebook Page!!

I  create a facebook page… Please LIKE it …

Where can I buy Digital Future Press books?

My books are available from Amazon, Booktopia, Apple, Barnes & Noble and selected bookstores across the world.

How can I spread the news about Digital Future Press?

Who’s read a Digital Future Press book?

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Oz Comic Con Brisbane Superhero Books for Kids

Oz Comic Con Brisbane Oz Comic Con Brisbane will showcase my Superhero Books for Kids. I’m thrilled that superheroes, cosplayers and kids will drop by!

 Oz Comic Con Brisbane will feature my latest novel ‘The Battle of Bug World – Song Bird 2.

In fact, all my FUN Superhero Books for Kids will be available including Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird 1), ‘The Battle of Bug World – Song Bird 2 and books from my Super Space Kids series.

I will sign copies of Song Bird at my special exhibitor stand in Artists Alley. I, Karen Tyrrell will be dressed in my complete Song Bird costume: blue feathers and wings, red boots and bright red hair.

Recently, I made a guest appearance with Super Bee at IMAGIN EXPO.

Imagin Expo 2017

Song Bird gets her superhero powers from singing, science and self-belief.

Look out for the Superhero Books for Kids sign at Oz Comic Con Brisbane

I will sign copies of my Song Bird series and Super Space Kids Series …

 Superhero Books for Kids at Oz Comic Con Brisbane

★★★★★ Battle of Bug World (Song Bird #2)

Can Song Bird STOP the bully, save her sister, the bees & the environment? Eco fantasy showing the power of friendship. Aligned to Australian Curriculum. Reviews: CBCA Reading Time, Buzz Words

★★★★★ Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird #1)  

Bullied girl, Rosella Ava Bird dreams of flying. Can she stop the bully & empower herself through song, science and self-belief?  *Endorsed by schools, Reviews: Disney Princess & Touchstone Mags

 ★★★★★Jo-Kin Battles the It

Geeky Josh Atkins (code-name Jo-Kin) dreams of zooming off into space. Josh wins an online competition to become a Super Space Kid alongside Sam Jones. The It kidnaps Captain Astra, threatening to destroy the Earth. Who will rescue her and save the galaxy?

★★★★★ Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra

Reluctant hero, Jo-Kin never wanted to be a Super Space Kid, until Lord Terra kidnaps his Commander’s little sister and starts destroying the galaxy. Can Jo-Kin defeat the all-powerful Lord Terra face to face?

What’s on at Oz Comic Con Brisbane?

Oz Comic-Con is a one stop destination for pop culture fans, with a show floor packed with exhibitors, autograph and photograph opportunities with the hottest celebrities, and one-of-a-kind panel events allowing people to get up close and personal with some of the biggest names in comics, TV, movies, anime, manga, sci-fi, fantasy and animation.

For families, Oz Comic Con Brisbane has a playground, a gaming zone, kids Cosplay parade and a special room where kids can engage in arts, crafts and all kinds of fun activities.

Your child is certain to meet one of their heroes! Such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tinkerbell, Captain America, Batman and The Power Rangers. Have fun and embrace your inner geek!

SUPER BOOK DEALS at Oz Comic Con Brisbane

  1. With ‘The Battle of Bug World’, you get a FREE Capilano Honey bag.
  2. BUY 2, get one FREE:                                                                                                                              IF you buy ‘Song Bird Superhero’ AND ‘The Battle of Bug World’, you receive a FREE copy of Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids). SAVE $15
  3. I have two SUPER specials at Comic Con 2017 for Super Space Kids series …
  • Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra is ONLY $5 at Oz Comic Con. Retails $14.95
  • Jo-Kin Battles the It is ONLY $10 at Oz Comic Con. Retails $14.95

Oz Comic Con Brisbane

FIND: Superhero Books for Kids AKA Karen Tyrrell at Stand 19.

WHEN: 23-24 September 9-6pm

WHERE: Brisbane Convention Centre, Merivale St and Glenelg Street, South Brisbane

Get your tickets HERE

Who’s going to Oz Comic Con Brisbane?

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Inspiring Authors Story Arts Festival

inspiring authorsInspiring authors presented their book talks to Ipswich schools at Story Arts Festival.

YAY! I studied them up close, taking note of every word and every move.


I, Karen Tyrrell author, was thrilled to volunteer at Story Arts Festival. I’m a school teacher, writing STEM science superhero novels with humorous twists. I was SO lucky to watch and learn presentation techniques from four incredible authors.

Check out the inspiring authors below who write either comedy or S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths).

Inspiring authors – Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson motivates young readers to care for animals and solve mysteries, and to read and write books. She is a Gold Coast award winning STEM science teacher and children’s author of Juliet – Nearly a Vet series, Vet Cadet series, Steve Parish Story Book series featuring Australian wildlife, and the Insects series. In total, she’s published 105 books in the last 17 years, selling 3 million books!!

Rebecca Johnson & I

Inspiring authors –  Dave Lowe

Dave Lowe is an award-winning Brisbane author of eleven funny illustrated junior novels. Books include Squirrel Boy (superhero) series, Stinky and Jinks (Hamster) series, which sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. Dave’s latest series, The Incredible DADventure is about the hilarious, death-defying adventures of Holly and her explorer dad.

Dave Lowe

Inspiring authors – Matt Stanton

Matt Stanton is a hilarious, bestselling children’s author and illustrator, with half a million books in print. He’s the co-creator of 9 picture books, including mega-hits, There’s a Monster under my Bed Who Farts and This is a Ball (See CUBE picture). He launched his middle-grade series, Funny Kid. The first book in the series, Funny Kid for President, debuted as the #1 Australian kids’ book.

Inspiring authors – Andrew King

Andrew King switches kids onto engineering and design via his innovative picture books. Andrew is a Brisbane engineer, science teacher and STEM children’s author. His problem-solving apps, children’s activities and books Engibear’s Dream, Engibear’s Bridge and Engilina’s Trains are embraced by teachers, librarians, children and visionaries.

Andrew King

 #10 Author Talk Tips from Inspiring authors

Below I created 10 tips using the author’s talks above … plus a few tips of my own …

  1. Practise! Practise! Practise your talk until it shines. Make sure your talk is FUN, interactive, engaging and educating to children.
  2. Match your speaking style and format to the genre or theme of your book. Teach kids how to write your genre in simple steps. ie If you write funny, tell jokes. Always share writing strategies.
  3. Introduce your props (if any) early and get kids to engage with them.
  4. Build a strong rapport with your audience so kids want to listen and find out more about you as an author … and your books. Make your audience, the kids, feel something.
  5. Consider presenting a play where you invite 3 children to wear costumes to act out a scene as you narrate it. Get the audience to create sound effects.
  6. Share practical writing tips and advice to young writers to inspire kids to write.
  7. Consider a FUN interactive power point presentation with FUN questions, exercises, quizzes and photos of you the author as a child. Kids LOVE author-kid photos!! 😊 😊 😊
  8. Read the most exciting, funny or engaging scene or page from your book using your most dramatic or funny voice.
  9. Let kids ask you author questions about your writing tips or your books. Make your answers personal as you can.
  10. Tell kids where you can buy your books. They’ll be keen to follow you and your books.

Special Thanks

Thanks to all the Story Arts Festival inspiring authors, illustrators, volunteers and organizers especially Jenny Stubbs, Yvonne Mes and Tyrion Perkins.

Inspiring Authors Story Arts Festival

Meet and learn from inspiring authors and illustrators at Story Arts Festival this weekend, 9-10th September. Check out the program. Book your tickets HERE …

BLOGGER: Karen Tyrrell writes empowering books to help kids live STRONG through humour and self-belief.  She’s a passionate writing workshop presenter and interactive story teller wearing fun costumes. Her acclaimed books Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird 1), Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2) STOP the Bully, Bailey Beats the Blah, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, and Super Space Kids series ignite imagination and positive self-esteem. Karen has won 3 awards, 4 literary grants and a mentorship

 Which inspiring Author presentation tips do you like?

What Presentation tips can you add to the list?

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NEW Reviews The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2)

NEW Reviews of The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2) written by Karen Tyrrell have flooded in. I’m absolutely thrilled with reader’s feedback on my children’s eco fantasy.

I’m especially chuffed about their reactions to my positive messages on sustainability, caring for the environment, crushing stereotypes and the power of friendship.

Song Bird Series

Thanks to Children’s Book Council of Australia, Buzz Words magazine, Vanessa from Educate. Empower ezine and all my readers for reviewing The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2)

NEW Reviews The Battle of Bug World – from CBCA Reading Time

 “I really like the premise of this book. Rosie, the superhero Song Bird, has lost her voice which is the source of her power. Cataclysmic events, like tornadoes and giant sinkholes, are threatening the neighbourhood. All the bees have mysteriously disappeared, and a massive food shortage could be the result. And worst of all, Rosie’s sister, Raven, has disappeared. What’s a silenced Song Bird to do?”

The Battle of Bug World certainly packs in the adventure. Things happen non-stop in Rosie’s world.

“My favourite things in The Battle of Bug World, though, is Amy’s supersonic wheelchair, which she has kitted out with all sorts of cool features and gadgets. From the dynamic-balance setting, to the force-field which zaps any bugs that get too close, Amy’s wheelchair is awesome.”

“Fast-paced adventure that takes ecological issues and turns them into an engaging story that should appeal to young eco-warriors aged 8 to 12.”

NEW Review of Steve Tyrrell’s guest Chapter –   CBCA Reading Time                                    

‘Very vivid chapter … describing Rosie experiencing life as a Rosella. I loved the description and detail, and the strong sense of bird-ness about it.”

Steve Tyrrell AKA Super Bee author of Chapter 6

NEW Reviews of The Battle of Bug World – Buzz Words

 “Weird things were happening around town. Not only had the bees disappeared, but there were storms like never before, a black tornado over the next-door neighbour’s house, a giant sink hole in the main street and, to top it off, Rosie’s sister Raven had gone missing!

Rosie’s teacher and mentor, Miss Darling (aka Wonder Girl), convinces Rosie to go to the Bug World theme park to look for her sister – ‘Be Brave. Be Song Bird.’ Can they stop the weird climate changes?

Reviews Educate. Empower by Vanessa Jean, teacher & environmentalist

Superstorms destroying back gardens, disappearing bees, record temperatures causing heat waves across the country and a strange looking tornado forming above the house next door. Who can save the earth from doom and destruction?
Song Bird, The Battle of Bug World really brings up the issues … many of us can be superheroes and start to make small differences now, before the bees disappear, the weather becomes erratic and natural life is just inside a bubble. Inspire your little eco warrior today! ”

New Reviews

Authors Karen Tyrrell & Steve Tyrrell

NEW Reviews The Battle of Bug World – on Amazon

Thanks to New reviews which popped up on Amazon. Check out 12 *STAR reviews.  HERE

Song Bird Superhero at Book Week Parade

During Book Week, I presented The Battle of Bug World story, pantomime and eco talk to schools and at Imagin Expo. FAN girls and boys dressed up as Song Bird Superhero for their Book Week parade. Please send me photos of  you and Song Bird found out in the wild.

Fan Boy read Song Bird 2 x 3 times


Fan Girl at Book Week

Download the first 10 pages to read HERE

 Order Song Bird series with FREE postage HERE

 Download Teacher notes & children’s activities HERE

Song Bird Book 3 is due for release in 2018.

What do you think of Song Bird 2 ? … I’d LOVE to hear your review

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Story Arts Festival 2017 2-10 September

story arts festival 2017Story Arts Festival 2017 presents a jam-packed celebration of children’s creative literature, authors and writing. You’ll be energized by the sheer creativity and the Story MAGIC.

Story Arts Festival 2017 shares sensational programs for writers, readers, schools, families and for children from 2-10 September 2017. TOP Australian children’s authors and illustrators will present enthralling and imaginative shows, theatre, musicals, workshops and demonstrations.

The Festival will be officially opened on Saturday 2nd September at the Ipswich Community Gallery where The Narelle Oliver Exhibition will be on display until 30th September.

Acclaimed authors: Yvonne Mes, Aleesah Darlison, Sandy Fussell, Megan Forward, Brian Falkner, Greg Dreise, Rebecca Johnson, Andrew King, Chris Collin, Micheal Gerard Bauer, Dave Lowe, Matt Stanton, Samantha Wheeler, James Foley and MORE are sharing their expertise at locations around Ipswich.

Check out all the Presenters

Story Arts Festival 2017 for Schools

 The festival provides free sessions for both primary and secondary school students. Students have the opportunity to meet authors and illustrators, attend performances and exhibitions of illustration and take part in workshops. These are held at a number of venues around Ipswich.

Take a peek at the exciting children’s literature program for schools…

Vacancies for schools …  on Friday 8 SEP! Be quick!

Schools’ Program  

Classroom Resources

Writing Competition

Story Arts Festival 2017 for families

Come to special family events that will entertain and exhilarate you and your family …

Watch My DEAD Bunny – the Musical brought to you by THAT productions. Buy your tickets now.

PLUS and a host of celebrity children’s authors for events that will electrify and educate.

The festival offers a free program catering for families after school, sponsored by Ipswich City Councillors.  Bookings are essential as seats are limited.  You can book up to 10 tickets per family.

Family Program

Story Arts Festival 2017 for Adults & Writers

The adult program begins with a special FOILS (Friends of Ipswich Libraries) event on Sunday 3rd September at Ipswich Central Library with Singapore based Shamnin Flint, author of the Inspector Singh mysteries.  This is followed by a two-day conference at the Metro Hotel 9th – 10th September.  The program is designed for Teachers, Teacher-Librarians, Librarians, emerging writers and illustrators, readers and anyone with an interest in children’s literature.  It is an opportunity to mingle with the writers and illustrators on an informal basis.  Sessions will be both hands on and presentation style. All sessions are limited in number so book early to ensure a place.
A Steam Punk dinner will be held on the Saturday night with entertainment.

Top line publishers will meet with writers to discuss their manuscripts including Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, UQP, Wombat Books, Yellow Brick Road, Morris Publishing.

Come to a writing workshop to hone your writing skills.

Adults’ Program

Getting there:

Ipswich Venues UBD Map 213 E16:
Ipswich Library, cnr East & South Sts. | Civic Centre, cnr Limestone and Nicholas Sts. | Ipswich Community Gallery, D’Arcy Doyle Place | Studio 188, 188 Brisbane St.
Parking information for Ipswich


Karen Tyrrell  (me)  & Steve Tyrrell have volunteered to help out during the festival. I can’t wait to learn how other authors present their talks. (I present my own school talks during Book Week 21-25 AUG)

MORE Volunteers with a Blue Card are urgently needed for the Ipswich school programs 4-8 September. Please leave a comment on

Are you coming along to join the FUN?

Please spread the news, Like, tweet, google plus 🙂

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Sunshine Coast Writers Festival 13 Aug

Sunshine CoastSunshine Coast International Readers and Writers Festival (SCIRWF) invited me to present two children’s author events on Sunday 13 August, 2017.  WOOHOO! I’m absolutely thrilled.

I’m presenting an interactive children’s storytelling event AND a book marketing event for authors. Check out my author bio below…

Sunshine Coast Karen Tyrrell BIO

Karen Tyrrell is an experienced Brisbane school teacher and keynote speaker. Karen won three awards,  four literary grants and a mentorship through the Society of Editors (QLD). She is a writing tutor for Queensland Writers Centre and Brisbane City Libraries.

Karen’s seven acclaimed children’s books Bailey Beats the Blah, STOP the Bully, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, Super Space Kids Series, Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird 1) and The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2) ignite imagination and positive self-esteem. All books are available at the festival via Sandy Pages book shop in the Coolum Civic Hall nearby.

Sunshine Coast … Song Bird Superhero Battles Bug World

Karen Tyrrell (that’s me) performs Song Bird Superhero Battles Bug World with costumes and props. Her side-kick Super Bee AKA Steve Tyrrell shares tips on how to save bees and reads from his guest author chapter, chapter 6.

These are her latest books in an empowering book series that help kids live STRONG, utilizing humour and self-belief. Karen gives out FREE Capilano Honey bags with the purchase of The Battle of Bug World.

WHERE:  Jack Morgan Park, Park St, Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Marquee 1

WHEN: Sunday 13th August 9-9-45 am

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast … Marketing and Author Tours Talk

Karen Tyrrell, Pam Rushby, Michelle Worthington present …

You have done it! Your book is published, but now you have to sell it. Join these three prolific and successful authors on ‘a tour of an author’s tour’.

Three children’s authors (including me) share our pro-active advice on how to get your books out to the world.  We reveal our tips for Blog Tours and Book Tours.

WHERE: Jack Morgan Park, Park St, Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Marquee 2

WHEN: Sunday 13th August 1-1:45 am

WHO else is on the Sunshine Coast children’s program?

Elaine Ouston, Dimity Powell, Chris Collin, Dee White, Casey Ardron, Dean O’Brien, Gayle Torrens.

Check out the program which runs from 9am to 5pm HERE

All kids under 13 are FREE.

Get your tickets HERE

Who’s joining the FUN? … Can you please spread the NEWS?

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Arts Queensland Approves Book Grant

Arts QueenslandArts Queensland approved funding for my tenth book. I can’t believe it!

Recently, I Karen Tyrrell tore open an official letter from Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.  Inside, she explained how I was successful with my Arts Queensland grant application.

This is my 4th literary grant and my very first grant with Arts Queensland… I’m gob-smacked.

Thanks Arts Queensland!

Now, I have the approved funds to write, edit, publish and market my empowering picture book for children and families.  Thanks Arts Queensland for giving me this awesome opportunity. I promise to fulfill all my obligations in my agreement.

Arts Queensland

Thanks to my sponsor Logan City Council

Earlier this year, I won a sponsorship from Logan City Council to publish this book. HERE

Then, I took this sponsorship to apply for an Arts Queensland grant.  Previously, I won 3 RADF grants through Logan City Council.

In 2015, I won a RADF grant to publish picture book, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember. It’s about a boy who’ll never give up helping his Grandpa remember. It’s endorsed by Alzheimer’s Australia. Harry won *5 STAR Reviews on Goodreads, Reading Time, Buzzwords & Amazon. Reviews HERE.

What’s my NEW book about?

My empowering children’s book is titled City of Logan: Let’s Explore.

City of Logan: Let’s Explore empowers new families especially migrants and refugees.

My picture book will feature Logan environmental, educational and community centres and services in a compelling children’s story. I’m very passionate about the subject matter and how it will support children and families.

Who benefits from my Arts Queensland Grant?

Children, families, teachers, migrants, refugees, schools, pre-schools and the local community.

Introducing the winning creative team, who will work together with me on this innovative project …

Aaron Pocock renowned children’s illustrator and artist will create all the illustrations.

Kev Web respected wildlife photographer will snap photos to help Aaron create his illustrations.

Anthony Puttee and his team at Book Cover Café will edit and design this book.

Steve Tyrrell: my support system and man Friday.

Of course, I’ll be working closely with Logan City Council, Logan City schools and the community, to produce a relevant book to support children, families and groups.

Anthony Puttee, Aaron Pocock & Karen Tyrrell

5 Tips to win an Arts Queensland Grant

In 2015-17, I presented grant writing seminars in Brisbane. Here’s  my key pointers …

  1. Develop a clear, empowering vision of what your book or project will achieve.
  2. Research and plan ahead with key dates on a shared time line.
  3. Win a sponsorship with a corporate or government organization. See tips above and below.
  4. Apply for an Arts Queensland grant, detailing compelling and well-defined statements, goals and objectives
  5. Connect with the community. Collect letters of support from key community members.

What comes next?

Soon, I begin writing my picture book and confirming the time line with my awesome team.

Please stay tuned

In  February 2018, I will announce the book cover and the book launch. Please, please support me.

WHO supports my Arts Queensland grant and my community project?

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School Talks Save Bees & Environment

ECO Logo white background.pngSchool talks to Save the Bees and the environment are coming soon …

Today I, Karen Tyrrell, Brisbane teacher announce my ECO author talks based on my *5 STAR junior fiction novel, The Battle of Bug World- Song Bird 2

A superstorm destroys Rosella Ava Bird’s flower garden.

All the bees and bugs are disappearing.

A giant sinkhole cracks open beneath Rosie’s school bus, and mysterious voices rise up from the depths.

A giant tornado blasts the house of Frank, Rosie’s sinister next-door neighbour, threatening Rosie’s family.

And Rosie’s sister, Raven, has gone missing.

Should Rosie lead a mission into Bug World to rescue Raven?

Or stay home and save her family?

Song Bird 2

I, Karen Tyrrell present ECO talks including power point presentation, interactive talks, dramatic book readings and quizzes with prizes… to Brisbane and surrounds.

Karen Tyrrell Bug World

School Talks to Save the environment

Dressed as Song Bird Superhero, I present empowering talks jam-packed with positive strategies about saving the environment and stopping the bully.

The talks focus on how kids can RECYCLE … REUSE … REDUCE at home and at school.


School Talks to Save the Bees

Mr Bee AKA Steve Tyrrell presents talk on saving the bees and what children can do. Steve is a guest author The Battle of Bug World, writing chapter 6.

He wrote chapter 2 in Song Bird Superhero.

Every child will receive a Capilano Honey gift bag with kid’s stuff from my sponsor Capilano Honey. (while stocks last).


Schools Talks to Empower

Our talks are all about kids believing in themselves, connecting with their inner superheroes and making a difference to the planet.

We teach practical ways kids can helps the bees and the environment at home, school and in their own garden.


YAY! A Gold Coast school booked our ECO talk for year 6. This school also booked us for

story-telling sessions for picture books Bailey Beats the Blah and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember.

Bailey storytelling

I present a story telling session on my book novel STOP the Bully which incorporates a bully prevention talk.  In fact, they booked us for a whole day of author talks. Find out about our range of talks and presentations HERE

BESTHow to Develop an Interactive School Talks

  1. Publish several children’s books that are linked to current curriculum and school needs.
  2. Develop FREE teacher resources and kid’s activities that parents, teachers & kids can download. HERE
  3. Create costumes and/or puppets and props based on your books.
  4. Create a multi-faceted program that includes educational talks, story-telling and creative writing workshops.
  5. Write an enticing proposal. Offer schools value for money.
  6. Contact local schools with your proposal.
  7. Blog about your school programs and author talks. Share on social media.

school talks

Would you like Steve and I to visit your school?

Please leave a comment here OR on my contact page and I will send your my FULL proposal with options and a quote?

Comment, LIKE, Tweet and Google+

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Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2)

JoKin-Terra-Facebook-Timeline-Covers-1Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2) by educator & reviewer ABC Jenny…

Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra by author Karen Tyrrell …

‘One chapter tonight, then off to bed,’ I innocently said to my two boys, as I began Karen Tyrrell’s

Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2)

ktyrrell-jokin-cover-lsi.inddSeven chapters later…

‘Just one more, I want to see who the fourth person is in the Super Space Kids team,’ Tommy said.

‘But it’s given me a great story idea, can I write the beginning?’ Charlie said, already heading for the table.

How could a mum say no to her kids wanting to read and write? My answer you can see in the photos below.

Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra

Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra

As a Mum of two boys aged 8 and 9, and a primary school teacher for over  20 years…

I knew when reading the first chapter aloud to my two boys  they were hooked. They felt they had a lot in common with the main character, Jo-Kin, a school kid who enjoyed online games.

Although, unfortunately for my boys, that is where the similarities end, as Jo-Kin embarks on a space adventure to save the galaxy and his Commander’s little sister. The adventures take you from the school classroom to outer space with many cool technical gadgets my kids could only dream about, although they are not too sure on some of the food mentioned.

Review Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2) could be used as a mentor text for many areas in school. A few are listed below:

  • S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities around inventions, space travel and our galaxy
  • English activities such as writing recipes for the food mentioned and their own space adventure stories
  • Personal Capabilities activities based on resilience and team building

Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2)

It’s suitable to read aloud for students from Year One, or for students to read independently who are reading Lexile level 300 and above. The action and language used, especially the onomatopoeia’s (words which describe sounds) make it a fun book to read aloud. Each chapter holds the interest of the reader or audience and keeps them wanting to read more to find out what happens next. So be prepared for the words, ‘just one more chapter, please.’

Jo Kin 4

If you are an educator, Karen Tyrrell’s website is filled with ideas on not only this book, but her many other children’s fictional books which deal with bully prevention, environment, resilience and empowerment.

Stay tuned for Charlie and Tommy’s thoughts on Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2) … Coming soon to a galaxy near you.

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