Create a Children’s Novel FREE Workshop

Free-Workshop-logoWant to write and publish a children’s novel?
Join me, author teacher Karen Tyrrell as I share my secrets in creating and publishing a successful children’s novel. I’ll share tips on crafting unforgettable characters and a story line hooking in the reader.

PLUS I’ll reveal my secrets on how I wrote and published bully prevention junior novel STOP the Bully and resilience picture book Bailey Beats the Blah  with 5 STAR reviews  from teachers, school counselors, reviewers and mental health CEOs on Amazon and Goodreads.


Eleven year old Brian is hiding something …

His life is falling apart. Dad abandoned the family. Brian hates his new school. And now an aggressive bully attacks him every day.

Can Brian  STOP the Bully without revealing his shameful secret?

Download FREE Teacher resources and kids activities HERE

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At the workshop, I’ll divulge my writing tips gained from over twenty years’ teaching experience with schools, libraries and Gifted & Talented Classes.

FREE Workshop

WHERE: TLC Lounge Hyperdome library
Mandew St, Shailer Park … Brisbane

WHEN: Tuesday 19th August 6 – 7.30 pm

Coffee and Tea provided.
RSVP  Phone 3412 4120 … Seats are going quickly

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Roses Are Blue REVIEW + Book Giveaway

Roses-are-BlueRoses Are Blue
by Sally Murphy, illustrated by Gabriel Evans
ISBN: 9781922244376

What if your  Mum was different from everyone else’s?
I mean embarrassingly different…

Amber Rose’s enchanted world has come to an end.  First her mother is injured in a tragic accident.  She’s not the same anymore.

Amber and her family are struggling to cope with all the changes: A new home, a new school and new friends.  And now Amber must make the decision of her life.

Award-winning author Sally Murphy delivers a heart-warming story dealing with grief, tragedy, and change … But resilience, the importance of family and hope suddenly shines through in the darkness.

Roses are Blue delivers a powerfully written verse novel for  primary school children, perfect for reading out aloud. Sensitively illustrated by newcomer Gabriel Evans in ink and charcoal to make Roses are Blue a graphic illustrated novel.

Superbly written in short striking sentences for children to read and empathize with Amber …

I have not got used to my new mum.
Even though I love her
(I absolutely love her),
I miss my happy,
smiling mum.

I highly recommend Roses Are Blue for children, families, teachers, librarians and school counselors.

                      Tuesday, July 22nd Karen Tyrrell

Wednesday, July 23 Alphabet Soup

Thursday, July 24 Kids’ Book Review

Friday, July 25 Write and read with Dale

Saturday, July 26 Diva Booknerd

Sunday, July 27 Children’s Books Daily

Monday, July 28 Boomerang Books Blog

Tuesday, July 29 Australian Children’s Poetry

Wednesday, July 30 Sally Murphy

@SallyMurphy | Sally on Facebook |

Book Giveaway

I’m giving away a FREE print copy of Roses are Blue. Please comment below on why you’d like to win. Closes July 31st. Winner announced August 1st. … Good luck :)

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River City Writers Conference Aug 16

988402_431495753663026_945076776_nYIPEE! I’ve been invited to present a Memoir Workshop at River City Writers Conference Brisbane on August 16, sharing all my publishing secrets.
River City Writer’s Conference is Brisbane MOST innovative conference jam-packed with actionable writing and publishing advice.

Check Out the Presenters…

Key Note speaker is award-winning author Helene Young, who shares her writing and publishing knowledge which helped her books rocket to #1. Author of Half Moon Bay, Shatter Lies and Border Watch and MORE.

Helene Young

Helene Young

Anthony Puttee, publishing adviser will reveal BEST ways to publish your book, disclosing latest industry trends.

Anthony Puttee

Nas Dean, editor extra-ordinare with share all your editing secrets to make your manuscript SHINE

Nas Dean

Nas Dean

Delia Strange will launch ‘FEMME’, her sci-fi sacred femme novel in the lunch break.


Delia Strange

I, Karen Tyrrell award-winning author will share how to write and publish a memoir or novel that connects with your readers… ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness (2012) and ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery (2013) scored *5 STAR reviews, revealing my triumph over parent-teacher harassment and mental illness. Kid’s resilience books: Bailey Beats the Blah picture book (2013) and STOP the Bully empowers children with  bully prevention skills to boost self-esteem.


Karen Tyrrell

Check out these AMAZING opportunities for writers…
FLASH FICTION Competition … FREE to enter

Submit 500-800 words on ‘The Brisbane River’.
WIN a QWC voucher and appraisal from Morris Publishing. Closes SOON

FREE CRITIQUING of your Writing
Bring along up to 1000 words for critique. Place them in our treasure box.

Browse the image, visual and sensory prompts to help make those creative juices flow.  Arrive early to spend time before the Conference commences.


Meet editors and publishers on the day. Prepare your pitch, have some pages from your manuscript ready.
If you would like to meet for twenty minutes with an editor or publisher … Please email Raelene: ASAP > Spaces Going fast > Register HERE

RCWC Header.jpg

River City Writers Conference

George William Hotel … 325 George St Brisbane (near Roma Street Transit Station)
Saturday 16th August 8.00 am
Only $140 for a FULL day of workshops, keynote speakers, publishing and editing advice … FREE Lunch

Spaces Going fast >> Register HERE

LIKE River City Writing Conference Facebook Page HERE

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WINNERS of the CYA Conference

cyaI celebrated the ultimate event in my Writer’s year …

The Australian CYA Conference at Southbank TAFE, Brisbane. It’s a one-day action-packed adventure holiday for writers. Refreshing. Exhausting. Exhilarating.

I shared this amazing day with my writing buddies and colleagues, participating in writing courses, scribbling down blueprints for my next writing projects, revitalizing my creative brain to the MAX.

Who WON first place in the CYA Conference Competitions?

Picture Book Preschool …Ramona Davey
Picture Book Primary School … Madeleine Askew
Picture Book Non Fiction …Catherine Oehlman
Younger Chapter Books … Anna Quinlon
Older Chapter Books … Kerry McDonald
Young Adult … Elisabeth Kasmer
Graphic Novel or Illustrated Picture Book or Middle Grade Novel .. Arun Pradhu & Matthew Davidson
Illustrations …Vicky Pratt
Published Author … Kerri Lane

What WINNING ideas did the Author Presenters teach me?

Pamela Rushby shared how to structure a Story using #9 questions …                                                        Isabelle  Caromody revealed how “Scents and Sensiblity”strengthens your novels using emotions & 5 Senses Wendy Orr  divulged how to build characters from the inside OUT, by really knowing everything about them. The Editor Panel shared what they look for in a “perfect” manuscript: something unique and unforgettable, written with PASSION.

photo 4YAY… I Won Too!

I Presented my  publishing success/es on the CYA Success Story Panel

Bailey Beats the Blah Picture book

Bailey hates his new school. His tummy aches. He has no friends. His dog Fuzzy slobbers all over him. BLAH!
How can Bailey change his BLAH to HA-HA-HA?

STOP the Bully junior Novel

Eleven year old Brian is hiding something. His life is falling apart. Dad abandoned the family. Brian hates his new school. And now an aggressive bully attacks him every day. Can Brian STOP the Bully without revealing his secret?

Success Panel Co-Winners

BIG Congrats to Write Links Buddies: Caylie Jeffery and Samantha Wheeler: Read Write Links Successes  HERE

Congrats to writely friends Stella Tarakson, Kathryn Apel and Cassandra Webb. They all SHARED their truly inspirational and surprising journeys on what inspired them AND how they became published.

Who were the REAL Winners?

WE who attended were able to embrace the wealth of experience, knowledge and inspiration from TOP publishers, agents, illustrators, editors, authors and web designers. CYA Conference delegates partook of a unique opportunity, that could shape OUR writing lives and craft US into the writers WE could be.

Only if WE believed!

What was YOUR favourite experience at CYA?

How were YOU inspired?

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Books From Our Backyard 2013

ppl 4WOOHOO!  Queensland Writers Centre announced their latest Book catalogue Books From Our Backyard 2013 … I’m celebrating!!

Bailey Beats the Blah: resilience picture book and ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery: wellness memoir are published within their pages…

Bailey Beats the Blah  (2013) empowers kids to over come SAD days and WORRY thoughts with coping skills. …

“Bailey HATES his new school. His tummy aches. He has no friends.His dog Fuzzy slobbers all over him. BLAH!

How can Bailey change his BLAH to HA-HA-HA? 5 STAR Reviews  HERE


DSC03494ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery (2013) *5 STARS… Carers Guide to recovery, wellness and happiness.

How to recover from anxiety & depression and STAY WELL

PART 1: Stop panic attacks, stress less, sleep better, develop a wellness plan

PART 2:  Sequel to ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness from Carer’s perspective, revealing NEW secrets   5 STAR Reviews  HERE

Books From Our Backyard — Filled with a year’s worth of books published by Queensland authors, is our biggest yet, with over 250 collections, novels, memoirs and stories listed inside. Books from our Backyard 2011

Queensland Writers Centre invited me to celebrate the launch of Books From Our Backyard 2013  with catalogue authors...  

AUTHORS include: Charmaine Clancy, June Perkins, Robin Adolphs, Janice Gallen, Michelle Worthington, Candice Lemon Scott,

Stephanie Azri, Chris Collins, Kelly Hart, Sheryl Gwyther, Peter Carnavas, Samantha Wheeler, Michael Gerard Bauer, Christine Bongers and MORE

Event: Launch Books From Our Backyard 2013.

When: Tuesday 1 July, 6 – 7.30 pm

Where: Poinciana Lounge, Level 2, State Library of Queensland, Cultural Centre, South Brisbane.

Can’t wait to see all my writing buddies there!

Will you be going?

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How to Balance Your Health

I was totally Exhausted … mentally, emotionally and physically!

4013933-695561-life-balance-signpost-shows-family-career-health-and-friendsWHY? … For a month, I’ve thrown myself into a relentless schedule of events surrounding the launch of my children’s resilience novel STOP the Bully.

Writing, blogging and editing almost every day. Delivering and promoting two book launches, a 15 day Blog Tour, seminars, author visits, school sessions and appointments with book shops.

To cope with all these events I worked twelve-hour days, sacrificing sleep and my health. The beginnings of Health problems were rearing their ugly heads.
I was plummeting down the chasm of Burnout!

Thankfully, I took a day off, reflecting on… how can I restore my optimum health?

Tapping into my intuition, I worked out how I could rectify the imbalance to my health, balancing Mind Body Spirit.
I’ve started a new healthy plan, to re-establish routines that I’d let slip …

How can I HEAL myself?

SUPER #8 Secrets to Balance Your Health…10-daily-habits-for-health

1.    Listen to your body: be self-aware of what you need physically, mentally and emotionally to be the healthiest you can be.

2.    Take time out for ME time.  Give yourself permission for ME time. Enjoy at least one FUN activity each day.

3.    Embrace Mind Body and Spirit. Relax … rejuvenate … meditate.

4.    Exercise daily to builds muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Consider yoga, stretching, brisk walking, bike riding and swimming.

5.    Ensure you get enough restful sleep. Cut back on your work hours.

6.    Watch your stress levels. Learn to say NO. (VIP for you.)

7.    Eat a healthy diet loaded with fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, pulses and whole-grains.

happy_healthy_woman8.    Monitor your moods. Be self-aware and mindful of any changes. Seek help from your doctor.

In my role as mental health advocate, I, Karen Tyrrell wish to spread positive mental health messages.

And do my best to lead by example.

Have you ever neglected your Health, or worked long hours?

How did you balance your health?
Which of my Health secrets resonates with you?

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From bullying to a book

Albert-and-Logan-NewsNEWSFLASH: Albert & Logan News published a story on my journey from bullied teacher to author of STOP the Bully, empowering children’s book

KAREN Tyrrell knows all too well the consequences of bullying.
Karen Tyrrell has drawn on her own life experiences write the book STOP the Bully.

getimage.aspxThe Logan teacher was once the victim – bullied by parents at the school where she taught.

Ms Tyrrell said she was bullied to breaking point, triggering mental illness … but also a passion to empower others subjected to bullying.

“Now I’m an award-winning author of four books, mental health advocate and anti-bullying campaigner, launching my empowering junior novel STOP the Bully,” Ms Tyrrell said.

Bullying is a huge problem in schools.

“My mission is to empower kids to assert themselves with anti- bullying solutions, restoring their self-confidence.”

Ms Tyrrell said the book was about 11-year-old Brian, who was hiding something.

“His life is falling apart. Dad abandoned the family,” she said.
“Brian hates his new school.
“And now a violent bully attacks him every day.

“Can Brian STOP the Bully without revealing his shameful secret?

ktyrrell-stopbully-cover-webpromo-3Dbook (2)READ the story at Albert & Logan News P17 HERE

A launch will be held on Saturday, June 21, from 10am

at the Logan North Library, 2 Sports Drive, Underwood.

Ring 3412 4140 RSVP … HERE

Buy a copy of STOP the Bully in print or eBook HERE

Read MORE about  STOP the Bully at Logan North launch HERE

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Reviews STOP the Bully

Launched  @ Black Cat Brisbane

Launched @ Black Cat Books Brisbane

I’m transmitting positive Book Karma out to the universe. REVIEWS for STOP the Bully, empowering children’s book with positive bully prevention strategies have arrived!!

With arms out-stretched, I’m embracing these Reviews, praying STOP the Bully will help children across the globe.

Stop the Bully is supported by Teachers and school counselors, aligned with Kids Matter Australian Education curriculum.

STOP the Bully was launched at Black Cat Books Paddington to a full house of writers, teachers, school counselors, mums, dads, and  Taekwondo KIDS … I’m so lucky!

Readers rushed home to read STOP the Bully straight way, later sharing their reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

STOP the Bully Mini-Reviews

‘STOP the Bully offers readers specific strategies for dealing with bullying at school’
Kids Book Review

‘My kids couldn’t put this book down!  Clever characterization and compelling storyline.’
Michael Hardie, Children’s mental health promotion specialist.

Brian’s story helps children discover and embrace their own power, even when they find themselves in the role of the victim. Stop the Bully is a story of adventure, compassion, and hope.
Alison Stegert, School Counsellor & Life Skills Curriculum Creator

‘Brian’s story is one that can begin great discussions about bullying from all points of view in classrooms and at home — Nicky Johnston,  author & Mental Health advocate

11year old Brian has enough to deal with after his family breaks up, he changes school and he’s hiding aperf5.000x8.000.indd secret. But things get worse for him. Now there’s a bully picking on him every chance he gets. Brian is miserable…What can he do? He can’t possibly fight back.  Charmaine Clancy, Author & teacher

‘What I really like about the book is that it is not just a ‘how to’ manual but a gripping, well written story that has you turning the pages to see what happens next.’ Robyn Collins, Author & teacher

‘Aimed at kids who find themselves in situations they can’t handle, and gives ideas about how to fight back, how to STOP the BULLY.’ Jill Smith,  Author & Reviewer

‘Page turner for young readers … Moving, compelling and realistic story.’       Brenda Perlin, Author & anti-bullying campaigner

‘What Karen Tyrrell has created with this story is clever strategies in a fictional story that takes me back to some situations I faced as a kid. Well done Karen Tyrrell, you are a master story teller. ‘ Annie Clarke, Author & Mum

‘Karen uses her experiences both as a teacher and a survivor of bullying herself to illustrate accessible ways to tackle bullying. This is an important and worthwhile resource that teaches resilience, respect and empathy.’ Gene Flynn, Writer & Mum

To read the FULL Reviews please go  HERE

Stop the bully karen tyrrellTo buy  STOP the Bully in print or eBOOK  go to Amazon HERE

Download FREE Teacher notes and FREE Kids Activities HERE

Read MORE about Stop the Bully HERE

5% of proceeds go to to Kids Helpline to help kids in Crisis

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Winners STOP the Bully Book Giveaway

Thanks everyone for supporting empowering children’s bully prevention novel, STOP the Bully with 5 Star

Reviews & support from teachers, school counselors,  mental health organizations, Mums & authors HERE

perf5.000x8.000.inddSPECIAL thanks to all the hosts and entrants to the June 3-16 Blog Tour

See Giveaway  HERE

YAY!! I’m announcing the WINNERS…

Drum Roll…

Winner of the signed book at Goodreads … Sam Bake

Winner of the signed book of STOP the Bully  is … Cecilia Clarke

Winners of the digital copies are …  Dale Harcombe, Diane Carlisle,

Kellie R. Stone, Ashley Love, Alex Fairhill, Melanie Hill, HP Fanatic, Alison

Stegert, Moala, Brenda Perlin, Maureen Robb.

I will contact you all soon to arrange delivery of  STOP the Bully

Download FREE teacher Notes & FREE kids activities HEREStop the bully karen tyrrell

STOP the Bully is available in print and as an eBook HERE

5% profits go to Kids Helpline to Help kids in Crisis.

Can you please tell every child & family you know about STOP the Bully?

Thanks so much for supporting STOP the Bully :) :)


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La Literati INTERVIEWS Karen Tyrrell Author & Mental Health Advocate

La LiteratiLa Literati radio show US invited me to share my empowering children’s book STOP the Bully with positive anti-bullying strategies.
Radio host Tosha Michelle will interview me on WHY I wrote STOP the Bully, and my passion to change the bullying culture in schools.
I will reveal HOW parents bullied me every day as a teacher, triggering PTSD and Bipolar Disorder.

perf5.000x8.000.inddNow as a survivor of mental illness and bullying, teacher author and speaker, I’m stronger than ever, empowering children and their families with my page turning novel STOP the Bully.

“Brian is hiding something.

Now a bully attacks him every day.

Can Brian STOP the bully without revealing his secret.”

STOP the Bully is endorsed by Kids Helpline, school counselors, teachers and supported by Kids Matter Australian curriculum

Read STOP the Bully Reviews HERE

My interview is part of June’s mental health month at La Literati. 

June Guests include Andy Electroboy Behrman and Amy Hillgren Peterson
Aussie friends please tune in on Wednesday June 11at 9am AEST or USA friends listen at 7pm Tuesday EDT.
US friends can call in to speak (347) 637-2214

PODCAST: Listen to the recording HERE

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