Romancing the Stars Brisbane

image003YIPPEE! I’m Romancing the STARS… What!?

I’m speed dating* Australia’s top children’s authors and illustrators.


I’m hooking up with Brisbane’s brightest, most creative talented STARS for a night of unforgettable magic.

PSST! In reality, I’m speed dating* or small group chatting about captivating books, stories and characters.

JOIN the Fun, Frivolity and Finger food.

DISCOVER what brilliant books our local authors and illustrators created for children and young adults.

FIND out who is the fastest Drawer in town!

SPEED DATE* 20 local creative stars and meet others informally. Great food and drinks. View and buy dazzling books and illustrations.

ENTER the Raffle and quiz competition.

Romancing the StarsRomancing the STARS

Meet: SUPER Authors Yvonne Mes, Nicholas and Alison Lochel, Samantha Wheeler, Nick Earls, Pamela Rushby, Brian Falkner,  Julie Fison, Jennifer Loakes, Kerry Brown, James Moloney,  Natalie Jane Prior,  Tristan Bancks, Robert Hoge.

Meet: SUPER Illustrators: Helene Magisson, Ann-Marie Finn, Anil Tortop, Giuseppe Poli, Tina Snerling, Andy Geppert, Lachlan Creagh.

I, Karen Tyrrell, will be there to mix and mingle, Romancing the Stars, learning from these incredible Authors and illustrators.

Romancing the Stars 2015

Romancing the Stars 2015

Join me for a night of Romancing the STARS

When: Thursday 18 February

Time: 6.30-9.30 pm

Where: Nudgee College,D J Hanly Learning Centre Forecourt,

2199 Sandgate Rd, Boondall, Qld 4034


Romancing the Stars

Contact Details: Jenny Stubbs 0409 266 786

 Are you Romancing the STARS ?

Have you booked your ticket yet? … TICKETS

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How to Murder Writing Deadlines

writing deadlines

Last week I, Karen Tyrrell author was faced with three looming writing deadlines. Three! I’m an award winning author of six resilience books, but I still HATE triple writing deadlines.

Tell me: WHY do multiple writing deadlines always fall at the same time?

The pressure was on for me to finalize three submissions to the highest possible standard …

  1. Write and submit ten pages of my novel to my writing group Write Links for critique
  2. Submit a short story to a writing competition with a mental health theme from the perspective of a twelve year old girl.
  3. Return rewrites and response queries to my editor for an upcoming novel.

PLUS my diary over flowed with to-do lists.

EEK! I was in a flap, losing sleep worrying about how I could finish my projects in time. My deadlines equated to 100’s of hours work. My stomached clenched!

I sent out a passionate plea on Facebook. ‘Help me!

Alison Stegert Writer, teacher, school counsellor replied.

alisonPrioritise. Put them in order. See if you can negotiate an extension on the lowest priority to give yourself some wiggle room. Start on the highest priority with a goal in mind. Switch it to a competition with yourself, rather than a race against the clock to give you a sense of empowerment. If all else fails, call in a friend! Good luck!’

Alison’s astute answer inspired me to write a blog that would empower me to cope with future deadline crises. I requested four high achievers to share their tricks, secrets and expertise. So I and fellow writers DON’T suffer the agonizing anxiety of writing deadlines.

 How to Murder Writing Deadlines

 Yvonne Mes Children’s Author & co-ordinator of Write Links

sml-author-head-bw-Yvonne-2015-275x300Inform your family that you have a deadline. Switch off all those open tabs on your computer, one thing at a time! Have frequent breaks and get sufficient sleep, you’ll be more productive when awake. Learn to say ‘no’ at times, you don’t have to say yes to every deadline, appointment or social engagement, don’t try to be superhuman!’

Dimity Author & Reviewer at Boomerang Books

dimityBe methodical. Break the project down into doable bits.

  1. Calendarise: the actual deadline date but also prior dates by which to accomplish set parts of the project.
  2. Don’t try to achieve everything in one week.
  3. Meal plan! Not having to waste time and energy at the last minute does wonders for concentration and focus.

Charmaine Clancy Author & Director: Rainforest Writers Retreat


  1. Great organizer – use an A5 Filofax with week to a page, so you can see weekly deadlines. Or I month to a page, for a quick glance, and daily ‘to do’ lists.
  2. To do’ computer screensaver – Add ‘Stickies’ as task items.
  3. Family back-up team – Teenagers are great with social media, graphic design, and customer service. No family workers? Team up with authors.

Ready doing doneWhich Writing Deadline tips resonated with you?

HOW do you cope with writing deadlines?

What are your  coping skills?

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Bully Prevention Talks in Schools

Bully Prevention talk STOP the Bully COPYYAY! I present bully prevention talks in schools to empower kids to live strong. I, Karen Tyrrell, am passionate about bully prevention as a survivor of bullying.

I teach bully prevention skills via my award winning children’s book STOP the Bully. I share creative writing and my experiences as a recovered bullied teacher.

I focus on how to STOP the Bully with school students, parents and teachers.  I help schools deal with bullies based on my knowledge and experience as a bullied school teacher who overcame mental health issues triggered by bullying.

What’s my expertise in Bully Prevention?

  1. Karen Tyrrell is a Brisbane award winning mental health, bully prevention and resilience author of two memoirs and four children’s books.
  2. Karen Tyrrell is an experienced school teacher, speaker, Toastmaster and workshop presenter. Karen presents in schools, libraries, conferences, festivals and in the corporate workplace.
  3. Karen writes for magazines and appears on radio & TV.

I share my coping skills in my memoir Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery, winning a major mental achievement award HERE

Last year, I presented bully deterrence talks, activities and creative writing to Beenleigh State High School and other schools.

STOP the Bully visits Beenleigh State High School

Endorsements for book: STOP the Bully

  1. Reviews of STOP the Bully from teachers, counsellors, Kids Book Review & reviewers HEREktyrrell-stopbully-facebook-timeline-cover-1
  2. Endorsed by Kids Helpline and aligned with Kids Matter Australian curriculum. HERE
  3. Mayor Pam Parker bought copies for reading tutors to share with Logan schools. HERE
  4. Groves Christian College bought STOP the Bully as a text book for Yrs 7 & 8.
  5. Download FREE teacher notes and kids activities HERE

In 2015, I presented literacy mentoring and bully prevention talks to Loganlea High School. HERE

 Loganlea High school Prize winners for reading

Loganlea High school Prize winners for reading

I gave bully prevention talks to Beenleigh library and Logan North Library

Book In a  STOP the Bully talk

This year several schools have invited me to speak to their students, teachers and parents. Please book me for a Bully Prevention talk or program for your school. Leave a message on my contact page and I will reply with more information.


Can you please share my STOP the Bully talks and resilience books?

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AMP your Creativity to the Max

be Creative

Who wants to amp their Writing Creativity to the Max?

Who wants to tap into their imagination to create compelling characters and intriguing stories that leap from the page?

I, Karen Tyrrell made a vow to complete two NEW children’s novels which will empower kids to live strong … on my Achieve your Goals in 2016 page.

I’m working on the sequel to my *5 Star humorous scifi adventure Jo-Kin Battles the It and a brand new book series.

2015-09-28 13.21.59-3I’m tapping into the right side of my brain, boosting my creativity, utilizing this FREE resource. Creativity is the divine spark that pulsates within me, permeating my mind with fresh ideas when I’m least expecting.

‘Imagination is the living power and prime agent of all Human Perception.’

I must train my brain to be more creative, more productive, while staying focused on my writing goals … How?

#10 Top Ways to Boost your Writing Creativity

1. Write every day, training your brain to create new words. ‘Even if you just write rubbish, until the good things come.’- Kim Wilkins author via Samantha Wheeler author.

2. Visualize your story scene by scene. Imagine what your character is doing, saying and thinking. Fully immerse yourself into your character by acting out scenes, actions and reactions

3. Plan your next scene or next chapter before you go to bed. Let your brain ‘solve’ the story problem as you lie dreaming in your bed. Wake up energized, ready to write. Scribble down your dreams on waking. Take a notebook wherever you go to jot down new ideas.

4. Reflect on your inner-most emotions and problems, scribbling them down in your journal. Releasing blocked emotions will help ‘unstick’ any writers block.

5. Take a brisk hike every morning, percolating new ideas. Work out what your character will do next. Feel your way through a ‘story problem’ with your intuition … and visualize the solution.

6. Meditate every day… Einstein did. Meditation helps to connect both sides of the brain. Let your mind ‘wander’ during the day … Follow your curiosity.

creativity7. Stimulate the brain with reading new books and playing mind games and puzzles … employ lateral thinking to kick-start those brain cells. Multi-task ─ helps to cross fertilize projects.

8. Create mind maps. Brainstorm ideas, problems and solutions. Think …WHAT IF?  How? When? Where? Who? Why?

9. SAY with confidenceI can and I will … Set yourself up for success. Put your ideas into practice

10. Digest brain foods like nuts and Fish Oil. Hydrate yourself with plenty of water. Get enough of daily restful sleep.

Working on multiple projects works for me … If I run out of writing ideas I switch to another project. I’m forever regenerating my ideas, enhancing my characters and plot lines until they resonate within me.

Creativity selfWhat Writing Project are you Working on?

How do you AMP your creative powers to the MAX?

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Book Marketing Masterclass Jan 23

Book Marketing POSTER Jan 23  Header

Want to OPTIMIZE your book marketing plan, book sales and world-wide distribution?

Join me, author teacher Karen Tyrrell as I share my secrets and guide you every step of the way. I’ll teach you how to market, sell & distribute your book to the widest possible audience with a pro-active book marketing plan.

 Launch sell out at  Dymocks Penrith

Launch sell out at Dymocks Penrith

Topics include how to optimize your book marketing, your author platform, your website SEO, social media influence, book reviews, blog tours, media releases, book sales and world-wide book distribution.

What are my Credentials for presenting a Book Marketing Masterclass?

Karen Tyrrell is a Brisbane triple award winning author and publisher of six books, teacher, writing tutor, and workshop presenter. Currently Karen’s books are available world-wide AND sold at Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, Mary Ryans book shops and More …PLUS international online Book shops HERE.

ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness and ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery

ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness and ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery

Karen presented writing talks at Queensland Writers Centre, CYA children’s Writer Conference, Gold Coast Writers Festival, Toowoomba Writers Festival, River City Writers Conference, schools, libraries and festivals. She speaks on TV and radio and has written for magazines. Karen’s books are published by her own imprint Digital Future Press.

Karen won three grants, three awards, a mentorship with Society of Editors Queensland PLUS hundreds of *5 STAR reviews.  About Karen  HERE

Jo-Kin Battles the It, STOP the Bully, Bailey Beats the Blah and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Jo-Kin Battles the It, STOP the Bully, Bailey Beats the Blah and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Testimonials from my LAST Masterclass

‘Great information – Really well presented.’ — Tony Jones

‘A really informative morning, Thanks, Karen’ — Erica Gore

‘Great information. Sharp presentation. Well done I truly received my gems and gained several ahh ha moments’ – Jan Muir

‘Thanks for your insight and such an informative morning…I’ll have to get in quick so I don’t miss out on any of your future workshops’ —Lisa King

‘Awesome Masterclass, Karen. So pleased I was able to attend.’– Muza Ulasowski

‘I really liked detailed information given throughout the workshop not only about marketing but about the creation and distribution processes for books.’ Kate Kelsen
‘I liked the easy-to-understand explanations from Karen, the tip sheets provided, and the comraderie and experiences shared.’– Jennifer Lancaster

 Book Marketing Masterclass Jan 23 EVENT

WHEN: Saturday 23rd January 9am to 12pm

WHERE: Logan East Community Centre: 55 Cinderella Drive, Springwood QLD

COST: $49.99 includes a yummy morning tea, nibbles, coffee and tea provided and a FREE interactive book marketing information booklet.

BOOK ASAP: Tickets limited to 22 attendees only … and GOING FAST

HALF day Masterclass ONLY $49.99

To book your ticket, Please click go to my Book Marketing PAGE

Scroll down the page. Find the Pay Pal BUTTON

Click on the Paypal Button HERE

Related Blogs:

Let 2016 be the year you get your book out to the world!

Are you joining the FUN?

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10 Steps to Edit your Book for SUCCESS

edit-button-hiYIPPEE! Kai-ay!

I’ve finished #9 critical steps in editing my latest book. It’s almost ready for the crucial #10 step. Astute editing will transform my story so it’s ready for publishing.

Why did I Edit my Book?

Editing polishes your writing until it sparkles and shines with the gloss of a professional. A polished piece of writing hooks a reader from the beginning, holding them to the last word. Thorough editing maximizes your chances of publishing and getting your book out into the world.

10 Steps to Edit your Book

1. Write the very BEST story you can. Create a page turning, intriguing story with compelling characters the reader really cares about.

2. Read your story out aloud to pick up any mistakes and flaws.


3. STRUCTURAL EDIT: Take a close examination of the overall structure of your story and answer these questions…

**Does the story flow and make sense?

**First sentence: Is your first sentence powerful, hooking the reader in?

**First page: Does your first page anchor and orientate the Reader to the setting, the main character and the problem, hooking us even more? Does the first page set up the story and the conflict? Do you care about the main character?

**Overall story arc: Does the story build up to a climax?

**Ending: Is the ending satisfying to the reader? Are all the questions resolved?

**Are the story events sequenced logically? What is missing from the story?

4. Join a critique group, preferably one who meets face-to-face. Learn how to critique so you can critique writer’s manuscripts in exchange.

5. Submit your manuscript to this critique group at their agreed wordage or number of pages.

6. Rewrite your manuscript several times, using positive feedback and suggestions from your Crit Buddies.

7. Ask Beta readers (your most valued Crit Buddies) to read your entire manuscript and offer suggestions for improvement via comment boxes, concentrating on perfecting the structure. Rewrite again … and again.

8. LINE EDIT your manuscript against a VIP list to improve each line…

**Eliminate unnecessary modifiers which weaken your sentence i.e. possibly, simply, really, totally, very, supposedly, seriously, terribly, kind of, usually, extremely, almost, mostly, practically, probably, and quite.

**Search for extraneous that’s and ands. Either delete or rephrase the sentence.

**Eliminate all clichés. Replace with powerful prose or original metaphors and similes.

**Replace repeated words and phrases with a different word for variety.

**Check each sentence makes sense, taking the story forward. Delete unnecessary sentences.

**Check tenses and overall sentence structure is grammatically correct.

**Rewrite, rephrase, reconfigure. The more times you rewrite your sentences, the sharper they’ll become.


9. WORD EDIT your manuscript against this VIP list to improve the vocabulary:

**Replace boring verbs e.g. get, give, sat, say, see, stood, use, want, walk with words and phrases that have energy

**Swap lazy adjectives with better word picture and metaphors. e.g. easy, nice, interesting, wonderful, big, fine, bad, exciting, good, little, strange.

**Delete adverbs ending in ly unless they change the way the verb behaves e.g. whispered loudly = OK but whispered softy = no-no.

**Remove all unnecessary or overused words e.g. that, very, just, because, then etc

**Amp every verb and noun to the MAX, to the strongest they can be.

**Check spelling using spellcheck or a dictionary/ thesaurus

10. Send your manuscript to the very best editor you can afford. I recommend you request a structural edit as well as a line edit.

editingtypesHow did I, Karen Tyrrell edit my published books?

I joined a Brisbane face-to-face critique group for children’s writers Write Links and sent my manuscript to three Beta Readers … and followed ALL the steps above.

So far, I ‘ve successfully edited and published six award-winning resilience books which are available from Amazon and book shops.



YIPPEE! Yesterday I sent my action-packed children’s novel to my editor Penny Springthorpe (ex-Penguin and ex-Scholastic ) for a final comprehensive edit … I can’t wait to announce my new book title. I’m bursting with excitement :) :)

How did you edit YOUR Book?

What steps did you take to create a story with the highest publishing standards?

 Please leave your comment below. Please LIKE, share, Tweet, and Google plus :)

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Achieve your Goals in 2016

Happy-New-Year-2015-hd-wallpaperHappy 2016! … I’m setting Achievable Goals for 2016: Guaranteed for success!

As a resilience author – teacher – speaker (Karen Tyrrell) I’m aiming HIGH determined to attain my goals! My passions for writing and resilience will drive me in 2016.

I’m creating my own luck and capitalizing on every opportunity presented to me.
With determination, I’m planning ahead every step of the way, setting realistic achievable goals.

No Pie in the Sky dreams for me

I’m focusing on my achievable goals and what I can accomplish and the practical steps to reach there. It’s time to reset my targets, as the New Year comes hurtling towards me.
My wish … to make 2016 a memorable year, one to be proud of.

What’s your Main Goal for 2016?

Squeeze your eyes shut and visualize your Big Picture for 2016.
Which goal drives you the most? What do you want to achieve above everything else?

Concentrate on that main goal FIRST…

Now set practical mini-goals you can complete in three months or less.
Your brain will react to genuine personal goals that are S.M.A.R.T.

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.
Display your goals at eye level as a constant reminder and incentive … on a whiteboard or vision board above your computer.

How_To_Achieve_GoalsAim High in 2016

3 MONTH GOALS for Writing Success

  1. Write every day with passion and conviction and everything else will follow.
  2. Rewrite & Redraft every writing project you’ve created to the next HIGHEST publishing standard
  3. Send away completed projects to writing competitions, writing buddies or to editors.
  4. Follow up on VIP emails … Take advantage of every constructive opportunity presented to you
  5. Extend your writers platform, reaching out to your community: face-to-face and online.
  6. RESEARCH … RESEARCH … RESEARCH every writing project, every opportunity that interests you. Understand how the publishing industry works from the inside out.
  7. Join a writing group or sign up to a writing course that will help you achieve your goals.
  8. Network and Critique with writers who have a similar passion to you/
  9. Be creative … envisage a brand new project that excites you.
  10. Tick off every success along the way.

I’m so proud of where I’m come from as a bullied teacher… Parents at my school harassed me to breaking point, with me developing mental illness … Now I’m the recovered author of six published books … More Here

more-successMy Personal Goals for 2016

1. Publish two new action-packed books for children in 2016 that will excite, entertain and empower kids to live strong. This is my MAIN goal and what drives me.

2. Spread positive resilience messages via my published books at Digital Future Press and my speaking events, incorporating humor as a coping skill.

ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness

Me & HIM: A Guide to Recovery

STOP the Bully

Bailey Beats the Blah

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Jo-Kin Battles the It


  1. Get my books out to a wider audience including MORE schools, MORE libraries, MORE bookshops and MORE networks.
  2. Present MORE seminars, writing workshops and speaking events in 2016.
  3. Maintain my OPTIMUM happiness, health and life balance. This MUST be my #1 PRIORITY.

AH_logo_PMS (2)


  1. Write every day: 365 days a year.
  2. List attainable goals that I CAN achieve for that day.
  3. Tick boxes [ ] on my diary page, a visual reminder of every SUCCESS.
  4. Congratulate myself on every success along the way.

Meanwhile, I’m setting all those positive Goals in Motion, aiming Sky High, ready for whatever the cosmic forces decide … Please Universe, be kind!

Wishing you all a VERY happy, healthy and SUCCESSFUL 2016!
Thanks for your AMAZING support and encouragement in 2015.

HOW are you priming yourself for SUCCESS in 2016?

What are your S.M.A.R.T Goals?

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Giving Thanks for 2015

thankyouI’m celebrating 2015, giving thanks to the universe and to everyone who helped me to achieve my writing dreams.

Without you and your kind support, I could not have achieved what I did.

In 2015, I expanded my goals, incorporating humor into my resilience messages to teach kids and families to live strong with resilience, coping skills and bully prevention.

Giving Thanks for 2015

In June, I published picture book, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember after winning a RADF grant through Arts Queensland and Logan City Council. Harry delivers a message of hope to those families experiencing dementia.

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember pantomime at Regis nursing home

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember pantomime at Regis nursing home

Kelly Hart, Anthony Puttee (Book Cover Cafe), Aaron Pocock (illustrator) and Karen Tyrrell

Grant acceptance with Kelly Hart, Anthony Puttee (Book Cover Cafe), Aaron Pocock (illustrator) and moi

In October I launched my junior novel Jo-Kin Battles the It, my hilarious space adventure that kick-starts discussion on perseverance and teamwork.

 Captain Astra & THOR at Dymocks Carindale

Captain Astra & THOR at Dymocks Carindale

In November, I became a ‘Books in Homes’ literacy mentor for Loganlea High school. I love my new role encouraging kids to read and write.

 Loganlea High school Prize winners for reading

Loganlea High school Prize winners for reading

Throughout the year, I book signed at over 20 shops including Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, Mary Ryans, around Brisbane and Sydney. Thanks to all the shops who sell my books. HERE

Susan Hilli and grandchildren at Dymocks Penrith

Susan Hilli and grandchildren at Dymocks Penrith

I presented over 20 writing workshops, author talks, story-tellings or pantomimes in schools, libraries, nursing homes and festivals.

Write & Publish a Children's novel  Masterclass presented by Charmaine Clancy & myself

Friends at Write & Publish a Children’s Novel Masterclass

 Pantomime players from Write Links

Pantomime players from Write Links

Author talk at Fairvale Public school Sydney

Author talk at Fairvale Public school Sydney

 Awarded Success Story badge at CYA Children's Conference

Awarded Success Story badge at CYA Children’s Conference

What was my Greatest Achievement in 2015?

I won a Mental Health achievement award for sharing my Peer Experience with six resilience books and my messages to the community. ‘Let’s raise awareness and understanding of mental health, to increase well-being and the promise of a happier, more productive life.’ Thanks Open Minds for this brilliant award.

Thanks for the Jude Bugeja Award

Thanks for the Jude Bugeja Award

Special thanks to those who made 2015 AWESOME

HUGE thanks to Steve, my darling husband for offering invaluable advice and support … And he dressed up as Grandpa and Thor, making our book events FUN.

 Steve as THOR at Dymocks Indooroopilly

Steve as THOR at Dymocks Indooroopilly

Giving thanks to: Anthony Puttee of Book Cover Café , editor Penny Springthorpe, illustrators: Trevor Salter and Aaron Pocock, Ay Jay and Catherine from Angus & Robertson, Chelsi from Logan Art Gallery, Wendy Millgate from South City Bulletin, writer friends from Write Links: Yvonne, Alison, Jacqui, Charmaine, Jillanne, Rebecca, Jenny, Jocelyn, Rachelle, June, Chris and Tammy … Blog Tour Hosts, and my wonderful Facebook friends Montana, Sue, Ani and more…

HUGS to all my friends, readers, listeners and supporters. Thanks so much  :)

thank_youHOW was the year 2015 for you?

What do you give thanks for?

What are you grateful for?

Please Comment, Share, like tweet and google plus :)

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KIDS Review Jo-Kin Battles the It

(JPEG Image, 900 × 430 pixels)A whole class of kids review Jo-Kin Battles the It as a fun-filled, fast-paced KIDS book. Teacher, Ms Batar presented Jo-Kin Battles the It as a read-aloud book to class 4B of Fairvale Public School, Sydney.

Jo-Kin Battles the It - front & back cover

Jo-Kin Battles the It – front & back cover

I enjoy a special relationship with Fairvale Public School and class 4B as a literacy mentor, chatting to kids on their class website. I visited this school in October after I was invited by their school principal Mr Pitt, who I taught in Kindy at Fairfield West School.

What’s Jo-kin Battles the It (Super Space Kids #1) about?

Jo-Kin Battles the It  empowers kids to live strong with perseverance, teamwork and brainpower using humour. I, author Karen Tyrrell is a winner of a mental health achievement award for my books and work in the community. HERE

“Jokester, Josh Atkins aka Jo-Kin wins the Super Space Kid contest alongside nerdy Sam Jones aka Sam-Wich. Their first Super Space Kid mission is to save the galaxy from deadly alien, the It. When the It kidnaps Captain Astra, it’s a frantic race against time.

Can Josh save Astra and the galaxy from the It … before it’s too late?”

 Visit to Fairvale school with Ranita 4B

Visit to Fairvale school with Ranita 4B

Kids review JO-KIN Battles the It

Jo-Kin Battles the It is so cool … I could imagine what was happening and think about what’s happening next. It was so weird that I couldn’t stand it!’ — Kattie Le

‘Inspirational, please write a sequel. Favourite part was when they first met Astra … adventure and suspense at every turn.’ –Holly Rose Sheppey

‘Amazing, it’s not just for boys, it’s for girls too. I liked when Joshua fought It. –Solanje Ombeni

‘Taught me how to be strong.’–Mohammed Sabi arrived in Australia 2016

‘This book is so funny.’– Toplica Pajic arrived in Australia Term 4

I loved Jo-Kin Battles the It as it tells why kids are special…makes me imagine so much that I think I’m even in it. My favourite part was when Josh spent time in Super Space Kids School learning how to outsmart I-Bots and Crit-Bots. I think kids should read this because it has a lot of morals and teaches kids how to use brain power.’– Enola Palu

Ms Batar & class 4B  Fairvale school

Ms Batar & class 4B Fairvale Public School

‘I loved the part when Josh and Sam started working as a team.. it made me feel like they’re going to win. Best book ever.’ –Queena Kakoz

‘I like how Sam was a nerd and Josh was the geek.’ –Andrew Paje

Jo-Kin Battles the It :really exciting, lots of suspense at the end of every chapter. My favourite part was when they finally became super space kids … they fight really funny.’– Mitar Tomasevic

‘Spectacular story with adventures. I enjoyed Ms Batar reading story out loud. They outsmarted It.’– Natasha Huynh

‘Rate it 10/10 as I love the story so much (and Astra). Favourite part was when the heroes win.’– Victoria Thai

‘Suspense at the end of each chapter. Favourite part was when they met crazy monsters.’–Mariel Mattie

‘Your fantastic book … really entertained me…Josh and Sam worked as a team to defeat It and save Captain Astra.’

‘I highly recommend…Rate it 10/10 as you gave them character traits. My favourite part was Josh came up with an escape plan.’–Motaz Mousa

‘Amazing book. Kids got over their fear  although they were frightened.’– Chanel Genua

‘I love Jo-Kin that the title has a joke in it. There’s video games like space invaders and game consoles like a Wii and play station.’- Luka 😄 Class 4B

‘The chapters were AMAZING!!!’ – Vicki, Class 4B

Kid Reviews + from teachers, counsellors & Reviewers HERE

Kids Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads

FREE teacher notes & Kids activities incl STEM & creative writing HERE

ktyrrell-jokin-cover-promo-web-lgeWhere is Jo-Kin Battles the It available?

  1. On Amazon in ebook or print HERE
  2. Grab JO-KIN for $15 FREE postage in Australia to December 25. Leave a message HERE
  3. Available in Sydney via Dymocks Penrith
  4. In Brisbane its available from Riverbend Bulimba, Mary Ryans Milton, Angus & Roberston Victoria Point & Riverlink Ipswich, Mad Hatters Manly and many MORE

Which Kids Review did you enjoy the best?

Do you have a special connection with a school OR a class?

Can you please comment, SHARE, Like tweet and google +?

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Plotter or Pantser How do Writers Write?

a_cure_for_writers_blockI’m fascinated on how writers write and the writing processes they utilize.

All writers have an unique writing process.

This is how I write my latest Work in Progress (WIP)

 Karen Tyrrell ‘First an inspired idea arrives with an ending, taking over my thoughts. For weeks I percolate the story until I could visualize my main character and what drives her. Next I write the first chapter in the characters voice, expressing her dreams and fears. Then I plan the story in detail from beginning to end, including her brick wall challenges and ultimately the resolution.’


Karen Tyrrell’s books: Jo-Kin Battles the It, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, Stop the Bully, Bailey Beats the blah

I surveyed children’s writers from  Just Write for Kids on how they write

I asked: ‘What’s your writing process?

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Or both? What writing and planning techniques do you use?’

Plotter = Plots and plans story from beginning to end

Pantser = Writes by their seat of their pants! Creates the story as they go.

PantserPlotterAlison Douglas Stegert ‘A pantsing plotter. I think… Synopsis, outline, Scrivener cards, starting at the end–but running with good ideas that veer off the plan to see what happens!- Alison is an emerging mid-grade fantasy adventure novel author.

Debra Tidball ‘Beyond the initial idea I’m definitely a pantser! I find it hard to plot before I’ve played around with my characters and gotten to know them a bit first. It does mean many of my stories have a tendency to ‘run aground’ and stagnate for a while, waiting for a new wave of panster inspiration to sweep in and save them! Oh – and the endings can be rather elusive – a bit more ‘plotserism’ would be helpful. Debra is a picture book author of When I see Grandma

Renee Price ‘I’m sparked by the initial idea then write by the seat of my pants until I’ve spewed every last thought onto paper. I let it sit for a day or two then return to plot, plan, and plot! Renee is a picture book author of Digby’s Moon Mission.

 Katie Bingham Pants for shorter pieces and plotted pantser for novels here. My plotting is mostly segmenting a character, relationship or story progression into sub-headings and then pantsing the smaller chunks and then putting it all back together like a big jigsaw puzzle. Katie is a reviewer for CBCA and school teacher.

cwritingKathy Creamer Always a pantser until I’ve written the whole story, then I go back and wickedly plot the hell out of the manuscript!  Kathy is a picture book author and illustrator

 Emma Mactaggart ‘I am a PANTSER. I can only begin to write if I have the last line! It is a response to a flash of a thought, and then I give it time to write / rewrite / and write again. The planning I do then is the production side of things, creating a time-line to ensure the books land when I want them too! Emma is a picture book author and workshop presenter

Melissa Gijsbers ‘A plotting pantser? I like to have an idea of where the story is going, and the ending, but I mostly let the story go where it goes. I mostly talk through the plot with my kids (as they are the age group I write for as well as having some great ideas to make the story stronger) Melissa is a mid-grade and short story author

 What the Survey revealed …

Writers write in similar ways, often with a blend of plotting and pantsing.

The secret to a successful book and successful writing is …

Write what works for you

pantserHow do you write?

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