COVER revealDRUM ROLL … I’m announcing the COVER and title of my brand NEW Book Baby.

A Junior Novel I’m Thrilled about inspired by my mission to Create books to empower KIDS

My heart’s pounding fast.

My stomach is squirming.

I’m giving BIRTH to my new Book Baby in Public.

So here I go, with one final PUSH into the world …

STOP the Bully … by Karen Tyrrell


Eleven year old Brian is hiding something …

His life is falling apart. Dad abandoned the family. Brian hates his new school. And now a violent bully attacks him every day.

Can Brian STOP the Bully without revealing his shameful secret?

Does the blurb intrigue you and hook you in?

BULLYING is a HUGE problem in schools. I’m passionate about teaching kids assertive anti-bullying solutions.
LOVE to hear what you think. I’m so excited with my new junior novel, I can barely type up these words.

CONGRATS to my Dream Team …

SPECIAL thanks to Trevor Salter (illustrator) for creating the front cover characters, bursting with energy and emotion.

SPECIAL thanks to Anthony Puttee (cover designer) of Book Cover Café. Just LOVE his clever choice of colours, fonts and cover composition.

What do you think of my COVER?

Will the cover STAND OUT on the book shelf?

Does the front cover ENTICE you to take a peek inside?perf5.000x8.000.indd
I’m biting my finger nails here … Please let me know ASAP!

PS  Release Date: May 31st

PPS I’m announcing the launch, Reviews and High Profile supporters of STOP the Bully very soon … Please Stay Tuned.

Can you PLEASE spread the NEWS to everyone you know?

LOVE to hear your Comments …

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Launching UNDEAD Kev + FREE Kindle Giveaway

YAY!!  Children’s Author and teacher Charmaine Clancy is giving away a FREE Kindle to celebrate her new junior novel UNDEAD KEV (Zane and Kev versus Everything)

Undead Kev is the sequel to her best SELLER, My Zombie Dog.  I just LOVE Charmaine’s quirky scary humor … So do KIDS!

UnDead Kev: BLURB

The undead adventure continues!

Kev was strange, sluggish and smelled disgusting... and that was before he became a zombie!

Zane and Kev, best mates forever.

Side by side, they’ve been through crayon chewing (Kev), nose picking (Kev), and losing their trunks in the public pool (yep, that was Kev, too).

They even faced the zombie apocalypse together… until Kev got bit.

Can their friendship survive if Kev is a zombie?

UnDead Kev available on Amazon HERE

How to WIN a FREE Kindle AND an Amazon gift card

KindleGo to Charmaine’s Wagging Tails website.

Buy one of her books …

My Zombie Dog, Undead Kev or Dognapped ? (A Dog Show Detective Mystery) ALL only $2.99.


Good luck in the Giveaway competition.

PLEASE Share, tell all your friends on Facebook, twitter and google + about this FANTASTIC deal.

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Hour-of-powerFeeling exhausted? … Lacking energy and motivation? … Everything seems too hard, too tiring?

Are you stressed to the hilt? Frazzled by work and time pressures?

Would you like a calmer, MORE fulfilled life? Full of energy, vitality and Success?

Try an Hour of POWER …

An empowering way to start your day, guaranteed to lift your mood and creativity in a relaxed, balanced way.

 #7 Secrets  to Empower YOU

1.    Take a brisk walk, breathing slowly and deeply as you swing your arms.

2.     Concentrate on the rhythm of your breath. Be mindful of your five senses and what’s around you. Meditate.

3.     Fill your thoughts with gratitude, expressing  positive thanks for all the wonderful gifts the universe has empowergiven you.

4.     Stretch out your limbs and your body. Try a Fit ball, yoga or Pilates.

5.    Rehydrate yourself with fresh water. Continue drinking fresh water throughout the day.

6.    Eat a SUPER breakfast: oatmeal porridge, chia seeds, nuts, Greek yogurt and blueberries.

7.    Scribble down your personal reflections in your journal:  writing ideas and goals for the day expressing your emotions.

Now you’re ready to start the day filled with confidence, ENERGY and clear goals.

WHO Wants MORE Power?

KarenTyrrell-Me-And-Him-Cover-WebUse-LgeRead ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery 
How to Sleep Better,  Stress less, Beat anxiety and depression …
Read 5 STAR Reviews from Mental Health CEOs HERE

READ Bailey Beats the Blah to empower your KIDS with #Resilience skills HERE

For KIDS …Download FREE Teacher notes and #resilience activities HERE

 FREE eBook  *Top 30 Tools for Wellness: Healthy Mind, Happy Day.

Feel Happier, Healthier & Mentally stronger  DOWNLOAD HERE

Did the hour of power EMPOWER you?

What step was the MOST helpful?

HOW do you EMPOWER yourself?

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HELP Autistic Kids in Autism Month + Bookgiveaway

images_052I’m celebrating Autism Awareness Month by giving away a signed copy of Bailey Beats the Blah, resilience picture book suitable for EVERY child.

Bailey Beats the Blah boosts self-esteem, coping skills to cope with CHANGE, beating worry thoughts (anxiety) and sad days (depression)  raising emotional awareness.

Why am I so Passionate about supporting Autism?

1.    My sister was officially diagnosed with autism only last year. Since then she’s learned practical coping skills. Her life has changed. She’s happier and MORE confident now.

2.    I taught autistic KIDS in my primary school classes. Wish I had Bailey Beats the Blah as a resource then.

How can you Support Autism Month?

1.    Share the facts: One in every 88 children has Autism.

2.    Post a positive Autism IMAGE on your blog, Facebook, Twitter page or other social media site … and support Autism Month.

3.    Learn how Bailey Beats the Blah can transform EVERY child’s LIFE.  Read my interview. Find out which skills Bailey can teach your child HERE

KarenTyrrell-Bailey-Cover-WebUse-LgeWIN a FREE signed copy of Bailey Beats the Blah register HERE …. Closes April 8

BUY Bailey Beats the Blah in print or eBook HERE

Download FREE teachers notes and FREE kids activities from my website. HERE

Did you register for a FREE copy?  HERE

Can you please tell everyone HOW Bailey Beats the Blah is transforming kid’s lives?

WINNER is …. Klara Gaglia … CONGRATULATIONS !!

Thanks to the 1233  people who entered :)  :)

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BOOKED Bailey Beats the Blah Storytelling for Kids

loganhyperdome-karentyrrell-march28Join in Outrageous FUN…

And meet children’s author -teacher, Karen Tyrrell (me) as I re-enact my empowering picture book, Bailey Beats the BLAH.

Bailey Beats the Blah boosts self-esteem, emotional awareness and coping skills to overcome anxiety (worry thoughts) and depression (sad days) …

and How to cope with change!

Download FREE teaching Notes and Free KIDS activities HERE

Kids will LOVE Bailey, interacting with chants, actions and laughter.

Mums, teachers and authors bring your KIDS along to Bailey’s story telling session this Friday…

How to Present a Storytelling session at a Library or School

1.    Book the session in advance with clear aims on how to make your session captivating and memorable. Advertise your event with flyers for a library session. Request what you need: a display table, a whiteboard etc

2.    Work out your exact spiel, adding humor and pathos.

3.    Practice speaking, acting and interacting. Dramatize story with voice inflections, whispers, pauses and actions, injecting with enthusiasm and energy. Fine tune your body language and movements “on stage”.

4.     Pack your bag in advance including bookmarks, copies of your books, costumes, puppets, posters, your banner, a sign-up sheet, a bright cover for the display table.

5.    Wear bright clothing: consider an eye-catching T-shirt or theme costume, a wig, a silly hat, and your name tag.

6.    Follow up the dramatic storytelling session with discussion and hands on activity sheets that consolidate your message or lesson. Finish on a positive note, by requesting feedback. Discuss the next visit with your next book.

KarenTyrrell-Bailey-Cover-WebUse-LgeI LOVE presenting Bailey Beats the Blah to children, watching their faces light up with delight.  And helping kids change their BLAH into HA-HA-HA.

5% of sales go to Kids Helpline, supporting kids in crisis. ALL kids will receive goodies from Kids Helpline including stickers and fridge magnets.

Come join me to stamp out the BLAH!

Where:  Hyperdome Library TLC lounge
When: Friday March 28th 10 am

Are you coming along this Friday?

What tips would you like to share for storytelling?

Would you like me to present Bailey Beats the Blah at your school, pre-school or library?

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Bailey Beats the Blah jets off to Bologna Book Fair

bolognaI’m doing cartwheels! Bailey Beats the Blah will be showcased at the Bologna Book Fair March 24-27 in Bologna Italy.

International book buyers will read the pages of Bailey displayed at the SCBWI stand for Australian and New Zealand authors.

If they need more publishing information , they can peruse the flyer I created to order  books from any country in the world.

Why am I so eXcited?

1.    Bailey Beats the Blah empowers kids and families with resilience skills to boost self-esteem, emotional awareness and coping skills.

Download FREE children’s activities and FREE teacher Notes HERE


2.    Bailey is a book for EVERY child. Reviews from Teacher Librarian network OzTL were sent to EVERY school in Australia Read HERE   KarenTyrrell-Bailey-Cover-WebUse-Lge

3.    Bailey Beats the Blah supports children with special needs, enabling them to raise their self-esteem, cope with change and  improve emotional awareness. Featured on The Appy Ladies website HERE

4.    As a proud member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) Bailey will be showcased alongside the best books in the world.

5.    It’s time to party! SCBWI is celebrating TEN years in Bologna! READ more on Bologna Book Fair HERE

Please come back LATER to check for photos of the Book Fair

Where can I buy Bailey Beats the Blah?

1. From Amazon in print and ebook

2. Order from good book shops including Blackcat Paddington, Riverbend Bulimba, Big B Books Burleigh Heads.

Is your children’s book showcased at the 2014 Bologna Book Fair?

Are you sending your children’s book to the next Bologna Book Fair?

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PODCAST Mental Health 101 Wellness Tips

mental-health-101I, Karen Tyrrell am passionate about Mental Health and I want the world to start TALKING about it!

Mental health issues are NORMAL. Everyone is struggling with something … anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stress, or sleep disorders sometime in their life.

Either their own or with someone they love. It’s time to STOP the hushed whispers and start talking about mental illness.

STOP the stigma!


Mental illness is like any OTHER illness… It has symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and recovery. YES, Recovery!

Matt Townsend  American psychologist  interviewed me on my recovery from mental illness: Bipolar Disorder and PTSD on USA satellite radio, transmitting over the globe. He requested the interview after reading my self-help manual Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery, with thirty steps to recovery, wellness and resilience.

I’m passionate about mental health, speaking out on radio, TV and to audiences  about my journey into and out of mental illness and my books Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness and kids resilience picture book, Bailey Beats the Blah. …

FREE Teacher Notes and FREE Kids Activities  HERE

LISTEN to my satellite radio Mental Health 101 podcast.perf6.000x9.000.indd

On American satellite  radio, Matt Townsend and Merritt Mecham (psychologists) discuss the issues on the show “Recovering from Mental Illness”

My interview starts 23 minutes into the program. Listen HERE

STOP the Silence!!

Did this interview help to open up discussions on Mental Health and Mental illness?
Do you talk about mental health issues with your friends and colleagues?
Did you listen to the Podcast?  :)

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INSIGHTS from a Children’s Author

authors-and-illustrators-copy1NEWSFLASH: Authors of Kid’s books REVEAL themselves, their writing secrets and their passion for writing…
I, Karen Tyrrell was tagged not once but TWICE in a tagging game for children’s authors to answer four questions.
First I was tagged by Vacen Taylor: incredibly talented Gold Coast author of children’s Sci-Fi Starchild series Bk1: The Age of Akra  and Bk 2: The City of Souls  HERE

Then by Robin Opie Parnell. South Australian author of 90 books for children and adults and 2 feature film screenplays. Robyn is married to writer Rob Parnell and they have a son named Wally (who is rather hairy – woof!). She signs off with empowering words “Love and Light” xx Check out her books and secrets. HERE

Now, it’s my turn. I have to reply to four questions. I hope I can make my responses as enticing as they did. Here goes!

red 2Q1: What am I working on?

•    I’m creating empowering mental health KIDS picture books, for the Bailey Beats the Blah series.
•    A fast-paced junior novel to empower children to face their challenges at school, launching very soon.  Please stay tuned for the cover reveal.

Q2: How does my work differ from others in its genre?

My children’s books transmit positive mental health messages, supporting children, families and schools. All my books share resilience skills, boosting self-esteem and emotional awareness. My books are supported by mental health CEOs, psychologists, school counselors, teachers and National Education curriculum. I create empowering FREE kid’s activities and teacher notes. Download FREE kids activities and Teacher resources . HERE

Q3: Why do I write what I write?

I’m passionate about mental health. My aim is to raise mental health awareness across the planet. WHY? I’ve KarenTyrrell-Bailey-Cover-WebUse-3DBookSetrecovered from mental illness after parents at my school bullied me every day, until it triggered post-traumatic stress disorder and mental illness in me.

Q4: How does my writing process work?

I scribble notes down wherever I go. I let the story visualize in my mind during brisk walks, before I start to write. The first draft is the raw storyline introducing the characters and the plot. After several rewrites and drafts I send my manuscript to my critique buddies to read and provide feedback.

I rewrite the final draft, sending my work to the best editors in Australia, Sally Odgers OR Penny Springthorpe.
I work on several manuscripts at a time, swapping over when new inspiration arrives.

Did you like my writing secrets? Now I’ll tag two authors, who’ll answer the same questions next Monday. I can’t wait to read what they have to say.

CharmaineClancyFirstly I’m tagging my friend Charmaine Clancy from Brisbane. Charmaine writesundead-kev-cover-webuse-lge mystery, fantasy and adventure for kids and teens. All her stories are fictional, except maybe MY ZOMBIE DOG (some say to this day you can hear the dog softly moan, ’braaaains’). Charmaine also runs creative writing courses for kids, teaches high school English, and is hosting this year’s Rainforest Writing Retreat. Her books include My Zombie Dog, Dognapped? A Dog Show Detective Mystery and Undead Kev. She loves all things Agatha Christie and is often watching those around her with suspicious eyes; on the off chance they ever do commit a cleverly devised crime.

melissaatelearningSecondly, I’m tagging the very talented Melissa Gijsbers, a Melbourne based author, ChaBooCha2014-200writing in a variety of genre, including children’s books and short stories. In 2013, she had eight stories published in three anthologies. When she’s not writing, she is mother to two boys and a blue-tongue lizard. You can read about her writing journey at or see her author website at

These two lovely ladies will REVEAL their writing secrets Via four questions next week, so PLEASE check them out .

What did you think of my Secrets?
Did they thrill? 0r entice you?…  Or motivate you to write?

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Radio Interview My RECOVERY from Mental Illness

image.axdTransmitting LIVE via Satellite across the Globe…     

I, Karen Tyrrell will Reveal ALL my Recovery and Resilience secrets, broadcasting LIVE across the globe.
Producer of TOP international radio show requested an interview on my RECOVERY from Mental Illness.

Relationship expert, Matt Townsend will interview me LIVE on how my journey back from INSANITY.

AND how I recovered from Post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder, empowered by my pro-active wellness plan and resilience strategies.

I will share my coping skills and how I’ve kept well for eight years …
The Matt Townsend show will feature positive messages from my books ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness (2012), Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery (2013) and children’s resilience picture book Bailey Beats the Blah (2013).

perf6.000x9.000.inddME & HER: A Memoir of Madness (2012)

Won two awards and over 100 reviews on Goodreads & Amazon
Featured on Seven News story Violence in Schools
ABC Radio review: “Make a good Movie.”

Teacher’s VICTORY over bullying and mental illness


Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery (2013)

★★★★★ REVIEWS from Mental Health CEOs & psychologists
Back from INSANITY … Memoir from My Carer’s perspective

PLUS #30 step Guide to Recovery, Resilience and HAPPINESS



KarenTyrrell-Bailey-Cover-WebUse-LgeBailey Beats the Blah (2013)

Seven News filmed Bailey story telling session. (TBA)
Empowering picture book for EVERY child 4-8
REVIEW: Teacher-Librarian network sent to ALL schools across Australia

Download FREE teacher resources and FREE Kids activities

PLEASE schedule my Radio Interview in your diary or phone …

Listen in next Wednesday March 12 3.30pm MDT USA: Thursday March 13 7.30am AEST Brisbane Australia OR convert to your local time. HERE

image.axdListen across the globe on US Nationally broadcast Satellite Station– Sirius XM channel 143. Available to stream from anywhere on their website,

After the Radio Interview I will provide a link with a MP3 recording.
Will you be listening in?

Can you PLEASE tell everyone you know about this VIP Radio Interview?

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CREATE a Picture Book Workshop FREE

EVER wanted to Create and Publish a KIDS Picture Book??

Join me, pro-active Brisbane author-teacher Karen Tyrrell as I share my pro-active steps in creating and publishing a successful children’s picture book.

ALL participants will receive my step-by-step guides

•    How to Create a Picture book

•    How to Get Published

My KIDS picture book Bailey Beats the Blah received ★★★★★ Reviews from teachers, school counselors and psychologists,  supported by Education Queensland. READ HERE

A Review from the Teacher-Librarian network zoomed out to **thousands** of schools across Australia READ HERE

I’ll share ALL my secrets into Writing a Publishable picture book  

I, Karen Tyrrell have presented creative writing workshops and story telling to schools; and writing workshops to libraries, hospitals and writing conferences.


“Excellent presentation! Very informative and highly credible – you were obviously speaking from experience. Thank you for not only encouraging your fellow writers but giving great practical and realistic advice as to what steps are required to get published. If I were you, I’d now add ‘Writing Coach’ to your title”–Wendy Millgate: Editor

“Karen is a vibrant presenter with an inspirational story to tell. She speaks with great authority, having learned through hard-won experience. Her topic is interesting and her enthusiasm is contagious.” – Ali Stegert: School Counsellor

Come Join my FREE Picture Book workshop

WHERE: TLC Lounge Hyperdome Library

Mandew St,  Shailer Park BRISBANE

WHEN: Tuesday 11th March 6-7.30 pm

A light supper will be provided from 5.30pm.

Seats LIMITED to 30: Ring 3412 4120

PS I’ll personally sign copies of Bailey Beats the Blah

Download FREE Teacher Notes FREE Kids Activities HERE

Are you coming along?

Please RSVP below

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