Celebrate Good Times at Sanity Fair

Sanity Fair 2014Come to Sanity Fair Mental Health week community event.

A special day to celebrate the possibility of wellness, resilience and recovery.

Sanity Fair raises awareness and address stigma around mental health.

Nearly half Australians experience signs and symptoms of mental health distress so it’s important for people to feel OK even just to talk about it and to share their experience.”

Connect and link in with your local community with lots of fun activities.

 STOP the Bully and Bailey Beats the BLAH 

KIDS: I’m presenting FREE interactive stories STOP the Bully and Bailey Beats the Blah with costumes, chants and lots of fun.

STOP the Bully empowers children with bully prevention skills and boosts t self-confidence

STOP the bully

STOP the Bully interactive story by Karen Tyrrell

Bailey Beats the BLAH helps kids overcome sad days and worry thoughts

LOOK out for my marquee and banners: I will be handing out FREE STOP the Bully post cards and Bailey Beats the BLAH bookmarks, and FREE goodies from Kids Helpline counseling service.


Bailey Beats the Blah Interactive story by Karen Tyrrell

Plus there’s FREE Pony rides FREE Animal farm FREE Jumping castle FREE entertainment.

WHEN: Saturday October 11th 10am-3pm

STOP the Bully 11am
Bailey Beats the Blah 12.30pm

WHERE:  Musgrave Park, South Brisbane


Sanity fair 2014Please put Saturday 11th October in your diary and TELL everyone you know.

Will you be coming along to join the FUN?

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Create & Publish a Picture Book Workshop

Picture book workshop

EVER wanted to Create and Publish a KIDS Picture Book?
Join me, Karen Tyrrell award-winning Brisbane author-teacher as I share my pro-active steps in creating and publishing a successful children’s picture book …  FREE Event

I’ll share my step-by-step tips …

•   Features of a successful picture book
•    How to create unforgettable characters
•    How to hook in your reader
•    How to Get Published

REVIEWS of Bailey Beats the Blah received ★★★★★  from teachers, school counsellors and psychologists, supported by Education Queensland.  HERE

REVIEW of Bailey from the Teacher-Librarian network zoomed out to *thousands*of schools  HERE

I’ll share ALL my secrets into writing a Publishable picture book.

I’ve presented creative writing workshops and story-telling to Gold Coast Writers Festival, schools, libraries, and writing conferences.


“Excellent presentation! Very informative and highly credible – you were obviously speaking from experience. Thank you for not only encouraging your fellow writers but giving great practical and realistic advice as to what steps are required to get published.

If I were you, I’d now add ‘Writing Coach’ to your title”– Wendy Millgate: Editor South City Bulletin

“Karen is a vibrant presenter with an inspirational story to tell. She speaks with great authority, having learned through hard-won experience. Her topic is interesting and her enthusiasm is contagious.” – Ali Stegert: School Counsellor & Author

Come join my FREE Picture Book workshop

WHERE:  Logan West Library … 62 Grand Plaza Drive, Brown Plains

WHEN: Thursday 16th October 6pm … Tea & coffee provided
RSVP  Ring 3412 4160

RSVP FACEBOOK event: https://www.facebook.com/events/915623985133619/

PS I’ll be signing copies of Bailey Beats the Blah and STOP the Bully, my mid-grade novel.

Download FREE Teacher Notes FREE Kids Activities HERE

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Are you coming along to this FREE event?
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Destiny Road by Melissa Wray WIN $20 Gift Cards

My friend, Melissa Wray celebrates the second anniversary of DESTINY ROAD her YA novel.
Win two $20 gift cards!!
What sparked the idea to write Destiny Road?
Recently Melissa Wray was asked this question by Uncommon YA.
Here is her very personal response.

We moved to North Queensland when I was 14. After a year or so Mum could see that something about Townsville and I did not mix. Strangely enough it was her suggestion to ring my dad and ask if I could move back south.


So I did. Then I packed my bags and moved 3,000km away to live with him. This decision is what sparked the idea for Destiny Road.


Now I never set out to write this story, let alone have it published. It just kind of happened. It came about because one night I was lying in bed and couldn’t sleep. There was an unspoken conversation going on in my mind. It was a conversation that I regret not having and has played on my mind over the years. This particular night it got the better of me so I got up and began to write. It wasn’t until after I read through those mad ramblings a couple of weeks later that I thought hmmm … I could create a story from this. So I began writing. I passed my 10,000 word milestone. Then 20 then 30 then before I knew it 50,000 words had been typed.


You see I think about that one phone call I made all those years ago sometimes. I have often thought about how that decision, that one pivotal moment that is talked about in Destiny Road, really did change the course of my life. I’m sure as you’re reading this you can look back over your life, and pinpoint one moment that has shaped it in a big way. I truly believe that Dad saying yes when I asked was a determining factor in how things have turned out for me.


One afternoon I was sitting with him. He got to talking about his philosophy on life and death. Dad had been fighting a battle against cancer for a while at this point and I was kneeling next to him as he sat on his reclining chair. He was holding my hand as he shared these ideas on life and death. He said to me “It’s cool. Whatever happens, it’s cool.” My dad used cool a lot when he spoke. He was pretty cool. He was also a big believer in God. So that afternoon he said “It’s cool if I die because I get to meet my maker.” ‘Then he said “But it’s cool if I live because I get to be with the ones I love.” This was his philosophy. Either way was cool with him.


I remember kneeling there, holding his hand and wishing I could say thankyou to him. Thanks for saying yes all those years ago. Thanks for that pivotal moment in my life. I wanted him to know how much that meant. But I couldn’t. I just couldn’t get those words out.


That night he passed away.
I never did get to tell him and have regretted that for the past 10 years. So you see once the spark to write Destiny Road was lit, it had to finished. It was my tribute, my thankyou and I am beyond thrilled it was published.

Now I’m not going to bore you with my views on life and death but I can’t help but wonder something, because anyone who knew my dad, Rod Morris, and anyone who knew his sense of humour … well I can’t help but wonder if there wasn’t a helping hand when Morris Publishing (no relation) chose to publish Destiny Road. I like to think so.
It’s hard to believe two years has passed since the launch of Destiny Road.
To celebrate there is a chance to win 2 x $20 Gift Cards,

a Rafflecopter giveaway


To connect with Melissa;

Will you support Destiny Road?

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Logan Mayor buys Bully Prevention book for Schools

STOP the Bully at Logan City Council

STOP the Bully at Logan City Council

With much pride, I Karen Tyrrell author teacher handed over a bulk order of STOP the Bully children’s novel to Logan Mayor Pam Parker to send out to Logan Schools.

 STOP the Bully empowers kids 8 to 12 with bully prevention skills in a heart-warming story …

“Brian is HIDING something. His life is falling apart. Dad abandoned the family. Brain hates his new school. And now a bully attacks him every day. Can Brian STOP the Bully without revealing his secret?”

STOP the Bully‘s hand-over event was held at the Caring Women United meeting at Logan City Council.
My heart pattered as I revealed my personal recovery from parent-teacher bullying and harassment, PTSD and mental illness.

I shared how writing my memoir and resilience books aided my recovery and healing.

In 2012, Mayor Pam Parker launched my award winning memoir, Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness at Logan North Library HERE

In 2013, Pam purchased a bulk order of picture book Bailey Beats the Blah to deliver early intervention to Logan Kids empowering them with resilience skills to beat sad days and worry thoughts.

Copies of Bailey Beats the Blah were handed out to volunteers who go into schools to help children to READ. HERE


I handed over Bailey Beats the Blah to Mayor Pam Parker for Literacy in Schools project in 2013

Mayor Pam Parker pro-actively supports Early Literacy Projects in Logan Schools especially those which break the cycle of disadvantage.  STOP the Bully will go to out to volunteers who’ll take my mid-grade novel into schools to improve their literacy, pro-active bully prevention strategies, self-esteem and self-confidence.

perf5.000x8.000.inddSTOP the Bully available in print and eBook from Amazon.  HERE

Download FREE teacher resources and FREE children’s activities HERE

My books available from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast stores HERE

I’m so lucky to have Mayor Pam Parker as a mentor and supporter of my mental health books and positive messages.

Do you have someone who  mentors and supports your community outreach?

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World Suicide Prevention Day

10685360_10152724529279015_6799804382553076669_nLet’s unite to bring suicide out of the shadows into the LIGHT of awareness, hope, recovery and prevention. I’m so passionate about suicide prevention and saving people’s lives.

WHY am I so passionate?

I know what it’s like to feel alone, overwhelmed and without hope. Once I experienced dark days in the depths of mania and madness. Parents at my schools harassed and bullied me until I could take no more. Police incarcerated me into a frightening psychiatric hospital.

I wrote ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness my journey into and out of madness and despair. In ME & HER, I mention my special affinity with Robin Williams who’s recent untimely death devastated me.  Download 20 pages HERE

Over time, I learned how to recover by keeping myself well and resilient, creating a pro-active wellness plan with hundreds of coping skills. I wrote ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery sharing recovery steps I used to recover … and helped my husband recover from depression too. I’m so proud: I haven’t had a bipolar episode since 2006. Download 10 pages HERE

Suicide is mostly Preventable

Tragically, six Australians are lost to suicide every day, underlying the importance of getting help. Worldwide the stats are even higher … every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide … We CAN help prevent suicide.

HOW can We Prevent Suicide?

keep-calm-and-prevent-suicide1. Take care of your own mental health. Eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep. Take time to connect with yourself and enjoy the activities you love doing. Take time to visit with friends and family. Keep track of your emotional behaviour will help detect signs of depression– a major risk factor for suicide.

2. Build and maintain social connections – vital to your overall health. Your personal network of friends, family or other trusted individuals can be a lifeline. Get involved in support groups, go to group therapy, or be active in social groups that promote healthy behaviours and well-being.

3.  Watch out for warning signs with your friends or colleagues especially changes in their behaviour. Learn the warning signs of suicide and what to do in a crisis. Don’t be afraid to talk about suicide with a friend or loved one. It will make all the difference.

4.  Find out what suicide prevention resources exist in your community. Most police officers, firefighters, emergency responders, mental health workers, and primary care doctors are equipped to help someone struggling with thoughts of suicide. Knowing who to turn to in a time of crisis can be lifesaving.

5. Help spread the word that suicide is mostly preventable. Help is only a phone call away. Ring Lifeline. If you or someone you know is experiencing a personal crisis, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or access our online crisis support chat service (8pm-midnight, 7 days) www.lifeline.org.au/crisischat

6. WALK to raise awareness and prevent suicide. The Out of the Shadows walk provides an opportunity for people to openly discuss and reflect on suicide. 13th September 2014 8 -9am Kurrawa Park, Old Burleigh Road, Broadbeach. Lifeline will provide hats to commemorate the walk and flowers and balloons will be provided for those wishing to remember their loved ones. To register, please visit: www.outoftheshadows.org.au KarenTyrrell-Me-And-Him-Cover-WebUse-Lge7. Support the research of Black Dog Institute into suicide prevention and mood disorders. Buy a copy of ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery  to create your own pro-active wellness plan to boost your mood and well-being. Learn how to overcome depression and beat anxiety. Prevention is BETTER than Cure. Percentage of proceeds go to Black Dog Institute. Read 10 pages HERE

PLEASE Remember to spread hope, recovery and suicide prevention.

Reach out to someone today … Save your life or someone you love.

What suicide prevention resources do you recommend?

How can we spread positive messages about suicide prevention?

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7 Ways to get Writing Feedback

writing-tips YEEHAA! I received results from the CYA Conference competition on my two picture books. With hands shaking, I clicked open the emails, praying CYA’s feedback would be constructive, uplifting, … a positive blueprint on AMPING my stories to the HIGHEST publishing standard.

It WAS … and more!

Four months ago, I submitted my two stories in the Published Authors competition. I continued to work on my manuscripts with CRIT buddies from my face-to-face writing group Write Links and my Beta Readers too, amping up the story arc and characterization.
Constructive assessment is crucial to my growth as a writer, preparing my manuscripts for publishing.

How to AMP up your Writing

1.    Keep believing you’ll get published … and you will. Search for writing competitions that offer feedback.

2.    Join a writing group who critiques with positive feedback on what works, what could work better and suggestions.

3.    Find a Beta Reader to swap same genre manuscripts with.  Send a brief of what you’d like your Beta reader to look for or check whilst reading and critiquing. SEE #2

4.    Submit your manuscript to CYA (Children’s and YA) Writers Conference who offer writing feedback on five levels: spelling and grammar, story, characterization, writing technique, reader enjoyability and The X Factor.

5.    Contact Queensland Writers Centre  for “The Writers Surgery”, a one-on-one 90 minute consultancy with a professional mentor. Send a 20 page sample of your work to receive guidance.

6.    Submit your manuscript to a Professional editor who offers in-depth assessments. I recommend Sally Odgers of Affordable Manuscript Assessments who will assess your manuscript’s structure and writing techniques.

7.     Take time to develop your manuscript to the highest standard possible using respected assessment and feedback techniques.

I NEED constructive feedback and assessment. It’s the ONLY way my stories will reach their full potential and be the very best they can be.
I’m constantly reaching for higher goals, for a wider outreach for my resilience books for children and adults.


CYA Conference LOGO

 CYA Judges feedback on my PICTURE books

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember  
“Lovely story with a nice message … Good concept … Made me cry… A need out there for this type of book – Good luck – Hope to see it on the shelf soon.”

Ella Outsmarts the Bully

“Nicely done … Consider looking at the ending. Needs a twist or a punch to it.”

I rewrote Ella Outsmarts the Bully, adding that twist and punch, and a NEW sub-theme. I changed the main character’s name to Zena and titled it, Zena Outsmarts the Bully.


YES! A mainstream publisher requested to read Zena Outsmarts the Bully! She’s presently considering it for publication. Please cross your fingers that she’ll publish Zena. Cross your eyes and your toes too!
Thanks to all my Beta Readers and Crit buddies for helping me get Zena this far. Hugs xx

What feedback and assessments have improved your Writing?

How did your CYA feedback go?

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WINNERS of the River City Writers Conference

cover picThe inaugural River City Writers Conference went off with an eXplosion of energy! I was so proud to be part of this electric experience as an award winning author presenter, sharing my personal story of my survival from bullying, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and mental illness, inspiring me to write ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness and the self-help sequel ME & HIM:A Guide to Recovery. I shared my memoir writing tips and how to Get Published.


Karen Tyrrell sharing ME & HER:A Memoir of Madness + ME & HIM:A Guide to Recovery

Fellow author Helene Young, Nas Dean editor and Anthony Puttee publishing adviser shared their inspirational knowledge of writing, editing and publishing.

helene talks

Helene Young Romance suspense author

The room filled with delegates, writers, publishers and editors was on-fire with their passion for getting out stories that entertain or change peoples lives. The incredible Delia Strange launched her sci-fi fantasy novel Femme AND she won first place in the Flash Fiction competition. BIG Congrats!!! … Talented writer Peta Fitzpatrick shared second place with Lorraine Sim and another gentleman.

Mentors:  Lynne Stringer editor from Wombat Books, Richard Andrew independent editor and Elaine Ouston publisher met with delegates offering positive feedback and support. Everyone came away with practical doable action plans on how to amp up their craft of writing and Get Published.

I would like to thank the unstoppable Raelene Purtill for organizing River City Writers Conference with such conviction. Her amazing assistant Denise Covey who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.


Karen Tyrrell, Raelene Purtill, Denise Covey, Charmaine Clancy, Nas Dean

Sharing my TOP Writing Tips  to Accelerate your Publishing Success

1. Write what your Passionate about, it will shine through your writing.

2. Create an pro-active Author Platform, and become the expert in your field.

3. NEVER, ever give up!  Write every single day. Keep writing and submitting.

What were my Highlights?

I met online friends face-to-face, hearing their their personal journeys and triumphs. My heart warmed,  understanding their passion to get their stories out to the world.

Please watch out for these dedicated up-and-coming writers:

Martina McGrath … Noeleen Eliza Bowen … Karen Fowles  … Lilly Hope Lucario.

If you’re inspired too, please leave a comment below >>>

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Inspiring Logan Women Event

10154438_532824160167798_8680763489054605557_nINSPIRING Logan Women  presents four women sharing their powerful stories. Women who have walked a difficult path gaining valuable insight and personal strength from their experiences.

I, Karen Tyrrell will reveal my personal story as a victim of parent-teacher bullying and subsequent mental illness. And how I recovered to become an award winning resilience author of four books …

ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness and ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery raise understanding of mental illness, mental health, recovery and wellness.  Bailey Beats the Blah (ages 4-8) boosts kids coping skills to overcome sad days and worry thoughts. STOP the Bully (9-12) empowers kids with bully prevention skills.

???????????????????????????????Host, Jane Sleight-Leach organized Inspiring Logan Women event to benefit the Life 2 Project, to break the cycle of domestic violence.

Check out Inspiring Women Presenters!

CANDICE SKJONNEMAND: Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Finalist on THE VOICE 2014 … She‘ll sing her sweet dulcet tones for us.candiceTIARNIE VIDLER: Creator of the online community Guided From Within, Workshop Facilitator working with crystals, astrology, numerology, meditation and quantum energy among many other modalities, lover of life.

Tiarnie-Vidler-300x300SYLVIA MORRIS:  Former corporate high flyer turned Creative Writer with a spiritual enlightenment edge through short stories, poetry and inspired verse.

WE will stand before you with honesty and courage. Be prepared to break out tissues for the lows and in the next breath laugh along with the highs.

Comedian Maree Quinn will MC and auction off special donated items including my resilience books.

WHEN: 28th August 6-9pm

Inspiring Australia is a fast growing, not for profit national movement set to inspire over 5,000 Australians providing over $500,000 to over 100 local community causes, making a real difference.

The beneficiary of Inspiring Logan Women event is Life 2 Project breaking the cycle of domestic violence.Life-2-Project-logoRSVP to this Facebook page HERE

BUY tickets HERE 

Are you coming along to support this inspiring community event?

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WINNER Roses are Blue Book Giveaway

Roses-are-BlueThanks to all the participants in the Roses are Blue book Giveaway.
Roses are Blue: children’s verse novel written by award winning author Sally Murphy.

Read  my REVIEW plus Interviews and  Blog Tour HERE

Announcing the WINNER

Drum roll…

AND the winner is Kaye Baillie

I’ll be in contact with you soon to request your address for posting.

Thanks for supporting Roses are Blue

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Create a Children’s Novel FREE Workshop

Free-Workshop-logoWant to write and publish a children’s novel?
Join me, author teacher Karen Tyrrell as I share my secrets in creating and publishing a successful children’s novel. I’ll share tips on crafting unforgettable characters and a story line hooking in the reader.

PLUS I’ll reveal my secrets on how I wrote and published bully prevention junior novel STOP the Bully and resilience picture book Bailey Beats the Blah  with 5 STAR reviews  from teachers, school counselors, reviewers and mental health CEOs on Amazon and Goodreads.


Eleven year old Brian is hiding something …

His life is falling apart. Dad abandoned the family. Brian hates his new school. And now an aggressive bully attacks him every day.

Can Brian  STOP the Bully without revealing his shameful secret?

Download FREE Teacher resources and kids activities HERE

Please come along to my other  events HERE

At the workshop, I’ll divulge my writing tips gained from over twenty years’ teaching experience with schools, libraries and Gifted & Talented Classes.

FREE Workshop

WHERE: TLC Lounge Hyperdome library
Mandew St, Shailer Park … Brisbane

WHEN: Tuesday 19th August 6 – 7.30 pm

Cupcakes by Charmaine Daly @ Lets Create Cakes … Coffee and Tea provided.
RSVP  Phone 07 3412 4120 … Seats are going quickly

Are you coming along?

Please LET me know :)

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