Disney Princess Magazine Reviews Song Bird Superhero

 Disney Princess Reviews Song Bird SuperheroDisney Princess Magazine reviewed my empowering children’s book Song Bird Superhero by Karen Tyrrell.

(That’s me: kids empowerment author, speaker and school teacher!)

OMG! I can’t believe it!! Song Bird Superhero shares the magazine with all my favourite Disney characters: Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Belle and MORE.  I’m inspired by Walt Disney …

‘All our DREAMS can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them’- Walt Disney.


WOOHOO!  Disney reviews Song Bird Superhero on the Princess Gems page where they shared “sparkly BOOK treasures.”

Princess Gems

There, Disney Princess reviewed books from well-loved children’s authors and illustrators. Three of these authors  happen to be my dear writer friends. 🙂

What is Song Bird Superhero about?

Song Bird Superhero empowers girls with the story of a bullied girl, Rosella Ava Bird who finds her superpowers from singing, science and believing in herself.

Song Bird Superhero is #1 in the Song Bird series.  #2 book is coming SOON!

 Disney Princess Reviews Song Bird Superhero

What did Disney say about Song Bird Superhero ?

A sweet empowering story about being bullied and believing in yourself. Science-mad Rosie is having a tough time – Her inventions keep crashing, she’s banned from the science fair and her nasty neighbor is bullying her.

Can her friend Amy, along with singing, science and self belief give her super powers?

An inspiring read by a great Australian author.  🙂

 Disney Princess Reviews Song Bird Superhero

Get your copy of Disney Princess ISS #88 for the full story …

Disney Princess magazine is jam-packed with entertaining and educational stories, puzzles, craft, cooking, games, quizzes and colouring-in activities. Plus reviews of books kids will LOVE.

Grab your copy at newsagents and supermarkets.

To celebrate, I offer Song Bird Superhero at SUPER discount!

Buy your copy of  Song Bird Superhero


I’m incredibly gob-smacked with this review and appearing in Disney Princess magazine with my fellow authors. It IS a dream come true !!

 What do you like about Song Bird’s review?

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Supanova Gold Coast Showcases Superhero books

Supanova Gold CoastSupanova Gold Coast will host Karen Tyrrells empowering Superhero books for kids. (That’s me.)

My empowering superhero books include Song Bird Superhero, Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra & Jo-Kin Battles the It (Super Space Kids series).  Power packed with bully prevention, self-belief and perseverance messages.

 I’m so fired-up, I could explode into a zillion stars!

Supanova fans: Assemble your geek squad!

Supanova Gold Coast 2017 is coming! Jam-packed with scifi and fantasy superheroes from the screen and your imagination!

I’m SUPA excited to launch my empowering superhero books at Supanova Gold Coast.

photo 5

Song Bird at Supanova Brisbane 2016

 What’s SUPA about Song Bird Superhero?

Song Bird Superhero presents a female superhero for girls 6-12. Song Bird AKA Rosella Ava Bird battles Frank Furter, bully, evil child genius and mad scientist.

Song Bird inspires us to believe in ourselves … and fly high.

Karen Tyrrell and hubby Steve, will dress in cosplay. Me as Song Bird Superhero. Steve’s will cosplay a NEW character from Song Bird 2. TBA.

All Song Bird Superhero books will be signed with a certified Song Bird stamp.

Super Space Kids at Supanova

Super Space Kids at Supanova

 What’s SUPA about Jo-Kin, Super Space Kid?

Jo-Kin nerdy space hero AKA Joshua Atkins and the Super Space kids must save the galaxy from IT (in Jo-Kin Battles the It)

And they must save the galaxy from LORD TERRA (in Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra)

Can Jo-Kin defeat the IT and Lord Terra?

 MEET SUPA Stars at Supanova Gold Coast

Meet Sean Astin

Sean Astin starred as Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. His role epitomizes hope, determination and loyalty.

David Boreanaz starred as Angel in Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Marie Avgeropoulos starred as Octavia Blake in the  post-apocalyptic drama series The 100.


Supanova Gold Coast is FREE for kids under 12 accompanied by a paying adult.


HOW do you Book for Supanova Gold Coast?

Tickets for Supanova Gold Coast are on sale NOW!
Buy your tickets ONLINE.

Where will you find me at Supanova Gold Coast 21-23 April?

Go to Artists Alley at Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre,

Cnr Gold Coast Highway & TE Peters Drive, Broadbeach, Queensland 4218.

Fri 21 April 5-9 pm AND  Sat & Sun 10-6 pm

Follow Karen Tyrrell: Song Bird Superhero & Jo-Kin on social media


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/karen_tyrrell

Twitter https://twitter.com/karen_tyrrell

Song Bird on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/songbirdsuperhero

Song Bird Superhero & Jo-Kin at SUPA prices

song Bird + 3 books - Copy

SUPA OFFER = #1 Book for $15

                              #3 Books for $30  …  Supanova ONLY

WHO’s going to Supanova Gold Coast?

I can’t wait to meet you. 🙂

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Allison Paterson and her NEW book Shearing Time

3600_Allison-PAterson-WOIGMEET Allison Paterson and her NEW picture book Shearing Time

Allison Paterson writes as a children’s author, school librarian, and winner of a 2017 May Gibbs Fellowship. I met Allison at the recent Romancing the Stars event on the Sunshine Coast where we both were author STARS for the night.

On 1st March, Allison launched her picture book Shearing Time, illustrated by Shane McGrath.

Allison Paterson

Shearing Time by Allison Paterson

Karen Tyrrell (that’s me) interviews Allison on How & Why she published Shearing Time

Q: Allison, tell me about yourself and why you write Australian history books for kids.

A: I grew up on a farm surrounded by sheep, dogs and chooks. I spent many years as a teacher librarian and I am now an author. My first book for children was the 2016 ABIA and CBCA longlisted title Anzac Sons: Five Brothers on the Western Front. It is the younger reader’s version of Anzac Sons: the Story of Five Brothers in the War to End All Wars, a true account of her ancestors’ service during WWI and based on a collection of over 500 letters my grandfather and his four brothers sent to their family. Then came Granny’s Place, a delightful picture book that explores the past and was inspired by my grandparents and childhood adventures on their farm.

Q. What is Shearing Time about?

A: Shearing Time is a companion tale to Granny’s Place and is loads of fun with cantankerous sheep, daring dogs, a shed of shearers that rumbles with the racket and a country kitchen that opens the door on the life of a country kid! It’s based on childhood memories of my favourite time of the year – Shearing Time – when the whole family worked together to get the job done!

Allison Paterson

Q. How did you publish Shearing Time?

A: Shearing Time is my fourth book published by the wonderful team at Big Sky Publishing.

Q: Finally, can you share three of your publishing tips?

  • Persevere – believe in your work and surround yourself by people who believe in you.
  • My stories are set in the past and my reading choices are often historical fiction and non-fiction – write what you know and love to read yourself.
  • Plan, plan and plan – be organised!

Book Giveaway… Shearing Time by Allison Paterson WINNER BELOW

Allison Paterson

Shearing Time by Allison Paterson

 Allison Paterson is giving away a FREE signed copy of Shearing Time.  Thanks for leaving a comment below on my website for a chance to win a print copy.

And the Winner is Jacqui Halpin 🙂

 THANKS for Commenting below for a chance to win … LIKE, Tweet, Google + Share on Facebook.


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Edit your Book 10 Steps to PERFECTION


Edit your Book: 10 STEPS to PERFECTION

YIPEE! Kai-ay!

I, Karen Tyrrell,  finished #9 critical steps in editing her action-packed children’s superhero novel, Song Bird 2.

This week, Song Bird 2 zoomed off to its crucial #10 step. Astute editing will transform it for publishing.

Why Edit your Book?

Editing polishes your writing until it sparkles and shines with the gloss of a professional. A polished piece of writing hooks a reader from the beginning, gripping them to the very last word. Thorough editing maximizes your chances of publishing. So your book rockets out to the world.

10 STEPS to Edit your Book

  1. Write the very BEST story you can. Create a page turning, intriguing story with compelling characters the reader really cares about. Hook the reader in on every page.
  2. Read your story out aloud to pick up any mistakes and flaws.

edit your book


Examine the overall structure of your story. Answer these questions.

**Does your story flow and make sense?

**First sentence: Is your first sentence powerful, hooking the reader in?

**First page: Does your first page anchor and orientate the Reader to the setting, the main character and the problem, hooking us even more? Does the first page set up the story and the conflict? VITAL: Do you care about the main character?

**Overall story arc: Does the story build up to a climax?

**Ending: Is the ending satisfying to the reader? Are all the questions answered and resolved?

**Are the story events sequenced logically? What’s missing from the story?

  1. Join a critique group, preferably one who meets face-to-face. Learn how to critique so you can critique writer’s manuscripts in exchange for yours. I recommend joining Write Links, if you write books for children.
  2. Submit your manuscript, in chapters to your critique group.
  3. Rewrite your manuscript several times, using positive feedback and suggestions from your Crit Buddies.
  4. Ask Beta readers (your most valued Crit Buddies) to read your entire manuscript and offer suggestions for improvement via comment boxes, concentrating on perfecting the structure. Rewrite again … and again.
  5. LINE EDIT your manuscript against a VIP list to improve each line

**Eliminate unnecessary modifiers which weaken your sentence i.e. possibly, simply, really, totally, very, supposedly, seriously, terribly, kind of, usually, extremely, almost, mostly, practically, probably, and quite.

Search for extraneous that’s and ands. Either delete or rephrase the sentence.

Eliminate all clichés. Replace with powerful prose or original metaphors and similes.

Replace repeated words and phrases with a different word for variety.

Check each sentence makes sense, taking the story forward. Delete unnecessary sentences.

Examine tenses and overall sentence structure is grammatically correct.

**Rewrite, rephrase, reconfigure. The more times you rewrite your sentences, the sharper they’ll become.

edit your book

  1. WORD EDIT your manuscript against this VIP list to improve the vocabulary.

Replace boring verbs e.g. get, give, sat, say, see, stood, use, want, walk with words and phrases that have energy

Swap lazy adjectives with better word picture and metaphors. e.g. easy, nice, interesting, wonderful, big, fine, bad, exciting, good, little, strange.

Delete adverbs ending in ly unless they change the way the verb behaves e.g. whispered loudly = OK but whispered softy = no-no.

Remove all unnecessary or overused words e.g. that, very, just, because, then etc

Amp every verb and noun to the MAX, to the strongest they can be.

Check spelling using spellcheck or a dictionary/ thesaurus

  1. Send your manuscript to the very best editor you can afford. I recommend a structural edit as well as a line edit to amp up your manuscript for SUPER success.

editingtypesHow did I, Karen Tyrrell edit my published books?

I joined a Brisbane face-to-face critique group for children’s writers Write Links. Each month I submit 2-3 chapters for critique and feedback. Then I rewrite them until they shine.

After 3 or 4 drafts, I sent my manuscript to three trusted Beta Readers … and followed ALL the steps above.

So far, I’ve successfully edited and published eight award-winning books to empower available from Amazon and book shops. I published Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird #1) in September 2016. Check out the reviews. HERE



Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird #1)

YIPPEE! This week I sent my action-packed children’s novel, Song Bird 2 to my professional editor (who’s ex-Penguin and ex-Scholastic) via Book Cover Cafe  for a final comprehensive edit.

I can’t wait to announce my new book title and cover. I’m bursting with excitement 🙂 🙂

How do you edit YOUR book? … What do you recommend?

Thanks for reading. Please share your thoughts below.

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Memoir Masterclass Write & Publish

Write & Publish a Memoir orange purpleWrite & Publish a Memoir Masterclass

Want to write the story of your life?

Your own personal story to inspire the world?

Join me, Karen Tyrrell, award winning memoir author and writing teacher.

Memoir Workshop River City Writers Conference

Memoir Workshop River City Writers Conference

COME to Write & Publish a Memoir Masterclass

I share my step by step guide in writing and publishing a page-turning memoir.

I will guide you on how to write your memoir to hook in your reader.

I’ve published two successful memoirs.

Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness narrates a teacher’s survival from parent-teacher bullying and PTSD.

Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery shows how I came ‘back from insanity’ . It reveals the dreaded secrets my husband concealed from me.

karen-tyrrell-banner her + him

My memoirs won three awards, three literary grants and a mentorship with the Society of Editors.

Plus they won *5 STAR reviews.


Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness
‘Make a great movie! Very well edited book – Well done!’ – ABC Radio: Hewson

Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery is a practical framework of experience wrapped around an inspirational story of struggle and success.’
Richard Nelson, CEO Queensland Alliance Mental Health

What’s my Qualifications a Memoir Masterclass?

I’m an award-winning author, experienced teacher, writing tutor and workshop presenter. I presented Memoir workshops for Queensland Writers Centre at Brisbane City Libraries. And, I presented Memoir workshops at Toowoomba Writers Festival, River City Writers  Conference and Logan City Libraries. I’ve presented four Book Marketing Masterclasses in Brisbane.

Write & Publish a Memoir at Logan North Library

Write & Publish a Memoir at Logan North Library


Excellent presentation! Practical and realistic advice as to what steps are required to get published.     If I was you, I’d now add ‘Writing Coach’ to your title”Wendy Millgate: Editor Wendy & Words

Program: Write & Publish a Memoir Masterclass

  1. Step by step guide to Write & Publish a Memoir
  2. Interactive Memoir writing activities to improve memoir writing skills.
  3. Critiquing session:  Tips and strategies on how to critique a memoir.
  4. Critique the first page of your memoir in small groups, following guidelines.
  5. Create a memoir networking group to support and critique each other’s writing.

Memoir Masterclass

Write & Publish a Memoir Masterclass

WHERE:  Springwood Community Centre
Cnr Cinderella & Vanessa Blvd Springwood
WHEN: Saturday 25th March 9-1 pm
Morning tea & lunch provided

SEATS LIMITED:  20 seats only … Book Today

COST:  $49

BOOKINGS essential on PayPal button at the bottom of this blog.

Please RSVP to event: Write & Publish a Memoir on Facebook  HERE

Are you coming along to my Memoir Masterclass?

Please tell all your friends and networks
Finally, comment below and LIKE, tweet and Google plus Thanks 🙂

Memoir Masterclass 2017

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School Connects with Authors for Literacy


School connects with Authors for literacy, naming class 5/6 Tyrrell after me, Karen Tyrrell author. I’m so buzzed and humbled that a primary school chose me to be part of a powerful strategy.

Principal of Fairvale Public School hopes class 5/6 Tyrrell will “fall in love” with me as an author, my books, my characters and my settings.

Anthony Pitt, principal wants to reinvent children’s love of books and authors, improve literacy levels and the number of books borrowed from the school library. He hopes to achieve this by connecting children directly with Australian authors.

Anthony and I enjoy a special connection already, with me having taught Anthony as his Kindergarten teacher. (Please don’t do the maths, lol) In 2014, he searched for me via Facebook.

In 2015, Anthony  presented interactive Author talks to Fairvale Public School wearing my Super Space Kids costume sharing my children’s books.

Super Space Kid Captain Astra

Karen Tyrrell performing her author talk at Fairvale Public School

In 2016, I was key-note speaker at Anthony’s Sydney West Resilience & Well-Being Conference. I’m a survivor of parent teacher bullying and PTSD.  I presented the opening power-point talk, two interactive well-being workshops and spoke on the psychology panel.


Sydney  Resilience & Well-being Conference

In 2017, I will connect with Class 5/6 Tyrrell as their author. This poster, about me Karen Tyrrell author is displayed in their classroom. I love the Oz Author quote in the left corner “Putting Australian Talent in the Spotlight.”

5 6 TyrrellV2I interviewed Anthony Pitt on his initiative …

Q. How does your school connect with authors?

A. All our classes are named after an Australian author so children can study an author and their books in-depth. Where possible, classes may connect their author using social media.

Reason for authors: I want kids to fall in ‘love’ with authors; the characters and settings they create etc. I want kids to be able to talk about Aussie authors.

 Q. What literacy programs are in your school?

Literacy is a big part of the day in all our classrooms with 2 literacy programs at our school. We have L3 (Language, Learning and Literacy) in K-2 classrooms and Focus on Reading in 3-6 classrooms. Both literacy programs focus on understanding texts as a reader and understanding why the author chose a particular setting, character, ending etc.

Q. Who are the authors involved? … How did you select them?

We have 25 authors. I believe it is important to acknowledge home-grown talent, so all of our authors (well there’s a few exceptions) are Australian. We have a diverse group – many are well-known, some are fairly new and we have a few that have been writing books for a really long time. Our school librarian, Mrs Orwin, was of great assistance. She collated a list of authors and books available in the school library to borrow.

Authors include Jackie French, Leigh Hobbs, Shaun Tan, Roland Harvey, Emily Rodda, Sally Morgan, Paul Jennings, Colin Thiele, Anh Do, Bronwyn Bancroft and MANY more . 🙂


Anthony Pitt, Principal, me … and teacher David Kinniburgh who I taught as well.

Q. How will authors and students connect to improve literacy?

I think this will be up to each classroom teacher. I also think the children will really enjoy learning more about their author and the books they have written. Hopefully this gives the children are real purpose during reading and writing lessons.

Q. What do you hope to achieve?

That all children will connect with at least one Australian author. Wouldn’t it be great if by the end of 2017, 635 children have a connection with their chosen author?

More importantly, it might instill a new love of literature and encourage children to find out more about their author and many others too.

school 4B

In 2015, I met Class 4B and Miss Jojic in person and communicated on their web page.

What are the merits of this “school connection with authors” initiative?

 Would your school connect with Authors ?

Thanks for dropping by …

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Logan Artworkers Networking Event: How to Source funding

Grant FundingLogan Artworkers: come to a networking event. Find out how to source funding.

I, Karen Tyrrell author will speak on how I won three RADF grants for different projects.

I won a major RADF grant to publish my picture book Harry Helps Grandpa Remember . Harry is about a little boy who won’t give up helping his grandpa remember. It’s endorsed by Alzheimer’s Australia.

Karen Tyrrell with Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Karen Tyrrell with Harry Helps Grandpa Remember WINNER of a RADF grant.

 I share my grant funding tips and strategies using a Power point presentation.

If you are interested, apply for a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). This event will particularly interest you.

Logan Artworkers Networking Event: How to Source funding.

WHERE: Logan Art Gallery, Cnr Jacaranda & Wembly Rd, Logan Central.

WHEN: Saturday 11 February, 2pm to 4pm.

WHO: Anyone can attend. You don’t need to be a resident of Logan.

WHAT: Light refreshments will be served. Please book by Thursday 9 February.

BOOK either by artgallery@logan.qld.gov.au or phone 3412 5519.

  • Find out what funding opportunities are available.
  • Give yourself the best chance of winning that grant.
RADF: Logan City Council and Arts Queensland

RADF: Logan City Council and Arts Queensland


Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Logan City Council to support arts and culture in regional Queensland.

 WHO will come along on 11 February?

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Speed Date at Romancing the Stars

speed dateSpeed Date me, Karen Tyrrell award winning author, at Romancing the Stars gala event.

JOIN the razzle dazzle of Romancing the Stars and MEET me face-to-face. I’m presenting my children’s books, revealing my writing passion.

This is the MOST exciting night in my author diary this year! I’m gobsmacked I’m billed with Queensland’s TOP authors .. I get to meet Authors of my dreams.  🙂

Karen Tyrrell at Romancing the Stars 2016

Karen Tyrrell POP UP author at Romancing the Stars 2016

HEAR about my empowering children’s books Bailey Beats the BLAH  and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember and STOP the Bully with logos of support from Kids Helpline and Arts Queensland.

 LEARN how kids can embrace their inner superhero with Song Bird Superhero, Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra  and Jo-Kin Battles the It.


I’m thrilled Book Links chose me to be one of their shining author stars…

MEET Queensland’s top authors and illustrators at three Romancing the Stars events this year!  Speed date Australia’s best, and South East Queensland local, children’s and YA authors and illustrators to discover what books they created!

Speed Date at Brisbane

DATE: Thursday 23rd February, 2017 …Starts 6.30pm.

VENUE: Nudgee College, D J Hanly Learning Centre Forecourt, 2199 Sandgate Rd, Boondall

COST: $25 Book Links members, $35 non-members

Discover what books our local authors and illustrators have been creating for children and young adults. Find out how to play Story Sports with Brian Falkner. Speed date 20 local stars and meet others informally. Great food and drinks. View and buy books and illustrations. Raffle and quiz competition.

MEET: Amanda Francey, Ann-Marie Finn, Ben Long, Brian Falkner, Cori Brooke, Dave Lowe, Glen Singleton, Johnathan Bentley, Kathleen Jennings, Karen Collum, Karen Foxlee, Lynette Noni, Megan Forward, Michael Gerard Bauer, Muza Ulasowski, Pamela Rushby, Rebecca Johnson, Richard Yaxley, Samantha Wheeler, Terry Whidborne

MC: Josie Montano

Bookings taken up to one week prior to event via Trybooking.

Speed date at Brisbane 2016

Speed date at Brisbane 2016

Speed date at Gold Coast

DATE:  Friday 17th February, 2017… Starts 6.30pm.

VENUE: All Saints Anglican School, Highfield Drive, Merrimac

COST: $25 Book Links members, $35 non-members

Discover what books our local authors and illustrators have been creating for children and young adults . Find out how to play Story Sports with Brian Falkner.

Speed date 20 local stars and meet others informally. Great food and drinks. View and buy books and illustrations. Raffle and quiz competition.

MEET: Andrew King, Angela Sunde, Brian Falkner, Candice Lemon-Scott, Chris Bongers, David Lovegrove, Dimity Powell, James Moloney, Kerry Brown, Kim Michelle Toft, Lachlan Creagh, Lance Balchin, Lucia Masciullo, Natalie Jane Prior, Nette Hilton, Nick Earls, Rebecca Johnson, Tamsin Ainslie, Terry Whidborne, Tristan Bancks

MC: Professor Francesca Falconette, Harry Potter enthusiast (Nadia Sunde)

Bookings taken up to one week prior to event via Trybooking.

speed date

Speed date at Sunshine Coast

DATE:  Friday 24th February, 2017… Starts: 6.30pm.

VENUE: Immanuel Lutheran College, 126-142 Wises Road, Buderim

Discover what books our local authors and illustrators have been creating for children and young adults. Find out how to play Story Sports with Brian Falkner.

SPEED DATE 20 local stars. Great food and drinks. View and buy books and illustrations. Raffle and quiz competition.

MEET: Aleesah Darlison, Karen Foxlee, Peter Carnavas, Gregg Dreise, Paul O’Sullivan, Brian Falkner, Gary Crew, Elizabeth Kasmer, Elaine Ouston, Avril Sabine, Louise Guy, Michel Deverall, Paul Hamilton, Shannon Horsfall, Anil Tortop, Yvonne Mes, Helene Magisson, Mark David, *Karen Tyrrell, Allison Paterson

MC: Pat Flynn

Bookings taken up to one week prior to event via Trybooking.

Romancing the STARS event

WHO can you see at Romancing the STARS 2015?

I’d love to speed date you at Romancing the Stars, Sunshine Coast.

WHO’s joining the FUN?

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Storytelling Tips to boost Author Events


Storytelling Tips to boost Author events

I LOVE presenting interactive storytelling sessions to children. Watching kids faces light up with delight is the MOST rewarding experience in the world. I’m thrilled to offer engaging storytelling events in schools, pre-schools, libraries, bookshops and festivals.

Meet child empowerment storyteller, Karen Tyrrell (me), author-teacher. I teach kids to live strong, building positive self-esteem and self-belief.

I re-enact my empowering picture books, Bailey Beats the BLAH  and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember with costumes, interaction and fun.

I present imaginative storytelling sessions for my junior novels too. Song Bird Superhero, Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra, Jo-Kin Battles the It and STOP the Bully offer positive messages of bully prevention, teamwork and self-belief.


Storytelling Tips for Authors

  1. Send a quote for your storytelling session. Consider ASA rates. Work out payment details in advance. Or consider presenting free events in libraries to get your name out there.
  1. Book the session with clear aims on how to make your session captivating and memorable. Request what you need: ample space, a display table, a whiteboard.
  1. Advertise your event with flyers for a library or bookshop session. Create a pro-active Facebook event to invite attendees if it’s a public event.
  1. Work out your exact spiel including introduction, questions, chants, interaction, action, and humour. Ask kids to predict your story at the beginning and react to your story at the end.
  1. Practice speaking, acting and interacting. Dramatize story with voice inflections, whispers, pauses and actions, injecting with enthusiasm and energy. Practice your body language and movements.
  1. Pack your bag in advance including bookmarks, books, costumes, puppets, posters, your banner, a sign-up sheet and a bright cover for the display table.
  1. Wear bright clothing or a book character costume. Consider an eye-catching T-shirt or theme costume, a wig, a silly hat, and your name tag.
  1. Create your own props and ruler puppets to help kids retell the story with key points.
  1. Follow up the dramatic storytelling session with discussion and hands on activities which consolidate your story. Allow time for book signing. Download FREE teaching resources and Free KIDS activities HERE
  1. Finish on a positive note, by requesting feedback. Discuss the next visit with your next book.
Storytelling Tips

Storytelling Song Bird Superhero with William Stimpson School, Wetherill Park Library.

What do my stories teach children?

Bailey Beats the BLAH boosts self-esteem, emotional awareness and coping skills to overcome anxiety (worry thoughts) depression (sad days). And how to cope with change!

Song Bird Superhero and STOP the Bully teach bully prevention skills, self-belief and the power of humour.

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember boosts kid’s relationships with grandparents and awareness of memory loss. Harry teaches kids memory skills and coping skills for brain health.


STOP the Bully at Beenleigh High school

I share very exciting news with you…

** Special Opportunity**

  1. Thank you universe... During 2017, I, Karen Tyrrell,  early childhood Teacher and author will be author-in-residence storyteller at a local pre-school, sharing my picture books Bailey Beats the BLAH and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember to three and four year olds.    I will also read 18 extra picture books by respected Australian children’s authors with appropriate texts and concepts for 3 & 4 year olds.
  2. If you want me to read and promote your picture book, please register your name and book for consideration in the comment boxes below. If your book is suitable, I will request you to post or lend it to me. I will submit each book and themes in advance to become part of their student learning program, promote each book, take photos etc. Please stay tuned for photos after each event. Do you have any questions?
  3. MORE NEWS … I’m now a team author member of Greenleaf Press, as child empowerment storyteller and speaker at schools.

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember at Mad Hatters Bookshop.

How do YOU present YOUR storytelling sessions?

What storytelling tips would you like to share?

Tell me about your picture book and why it would be suitable for storytelling.

Please comment below … SHARE, Like, tweet or Google +

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Book Marketing Masterclass Jan 28

banner6bmmBook Marketing Masterclass Jan 28

Publish, promote and distribute your books to the world!

I’ll teach you how to market your books, and maximize your author income. I’ll guide you how to increase  your book sales and widen your book distribution.


Come to Book Marketing Masterclass Jan 28

Join award winning author teacher Karen Tyrrell as I share my marketing secrets. I’ll guide you every step of the way. I’ll teach you how to promote, sell and distribute your book to the world with a pro-active marketing plan.

My eight award winning books are available at Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, Riverbend, Mary Ryans, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple and many, many more.

Books avaialble at Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, Mary Ryans & MORE

Books available at Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, Riverbend, Mary Ryans & MORE

What topics are included in Book Marketing Masterclass Jan 28 ?

  1. Book marketing and author platform.
  2. Website SEO and  social media influence.
  3. Book launches, book reviews, blog tours, media releases.
  4. Book sales and book distribution to book shops, schools and libraries.
  5. Author income – How to Maximize your author income.

Who will present Book Marketing Masterclass Jan 28?

Karen Tyrrell is a Brisbane triple award winning author and publisher of eight books, key-note speaker, storyteller, pantomimer and workshop presenter.

Karen empowers adults with her resilience books:  ME & HER: A Memoir of MadnessMe & Him: A Guide to Recovery.


And children with: STOP the Bully   Bailey Beats the Blah, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Book Marketing Masterclass

Song Bird Superhero, Jo-Kin Battles the It , Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra .

Book Marketing Masterclass 2017

Karen Tyrrell presents writing talks at Queensland Writers Centre,  Moreton Bay Libraries,  CYA Conference, Gold Coast Writers Festival, Brisbane City Libraries, Toowoomba Writers Festival, River City Writers Conference, Write Links, schools, libraries and festivals.

Karen talks on TV and radio.  She won three grants, three awards, a mentorship with Society of Editors  plus hundreds of *5 STAR reviews.  Find out more about Karen HERE

Testimonials on Book Marketing Masterclass

“Awesome masterclass, Karen. So pleased I was able to attend”– Muza Ulasowski

‘I really liked the detailed information given throughout the workshop. Not only about marketing. But also about creating distribution processes  for books.’– Kate-Lyn Kelsen

‘I liked the easy to understand explanations, comraderie and experiences shared.’ — Jennifer Lancaster.

Book Marketing Masterclass 28 Jan

WHEN: Saturday 28th  January 9 am to 12.30 pm.

WHERE:  Logan East Community Centre.

55 Cinderella Drive (Cnr Vanessa Blvd) Springwood.

Near Springwood Bus station, bus 555.

COST: $54 -$59 Includes a yummy morning tea, lunch, drinks and a FREE book marketing  booklet.

Early Bird discount if you book early.



HALF day Master class ONLY $54- $59

Let 2017 be the year you get your book out to the world!

Seats will Go FAST!

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