My Writers Dream Became Reality

publish colourI’m thrilled to announce my writers dream has now become reality… My brand NEW book will be published soon! … YIPEE!

I’ve dreamed of this moment for so long.

The LOVE of my Life book will be published

Have you ever slaved over a book, one that was engraved on your heart and soul?

How my Writers Dream began …

I created an empowering story as an escape from the worst times in my life. A book that helped me heal when there was NO Hope. I spent months, years, writing those pages.

A publisher and an agent embraced my story, one alluding to a publishing contract.

This LOVE of my Life book launched me on a Roller Coaster ride to the giddy heights of near publishing.

im-writing-a-first-draft-and-reminding-shannon-haltMy Writers Dream … became a Nightmare

Fourteen months later, I discovered my book was NOT going to get published … NO!

Devastated, my writers dream became a nightmare. I sank into the depths of despair, my world collapsing beneath my feet.

Shattered, I buried my story in my bottom drawer, while I wrote five resilience books to empower adults and children to live strong.

bailey Beats the Blah, STOP the Bully and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Bailey Beats the Blah, STOP the Bully and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

My Writers Dream … Re-imagined

Last year I retrieved this book from despair, injecting it with new life … and new HOPE.

I submitted it to Beta readers for honest feedback.

With their suggestions in mind, I rewrote my story, amping the story line and the characters to the MAX.

I injected as much humour, empathy and action-packed suspense as I could.


Today, I announce my story will be published! YES!

Only writers know the heartache, the agony and the ecstasy of losing and finally finding your writer’s dream again.

With much jubilation, I announce my dream book will be published soon.


The Story that wouldn’t DIE

Please stay tuned for revelations of the book title and the glorious cover!

Are you as excited as I am?

Have you ever experienced the agony and ecstasy of riding the writing roller-coaster?

Have you EVER had your writers dream smashed   … and then finally become reality?

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I’m speaking at Brisbane Writers Festival

bwf_logoPinch me! I’m speaking at Brisbane Writers Festival, sharing my writer’s experiences.

This is a dream come true for me! I will reveal how I wrote and published my empowering children’s novel, STOP the Bully, jam-packed with humor, action and a mighty twist at the end.

How can Brian Bennett STOP the Bully, and reclaim his life?

I can’t believe, I’ll share how  STOP the Bully,  helps kids live strong.

perf5.000x8.000.indd STOP the Bully, won a mental health achievement award and was endorsed by Kids Helpline.

READ more about STOP the Bully

YES!! … STOP the Bully, will be sold in the Queensland Writers Centre bookshop on the day.

logoI’m thrilled to speak at Brisbane Writers Festival…

Part of the Ampers&nd Project- Living Library program, organized by Queensland Writers Centre. The Living Library is an intimate affair where I, a Living Library book, will share the writing secrets behind STOP the Bully with the Reader.

Queensland Writers Centre selected me, and authors whose books were listed in their 2014 catalogue Books From Our Backyard. STOP the Bully was listed in the children’s section.

BOBY-2014-cover-531x640How does my session work at Brisbane Writers Festival?

I’m so excited! I will be chatting directly to Readers in a small group or one-on-one scenario sharing my  publishing journey and answering their questions for their own progress.

Four authors, myself included will chat to readers in the lounge.

You can stay for ten minutes or the whole one hour session.

Do you have any pressing questions to ask? … What do you want to know?

When do I present at Brisbane Writers Festival?

WHEN: Sunday 6th September, 1-2pm
WHERE: Writers Lounge: Level 2, State Library of Queensland

And its FREE!

writers-festival-brisbane-free-libraries-bwf-cultu1I would LOVE to see you there on Sunday 6th September, 1-2pm.

Are you coming along  for a chat?

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How to Stress less and be Happy

stress-less-yoga-620x480-620x330YIPPEE! South City Bulletin magazine published my mental health story How to Stress less and be Happy.

Let’s take a Sneak peek …

Stressed to the hilt? Frantically rushing around, trying to make deadlines and appointments? Tossing and turning, too tense to sleep? Before we know it, we’re suffering from blinding headaches, muscular tension and overwhelming insomnia.

We can’t eat, can’t sleep and can’t relax.

Stress is triggered by pressures of responsibilities at work and at home. Negative life events like divorce, prolonged illness or the death of a loved one cause stress too. Chronic stress can make your blood pressure soar, your heart race, and generate physical and mental health problems, diminishing our sense of well-being.

We live our lives at frantic speeds, rushing everywhere we go, barely able to grab a minute’s peace. Computers, phones and screens deliver up-to-date information, but constant bombardment increases our stress and nervous tension, giving us little down time.

So, how do we lessen our stress levels and live happy, relaxed lives the way we were meant to? First, we must become more self-aware and mindful of the stress triggers that threaten our health and our happiness.

We must minimize these stress triggers by taking pro-active steps to strengthen ourselves.

 Yoga and meditation helps you to relax

Yoga and meditation helps you to relax

5 Top Secrets to Stress Less

  1. Exercise every day. Exercise is the greatest stress reliever of all. Start the day with a brisk walk. Relax with stretches and yoga. Swim. Walk. Cycle. All exercise lifts your mood and lessens stress.
  2. Connect with real people face to face. Enjoy a coffee and a relaxing chat. Strengthen your support network, friendships and connecting with your family. People who have strong support networks live the happiest, most stress-free lives.
  3. Learn to say NO and delegate to others. Recognize when you’re overwhelmed and request help. Only choose projects that are meaningful to you.
  4. Commune with nature every day. Walk in the fresh air in a parkland or rainforest. Pat a dog, feed the birds, plant a herb garden. Enjoy a glorious sunset.
  5. Give yourself ME time. Recharge and reset. Take a warm bubble bath. Indulge in a soothing, relaxing massage. Inhale a scented candle. Listen to relaxing music. Read a good book. Reading is good for the soul.

Read FULL #9 tips and the full story at South City Bulletin  Then come back here!

Let’s live our lives in a more relaxed, less stressful way. Let’s rejuvenate our body, mind and spirit. Let’s discover our true happiness, our everyday bliss as human beings.

Karen Tyrrell BEST  457 KB CROPPEDKaren Tyrrell is an award winning resilience author. Karen’s self-help manual, Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery reveals how she recovered from parent-teacher bullying, stress and mental illness. In Karen’s books, she offers tips on mental happiness, how to stress less, sleep better and how to overcome anxiety and depression. Read more

KarenTyrrell-Me-And-Him-Cover-WebUse-LgeWere the Stress Less tips helpful to you?

Which stress less tip resonated with you the most?

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Story Time at Beenleigh Library

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember Story Time

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember at Beenleigh Library

Meet children’s author Karen Tyrrell during children’s story time at Beenleigh Library.

Karen Tyrrell reads award-winning story Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, a story of love and HOPE.

She raises awareness of Dementia and teaches coping skills for memory loss for KIDS and for adults.

Afterwards, Karen presents FUN activities for kids including puppet making and dot to dots.

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Celebrate Story Time on the first day of Book Week (Aug 22-28)

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember event celebrates Book Week.

Its a Best START program, part of a Logan City library, early literacy state wide program

Parents are encouraged to bring their school-aged children and pre-schoolers.

Karen is a teacher and her story time event encourages literacy, reading and language skills

Story Time with Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

WHEN: 22 August 10.00 am the FIRST day of Book Week

WHERE: Beenleigh library, Crete St Beenleigh

PHONE: 3412 4130 to reserve your seat

Harry at Beenleigh Lib Flyer

ARE you joining the FUN?

BEG or Borrow some kids, grand-kids and your neighbour’s kids

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Story Arts Festival Ipswich 2015




Come to the Story Arts Festival, a jam-packed celebration of children’s literature, authors and writing. You’ll be energized by the sheer creativity and the MAGIC. The Story Arts Festival presents sensational programs for writers, readers, schools, families and for children from 6-16 September 2015.

TOP children’s authors and illustrators will present enthralling and imaginative shows, theatre, musicals, workshops and demonstrations.

Story Arts Festival for Schools

Take a peek at the exciting children’s literature program for schools…


Information for Schools

programs – city selections

programs – Woodlands and Esk selections

High school program IGGS

High school program at WestMAC – Monday 14 September

Story Arts Festival for families

Come to special family events that will entertain and exhilarate you and your family …

Meet award-winning authors Michael G Bauer and watch his show Eric Vale, Epic Fail.

Meet Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton in the Many Story Tree House exhibition and stage show.


PLUS meet Janeen Brian author of I’m a Dirty Dinosaur and a host of celebrity children’s authors for events that will electrify and educate

Kids, come dressed as your favourite book character and celebrate at a book themed party. Come to the Ninja party with Peter Carnavas and MORE, The Terrible Lizard Party – dinosaur, dragon and crocodile party with authors Janeen Brian and Peter Taylor and MORE.

SAFI_Family_program 2015


Story Arts Festival for adults

Hey teachers, teacher-librarians, aspiring and emerging authors and illustrators, and parents, check out the Adults’ Program that will enthuse and educate you on children’s literature.

Top line publishers and editors will meet with writers to discuss their manuscripts.

Come to a writing workshop to hone your writing skills.

SAFI_Adult program 2015

Story Arts Festival Ipswich is one of Australia’s premier literature festivals, masterminded by Jenny Stubbs, the Ipswich Teacher Librarian Network and Book Links.

cropped-storyarts-festival-header-lrTo book, click HERE.

Are you coming along to join the FUN?

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Meet Author Karen Tyrrell at The Racing Cafe

Karen Tyrrell-page-001 - Header 2Meet author Karen Tyrrell at The Racing Cafe where I’ll share my intimate story of recovery over a delicious High Tea.

‘From INSANITY to award winning resilience Author.’

I’ll be at the Starting Gate … ready to reveal startling secrets on how parents of my student bullied, harassed and stalked me, a teacher until I reached breaking point … and beyond. I’ll share secrets from my empowering books Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness and Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery,

And tips to empower children to live STRONG from my children’s books: STOP the Bully, Bailey Beats the Blah and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember.


Come to The Racing Café, to hear Brisbane’s newest and thought provoking ‘Meet the Author’ series right on the race track. I’m the second author galloping out the gates after Award Winning Author Nick Earls was first out the gate two weeks ago. Come dine on a High Tea of delicious cream cakes, pastries and sandwiches.


High Tea at The Racing Cafe

What’s my Connection with Horses?

My love of horses was spurred on during my first teaching Prac, when I joined the Pony Club in Young NSW. Later I was chomping on the bit, eager to start weekly horse riding lessons in earnest when I returned home to Sydney. I’ve always felt an affinity with horses since I was a child when my dad took me to Warwick Farm Racecourse.

Meet Author Karen Tyrrell

Join me for an intimate morning. Meet author Karen Tyrrell, Australian Award Winning Author for our second ‘Meet the Author’ series!

Only $25 per person including a yummy high tea. Booking essential. Call The Racing Cafe on (07) 3268 7388.

Karen Tyrrell-page-001 WHERE: The Racing Cafe, 317 Nudgee Rd Hendra

WHEN: Thursday 20th August 10am  

BOOKINGS Essential: Ring 3268 7388

The Flag is raised … I’m chomping at the bit, eager to start.

Are you coming along to meet author Karen Tyrrell … and join the FUN?

Please tell all your friends.

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Present Story Telling at Bookshops


I presented a FUN story telling session with Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, exercising every theatrical trick I could muster. A lively audience of kids aged 3 to 8 arrived at The Mad Hatter Book Shop, Manly ready for the event.

First, I introduced myself as an author teacher and the cover of Harry Helps Grandpa Remember I asked the children about their grandpas, grandmas, nans and pops, then we discussed the word remember. I asked: How can you help Grandpa remember?

I read the story to the children with gusto, giving out as much emotion and inflection in my voice as possible. I paused at the right places to build intrigue. I re-enacted the story with actions where-ever possible.

At the end, I asked more key questions about the story: How did Harry help Grandpa remember? How can you remember?


Story telling Harry Helps Grandpa Remember to kids & parents

I encouraged positive interaction from the children, encouraging them to respond with facial expressions, hand movements and chants. The aim was to immerse them in positive messages from Harry Helps Grandpa Remember: coping skills and memory boosters.

#5 Tips on Organizing a Story Telling Event

  1. Arrange a PRIME story telling program, date and time with the book shop, library or school.
  2. Plan and practice the session step by step, including your exact spiel, body language and movements. Practice your actions, voices, including your pre and after focus questions. Gather all the props you need including costumes, enlarged name tags and puppets.
  1. Work out what activities you’ll present afterwards. Make a sample of the completed craft activity to demonstrate to children. I presented puppet making with paddle pop sticks using crayons, scissors and sticky tape. Download Children’s Activities.
  1. Announce your story telling event on your website. Create an online flyer and share widely on social media. Send a copy to the venue so they can share too.
  1. Upload your event on local events sites e.g. Brisbane Kids, Go Duckling.

Story Telling Bailey Beats the Blah at a local school

#10 Tips on Presenting a Story Telling Event

  1. Arrive early to set up: posters, banner, book display. Position your story books and any props near your reading chair. Set up your craft or thinking skill activities ready to start afterwards.
  1. Get into the spirit by wearing a themed costume, bright wig or funny hat.
  1. Use behaviour management skills to calm the children. Don’t allow calling out unless it’s part of an interaction or chant.
  1. Introduce yourself to the parents and the children as they arrive.
  1. Charge your camera ready to go. Request someone to take photos. (Request backs of children’s heads. No profile shots)… Now SMILE :)
  1. Read one of your other stories to early arrivals. I read Bailey Beats the Blah.
  1. Dramatize  your story with voice inflections, whispers, pauses and actions. Inject session with as much enthusiasm and energy as you can. Make your story telling as interactive as possible so children can physically respond to your story with chants, actions and responses. Perhaps thumbs up, thumbs down as an emotional response.
  1. In the craft area, I helped children with their activities. I engaged in conversation about their favourite parts of the story.
  1. Allow time to sign copies of your book. Hand out bookmarks. Tell the children and parents about your other books. I told them about STOP the Bully for kids 8-12. I gave out launch details for my upcoming book.
  1. FINISH on a positive note. Request positive feedback from the shop owner, librarian or school teacher. Discuss your next visit with your next book.

Story telling Harry Helps Grandpa remember at Mad Hatters Book shop

What did I LOVE about Story Telling?

I was overwhelmed by the super-enthusiastic feedback from kids and their parents. I LOVED watching their little faces light up, totally mesmerized and enthralled by Bailey Beats the Blah and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember.

Gee I MISS teaching sometimes!

Have you ever presented a Story Telling session to children?

Which story telling tips resonated with you?

How will you present story telling sessions differently?

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Winners of CYA Conference 2015

Winners-announcementI celebrated the ultimate event in my Writer’s year …

The Australian CYA Conference at Southbank TAFE, Brisbane celebrated its 10th birthday anniversary. A one-day action-packed  creative  retreat for writers. Refreshing. Exhausting. Exhilarating.

I shared this amazing day with my writing buddies and colleagues, participating in writing courses, scribbling down blueprints for my next writing projects, revitalizing my creative brain to the MAX.

becket_10years_fireworks-2_med_hr-5Who WON first place in the CYA Conference Writing Competitions?

Picture Book Preschool …Diane Jackson Hill.

Picture Book Primary School … Kerri Day

Picture Book Non Fiction …Jenny Baber

Younger Chapter Books … 1st Ramona Davey 2nd Jade Harmer 3rd Jacqui Halpin (from Write Links)

Older Chapter Books … Kelly McDonald

Young Adult … Catherine Mojsiewicz

Graphic Novel or Illustrated Picture Book or Middle Grade Novel … Heidi Smith

Illustrations … 2nd Katrina Dreiling (from Write Links)

Published Author … Deborah Kelly

 Pitching  to Publishers & Agents…

Writer friends  from my writer’s group Write Links pitched their stories to editors and publishers, receiving positive feedback and encouragement … and some maybe a contract.

Yvonne Mes & Alison Stegert from Write Links

Good luck Yvonne Mes and Alison Stegert from Write Links.

What WINNING ideas did the Presenters teach me?

Kaz Delaney taught me how to write a story in 3 Acts using the Hero’s Journey, keeping up the pace, ensuring the middle isn’t ‘sagging’.

Paul Collins shared his proactive marketing strategies in getting books out to a wide market.

Meredith Costain shared her secrets in creating hooks that keep readers turning pages.

Morris Gleiztman shared tips on how the writer can emotionally connect the reader  to likeable characters … who have problems which need solving.

Success Panel Winners …

Congrats to Georgie Donoghey, Helene Maggison and Jennifer Loakes, who divulged their truly inspirational and surprising journeys on how they became published.

My BIG Surprise …

Tina Marie Clark invited present and past Success Story winners to the front to receive their 10th Anniversary Gold badge… That’s ME on the bottom left!!

Ben Long, Jennfer Loakes, Helene Magisson, Georgie Donaghey, Peter Allert, Karen Tyrrell, Tina Clark, Dee White, Kaz Delaney.

Angela Sunde, Aleesah Darlison, Ben Long, Jennifer Loakes, Helene Magisson, Georgie Donaghey, Dimity Powell, Peter Allert, Karen Tyrrell, Tina Clark, Dee White, Kaz Delaney.

Last year I shared my own Success Story at CYA Conference on publishing Bailey Beats the Blah and STOP the Bully. Both resilience books winning endorsements from Kids Helpline and a mental health achievement award.

Recently, I launched picture book, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, winner of a RADF grant. My books are available at Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, Mary Ryans, Riverbend and MORE.

Who were the REAL Winners of CYA?

We who attended, who were willing to embrace the wealth of experience, knowledge and inspiration from TOP publishers, agents, illustrators, editors and authors.

CYA Conference delegates shared a unique opportunity, one which could shape our writing lives and craft us into the writers we could be.

Only if we believed!


CYA Conference 2015

What was your favourite experience at CYA?

How were you INSPIRED?

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Winners Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

WinnersAnnouncing the winners of Harry Helps Grandpa Remember blog tour and book giveaway…

YAY! Harry Helps Grandpa Remember launched on AMAZON world-wide as a print book and an eBook. To celebrate I presented a Blog Tour of FUN interviews, reviews and blogs.

What is Harry Helps Grandpa Remember about?

“Harry Hope shares the special love between a little boy and his grandpa who has Alzheimer’s. Harry will do ANYTHING to help his grandpa remember. A heart-warming story, full of love, humor and HOPE.”

YAY!! Harry received eight *5 STAR reviews from teachers, counselors and parents HERE

Harry HeaderFREE Download of Teacher Resources & Children’s Activities

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember comes with FREE teacher notes, character puppets, dot-to-dots, picture sequencing, sentence sequencing, thinking skills and CRAFT. HERE

Congratulations to all those who entered my giveaway. The standard of entries was extremely high, making my job difficult to judge.

Drum Roll… The Winners are…

Hayley Wilson … won a signed print copy.

Debra Tidball, Debbie Bayliss, Cecilia Clark, Anne Gallager and Pam Wrest …won an eCopy

I’ll be in contact soon to request your address or your email. :) :)

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Buy your Copy of Harry Helps Grandpa Remember in print or ebookHERE

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Write & Publish Fiction Workshop


Have you ever wanted to write & publish a fiction book?

Fiction that would enthrall your readers with unforgettable characters.

A fiction story that has your reader’s on their edge of their seats, begging for more.

Join award winning author teacher Karen Tyrrell

Karen Tyrrell BEST  457 KB CROPPEDAs she shares her steps in writing and publishing a fiction book workshop. Karen will show you how to create unforgettable characters and develop a fiction story that will hook in your reader.

What are Karen’s credentials?

Karen Tyrrell has written and published five books, winning three awards and three grants.

Karen’s books have won hundreds of *5 STAR reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, magazines, review sites, and MORE.

Karen is a author, teacher,  publisher, motivational speaker,and writing workshop presenter.

What are Karen’s books?

4 books

STOP the Bully, Bailey Beats the Blah, Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness, Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery

Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness, A teachers’ recovery from madness after parent-teacher bullying, PTSD and mental illness. Karen reveals she’s manic, psychic, telepathic and VERY psychotic. True but written like FICTION.

Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery Self-help mental wellness manual: 30 steps to recovery and resilience. Plus a powerful memoir on the mysterious secrets revealed by her husband. Endorsed by Black Dog Institute. True but written like FICTION.

STOP the Bully Bully prevention skills is a heart-warming humorous story about bullied Brian and his secrets … showing perspectives from the bully AND the victim. Endorsed by Kids Helpline.

Bailey Beats the Blah  How does Bailey change his BLAH to Ha-Ha-Ha? Prevent anxiety and depression in children by teaching coping skills in a picture book. Endorsed by Kids Helpline.

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Harry Help Grandpa Remember  Harry will do ANYTHING to help his grandpa with Alzheimer’s remember again.  Won a RADF grant through  Arts Queensland.

genrewritingWrite & Publish a Fiction  FREE workshop

WHERE: Logan North Library, 2-8 Sports Drive, Underwood

WHEN: Tuesday 7th July 6pm

Tea & coffee provided

RSVP 3412 4140 to book your seat

Are you joining the FUN?

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