Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Harry helps Grandpa Remember

Harry helps Grandpa Remember

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

AUTHOR: Karen Tyrrell


ISBN: 9780987274083

PUBLISHER: Digital Future Press 

Available on Amazon in print & eBook HERE

SYNOPSIS: Harry and Grandpa love playing hide-and-seek together. Over time Grandpa becomes grumpy and forgetful, refusing to play games with Harry anymore.

On Grand-parent’s Day, Grandpa becomes confused and lost. He couldn’t even remember Harry’s name.  Harry discovers clever ways to boost Grandpa’s memory.

How does Harry help Grandpa remember?

Endearingly told and full of hope, compassion and humour, ‘Harry’ provides a gentle introduction for children to the realities of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

THEMES: memory skills, problem solving, coping skills, grandparents, family, compassion, Dementia.

WINNER: RADF Grant via Arts Queensland & Logan City Council.

‘The Regional Arts Development Fund is a Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and Logan City Council partnership to support local arts and culture.’

Arts Queensland

Arts Queensland

Logan City Council


Karen Tyrrell is an award-winning Australian resilience author and teacher. Karen presents interactive story telling sessions, creative writing workshops, seminars and author talks in schools, libraries, festivals and conferences. She speaks out on TV, radio and writes for magazines.

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember (2015) and Bailey Beats the Blah (2013) empowers children with coping skills. STOP the Bully (2014) mid-grade novel empowers children with assertive anti-bullying strategies.

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

 Coming SOON…

I’m announcing Harry Helps Grandpa Remember launch event, book signings, reviews and teacher resources soon …Watch this space …

 What do you think of Harry Helps Grandpa Remember?

Will the coping skills in “Harry” help to raise hope, awareness and reduce the risk of Dementia?

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