Amazon Launches Rainforest Rescue Worldwide

Rainforest Rescue on Amazon Release

Amazon Launches Rainforest Rescue Worldwide

Last Saturday, I launched Rainforest Rescue to a crowd of fans, supporters, friends, family … and little superheroes.

★★★★★ Rainforest Rescue is now available on Amazon as a print and eBook.

Amazon Launches Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird 3)

Half-Bird … Half-Girl … ALL SUPERHERO

Gondwana Rainforest is dying.


Harry Helps Grandpa Remember on Amazon

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember is available as a FULL COLOUR print picture book.

“Harry Helps Grandpa Remember shares the special love between a little boy and his grandpa who was Alzheimer’s. Harry will do ANYTHING to help his grandpa remember. A heart-warming story, full of humor and HOPE.”

ISBN: 97809 8727 4083

Bailey Beats the Blah jets off to Bologna Book Fair

I’m doing cartwheels! Bailey Beats the Blah will be showcased at the Bologna Book Fair March 24-27 in Bologna Italy.

International book buyers will read the pages of Bailey displayed at the SCBWI stand for Australian and New Zealand authors.

If they need more publishing information , they can peruse the flyer I created to […]

Bailey Beats the Blah ★★★★★ KIDS Mental Health book

Bailey Beats the Blah received ★★★★★ REVIEWS from a CHILD psychologist, a Mental Health CEO, a school counselor, a journalist, and many teachers and MUMS, rating Bailey Beats the Blah a top empowering book for KIDS.

Bailey Beats the Blah boosts EVERY Child’s, self-esteem and coping skills to deal with WORRY thoughts and SAD days.


Interview: ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness

WOOHOO! I’m Guest Blogging from Quebec, Canada over at Lakefront Muse Blog Spot. Mary Metcalfe, fiction author and editor interviewed me about my traumatic journey and recovery with Bipolar Disorder. And why I wrote my confronting story, ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness.

How did Mary Metcalfe discover ME & HER: a Memoir of […]

I’m Speaking at Gold Coast Writers Festival

SQUEE! I’m bursting to tell you! I’m speaking at the Gold Coast Writers Festival at Robina Town Centre on 27 th October. This is my very FIRST writer’s festival so I’m squeeing with glee! Kathy Stewart, GCWF organizer “loved” reading ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness.

Kathy invited […]

SECRETS: How to Face your Fears

Today I finally faced my greatest fear. Typing up *THAT* chapter, the most grueling section of my latest mental health recovery memoir, ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery. The chapter that I had avoided for months. I would rather write, edit, and redraft any chapter in my memoir, avoiding what I really needed to […]

Introducing Robin Adolphs, Children’s Author eXtraordinaire

Robin Adolphs, children’s author eXtraordinaire launched her two latest books, The Pile Up and Yesterday, I played in the Rain to a sell-out crowd in Brisbane last week.

I watched mesmerized as Robin and her animated cast dressed in colourful costumes, captured the attention of her enthusiastic young audience.

Robin Adolphs is an experienced primary […]

Personal Testimonials > Me & Her is Changing Lives

I’m bursting with pride! Readers have shared their personal testimonials on HOW ME & HER: A Memoir Of Madness is helping them deal with or understand their Mental Health issues or those of someone they love. ♥ I’m so proud my Recovery memoir is reaching out and touching people’s lives and hearts in a very […]

Winners of Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness Giveaway

Thanks to all the readers and supporters who submitted their awesome comments about mental health on my Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness book giveaway Blog.

Thanks for sharing your heart-felt perspectives and experiences.

DRUMROLL…The #10 winners are …

Alistair PD Bain Kathleen Dittmar Stephnie Azri Melodie Bailey Robyn Blucher Kellie Sheil Vicki Griffin […]