SECRETS: How to Face your Fears

Today I finally faced my greatest fear. Typing up *THAT* chapter, the most grueling section of my latest mental health recovery memoir, ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery. The chapter that I had avoided for months. I would rather write, edit, and redraft any chapter in my memoir, avoiding what I really needed to do.

Before, each time I tried to tackle that blasted chapter I’d freeze up with angst and worry about revealing my most personal story. Details not released in my first memoir, ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness. Last December, someone disclosed startling revelations, about what “Really Happened,” suggesting I rewrite ME & HER.
Instead I decided to publish ME & HER as it was, and reveal the truth behind ME & HER in my sequel. But did I really want the world to know those specifics of my personal life?

Am I ready now to divulge all to the public again? … I’m so close to finishing ME & HIM. All I need is to finish THAT chapter … Can I really do it this time?

Yesterday I searched my soul and my heart, imploring the universe to help me solve my dilemma, begging the  universe to answer me …Should I concentrate on delivering my mental health presentations or writing ME & HIM?

 Yesterday, I received answers via cryptic messages on Facebook posters.

~Whatever you Fight, you Strengthen …and what you Resist, Persists ~  … Eckhart Tolle

~What is Holding YOU back? Is the thought that something is Holding YOU back ~ Ralph Marston

Today I faced my fears and started to create THAT chapter. Here’s how I empowered myself.

#7 Sizzling Secrets: How to Face your Fears

1.    Connect with your spiritual side. Request the universe to help you.
2.    Scribble down your angst and emotions in a free flowing consciousness sort of way.
3.    Question yourself, what do you really need to do?
4.    Write down your goals, set in the NOW. Be Mindful. What do you really want to accomplish?
5.    Visualise yourself facing that fear, achieving every step along the way.
6.    Start on that project you’ve been avoiding.
7.    Breathe! … Congratulate yourself on this mammoth step.

In May 2012, I launched my gutsy memoir, ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness. The story of how a teacher was harassed by parents of one of her students to breaking point and beyond. And her long term incarceration in a psyche hospital.
How did I Recover and Reclaim my life?

Read the first #20 pages for FREE here … ME & HER

I’m working hard to complete my companion sequel, ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery, part memoir, part sharing my recovery and coping tools.

Please cross your fingers I can get ME & HIM completed by September, ready to send out to Beta readers and editors for critique … Please Universe!!

Have you ever Faced your FEARS?

Would you like to READ … ME & HIM: a Guide to Recovery?

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14 comments to SECRETS: How to Face your Fears

  • Anne Vickery

    I would like to read Me and Him definitely. I have a book inside me that wants to get out and I’m refusing to put fingers to computer atm because I am very very afraid of what will just flow out.

    We all have fears of exposing ourselves (our true and authentic self) and our lives to others, who can then judge us either in a positive or negative way can be terrifying.

    You have already made that courageous jump so go for it with Me and Him and I am sure success will follow.

  • Thanks Anne, for supporting ME & HIM and understanding how I’ll be laying myself on the line, exposing myself and my life.
    The other chapters were relatively easy to create. But the climax, the pivotal revelation I struggled with for months. Should I? Could I?
    But yesterday I knew I didn’t have a “Story” without that Key chapter.
    Good luck with your writing pursuits … You’ll know when you’re ready to lay it on the line.
    Karen 🙂

  • Karen, all the secrets are pertinant to me. But 7. resounded with me the most. It’s the best starting point for any dilemma, crucial to keep you moving forward in facing your fears, essential to end with for complete peace and sanity of mind. And like my SCUBA instructor always said…just don’t forget to breathe! I’ll never forget that advice (althoug I tend to in bouts of absolute anxiety 😉 ) Thanks for being so brave and open. Writing any book and sharing it with the world is at once an exhilerating and wrenching experience. I think you have already made your decision. Now just follow through…

  • Thanks Dimity for checking out my *Face your Fears* secrets and sharing your advice from your scuba diving instructor … “Just breathe.”
    Writing any story is both exhilarating and gut wrenching … But multiply that by one hundred when your writing a personal story about mental illness …Then angst comes into the equation when you choose to go public … But today I feel strangely relieved 🙂

  • Hi Karen, those times when I sat with can I do this? is this going to help me or anyone else??? and then the flooding release after writing my autobiography, I can truly understand you asking if you can share those inner most feelings. But, it is only through allowing yourself to share those deeper parts of your life that you yourself can have closure. Having come through sexual, physical and mental abuse I found there are times I think ‘oh my goodness’, what are people going to think… but I know my book will be there to help those searching, just as yours will do also. It’s time for us all to stand strong and share our journey’s, so that those looking for help can see there is a light at the end of their tunnel. Thank you for sharing Me & Her and I look forward to reading Me & Him: A guide to Recovery. Love and Blessings Narelle x

  • Thanks Narelle,
    for sharing how you *Faced your Fears* to write you personal memoir.
    YES, I agree! Time for us survivors to stand strong and share our triumphs so others can be strengthened.
    Thanks for reading ME & HER and your support for my sequel, ME & HIM … Karen 🙂

  • You’re braver than me is what I know, Karen. Thanks for the post.

  • Thanks Dale,
    I become Braver with every word of encouragement & support. Thanks Dale for your friendship & kind words … Karen:)

  • Karen what a great post! You’re such a brave person, you’ll get there. I can’t wait to read it!!!! Hurry up and finish the book so I can read it!

    I have things in my ‘Gummy Basket’ (Too hard basket) too. I keep avoiding certain things until I’m pushed to to do them and have no choice. I heard a line on a movie the other night that made me think. It went something like this: Only when we’re on the edge of destruction do we attempt to change. {That’s me sometimes. 🙁 }

    Well, you’re not, Karen. Your too tough. 🙂

  • Thanks Patricia, for your awesome support for ME & HER:a Memoir of Madness.
    I made a breakthrough today.
    I’ve unblocked my writers block… check out my latest news.
    Is Bipolar Disorder Genius or Madness?

    Karen 🙂

  • Steph L

    Can I add a few more???
    – what is the worst that could happen?
    – the world will not explode if you make a mistake

    It is YOUR book, publish what you want to and/or can handle at that time.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


    PS – had to bring out this old chestnut and book title – FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY!

  • Steph L

    PS – if all else fails, take anxiety/panic attack medication OR watch a comedy show. Laughter is a great healer.

  • Hi Steph,
    For your awesome support and reflections … YES like that one… “FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY!” … Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Steph,
    Love the healing power of Laughter … Karen 🙂

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