Amazon Launches Rainforest Rescue Worldwide

Rainforest Rescue on Amazon ReleaseAmazon Launches Rainforest Rescue Worldwide

Last Saturday, I launched Rainforest Rescue to a crowd of fans, supporters, friends, family … and little superheroes.

Amazon Launches Rainforest Rescue

★★★★★ Rainforest Rescue is now available on Amazon as a print and eBook.

Amazon Launches Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird 3)

Half-Bird … Half-Girl … ALL SUPERHERO

Gondwana Rainforest is dying.

Kids disappear.

Mythical creatures materialize.

Song Bird travels to when time began, to battle her enemies

Can Song Bird unlock the secret before the world ends?


PRAISES – Amazon launches Rainforest Rescue

★★★★★ Friendship, Resilience, Ecology – Songbird Does It All  With a song in her heart and a friend at her side, a girl can do anything—just like Song Bird Superhero! Karen Tyrrell’s engaging stories tackle tough issues with imagination, humour and hope.–Ali Stegert, children’s writer & former school counsellor

★★★★★ The latest and best in the Song Bird series by Karen Tyrrell – Rainforest Rescue ‘Every nail-biting moment in this story you can’t put down, will have you either fearing or cheering for Song Bird and her friends.’ Norah Colvin: Educator at readilearn

PRAISES  –  Amazon Launches Rainforest Rescue   – Song Bird Series

★★★★★ ‘Fast-paced adventure taking ecological issues, turning them into an engaging story.’ – CBCA Reading Time

★★★★★ ‘Friends who stand together ALWAYS have Super powers.’ – Jackie French

FREE Teacher Resources and kids activities for Rainforest Rescue HERE

ORDER Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird) with FREE Rainforest Bag HERE

Order a signed copy. Comes with Rainforest bag courtesy of my sponsor Queensland National Parks.  Special deal available anywhere in Australia.

Amazon Launches Rainforest Rescue SHOP

Order Rainforest Rescue from Australia, USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, India, Brazil  HERE

READ  10 pages of  Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird) on Amazon HERE

BUY Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird) as a print book HERE

BUY Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird)  as an eBook HERE

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4 comments to Amazon Launches Rainforest Rescue Worldwide

  • Milly Deakin

    A wonderful book by all accounts, my children are fascinated by Rainforests, as we live in farming land at Utah, very different. We’ve already placed an order and can’t wait to devour the book. Love and kisses

  • Hi Milly, Lovely to meet you. Thanks so much for buying a copy. I know your kids will love it. Please let me know… Karen 🙂

  • Lana

    Amazing book couldn’t put it down best book series in the entire world the main character Rosella ava bird aka songbird super hero thrills children with her antics keeps them engaged and fully immersed in the story awsome book thanks Karen my songbird superhero fan gives the book a 100/100 keep the series coming Karen

  • Thanks Lana, I’m thrilled you and Simara loved Song Bird’s latest adventure in the rainforest. Thanks so much for coming along to my book launch. Its always wonderful to see you both. Take care, Karen x

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