Rainforest Rescue School Visits Tips

School Visits Karen TyrrellRainforest Rescue School Visits … by Karen Tyrrell

I’m presenting my eco warrior junior novel, Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird 3) on school visits.

What’s Rainforest Rescue about?

Half-Bird … Half-Girl … ALL SUPERHERO

Gondwana Rainforest is dying.

Kids disappear.

Mythical creatures materialize.

Song Bird travels to when time began,

 To battle her enemies

What’s really happening?

Can Song Bird unlock the secret before the world ends?

What does Rainforest Rescue teach children?

  1. Inspires kids to care for trees, rainforests, National Parks and the environment.
  2. Educates kids on aboriginal mythical creatures, bush tucker and World Heritage Gondwana Rainforests both ancient and present.
  3. Empowers kids to connect with their inner superhero to work as a team to care for the environment.

Book Week

August is Book Week month! Thanks to schools for booking me for a school visit. I’m presenting author talks to primary schools, colleges and special schools for my 9 children’s books. My formats include pantomime with costumes, power point talks, writing workshops and interactive dramatic readings from the Song Bird Series.

School Visits Karen Tyrrell

 How do I Present Rainforest Rescue School Visits?

I will present the following …

  1. Tips on how children can care for trees, rainforests and National Parks.
  2. Multi-media presentation on Aboriginal mythical creatures and rainforests … plus my animated book trailer HERE
  3. Show & Tell my rainforest  treasure including fossils, aboriginal clap sticks, crystals, lichen, pods, seeds, ferns and bush tucker from the rainforest.
  4. Author talk with costumes, props, interactive dramatic readings from Rainforest Rescue presented by myself and Steve Tyrrell (guest author).
  5. Power point on how my eco warrior novel, Rainforest Rescue was created.
  6. Writing workshops on Write a Rainforest Rescue story.
  7. I offer Free resources to schools from Queensland National Parks (my sponsor).
School Visits Karen Tyrrell

Part of my Rainforest treasures

Kid’s activities for Rainforest Rescue School Visits

I created detailed teacher notes and kid’s activities for FREE download. Available 18 August HERE

 Where do I present Rainforest Rescue School Visits?

I’m available for school visits in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and Gold Coast.

How do you book Rainforest Rescue School Visits?

Please leave a comment on my CONTACT page with your name, school and your request. HERE

Any questions? 

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2 comments to Rainforest Rescue School Visits Tips

  • Great work, Karen. You offer schools a full program. The teachers and students must love a visit from Karen Tyrrell, author.

  • Hi Norah,
    Aww thanks to much. I love presenting author talks to kids in schools and watching their wonderful responses …
    Its gives me SO much Joy!
    Karen x

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