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Karen Tyrrell Author is a Brisbane award-winning author of empowering books for children and grown-ups.

Karen is a former school teacher, survivor of parent-teacher bullying. She is passionate about helping adults and children live strong.

Karen Tyrrell author achieved 3 awards, 4 Grants, 2 sponsorships and a mentorship from Society of Editors QLD. Karen was a writing judge for a Logan City Council writing competition.

Recently, Karen won an Arts Queensland grant for picture book, Ready Set Discover Logan.

Arts Queensland

Karen’s books are fast-paced page turners,  showing how to live strong and be resilient. Karen writes with humour and compassion, drawing the readers in.

Karen’s books for kids, Bailey Beats the Blah and  STOP the Bully  ,are endorsed by Kids Helpline.

Harry Helps Grandpa Remember achieved a RADF grant and is endorsed by Alzheimer’s Australia.


Jo-Kin Battles the It,   and  Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra  share positive messages of team building, problem solving  with STEM science themes. They have *5 STAR reviews on Goodreads, Reading Time and Buzz Words.


Song Bird Superhero  and The Battle of Bug World share positive messages on self-belief, overcoming disabilities, girl power and STEM science. They won *5 STAR reviews on Reading Time, Kirkus Review, Disney Princess magazine, Goodreads, Buzz Words and more. ABC Radio interviewed me in June, 2017.

Superhero Writing Workshop

KAPOW! Meet Superhero, Karen Tyrrell Author of the Song Bird Superhero series dressed as her own character. Kids will be supercharged with story writing powers to create an original SUPERHERO story, jam packed with SUPER powers, SUPER action and SUPER villains. Please leave a message on my contact page for a quote.

Karen presented SUPERHERO writing workshops for Brisbane City Libraries and Meanjin Writing camps at USQ .


Karen Tyrrell author talk

Eco Author Talks

Karen Tyrrell and Steve Tyrrell presents ECO talks including power point presentation, interactive talks, dramatic book readings and quizzes with prizes. Dressed as Song Bird Superhero, I present empowering talks jam-packed with positive strategies about saving the environment. The talks focus on how kids can be involved and RECYCLE … REUSE … REDUCE at home and at school.

Mr Super Bee AKA Steve Tyrrell presents talk on saving the bees and what children can do. Steve is a guest author for The Battle of Bug World, writing chapter 6. He wrote chapter 2 in Song Bird Superhero.

Our talks are all about kids believing in themselves, connecting with their inner superheroes and making a difference to the planet. We teach practical and FUN ways kids can helps the bees and the environment at home, school and in their own garden.

Karen Tyrrell author

Karen Tyrrell Author Talks

Karen shares dynamic interactive talks on the writing process, revealing her creative writing tips and book development. The talks centre on kids empowering themselves to be their own superhero. Karen presents talks to schools, libraries, festivals and conferences on a wide range of topics.

Author Talk at Fairvale Public school

Author Talk at Fairvale Public school, Sydney.

Bully Prevention Talks

Karen wears her taekwondo outfit to present bully prevention talks and writing workshops. She shares  approved and effective strategies for bully prevention for students, teachers and parents.  Many describe her talks as inspiring, educating and entertaining.

Karen Tyrrell author

Karen Tyrrell author talk… followed by Writing workshops

Interactive Storytelling & Pantomimes

Karen presents interactive storytelling and pantomimes to children. She gets into character, wearing FUN costumes and wigs. She entertains and educates children with humor, actions, banners, props, and  music.

Karen Tyrrell Author

Song Bird Superhero Interactive Storytelling

Karen Tyrrell Author Writing Workshops

Karen presents practical writing workshops for adults and children, inspiring them to create and how to publish their story. She reveals how to create characters, for the reader to care about. She shares how to create a page turning story. She’s a writing tutor for Queensland Writers Centre.

Masterclasses: Book Marketing 28 Jan,2018.

Karen Tyrrell presents Harry Helps Grandpa Remember pantomime

Karen & Steve Tyrrell presents Harry Helps Grandpa Remember pantomime

Resilience & Well-being Talks in Power Point Format

Karen speaks about how she recovered from parent-teacher bullying and PTSD when she was a bullied school teacher. Her memoirs Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness and Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery empower adults to live strong with coping skills.

ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness and ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery

Karen shares her recovery story, revealing coping skills for stress, anxiety and depression. Karen explains how to create a pro-active wellness plan.

Karen shared her resilience story and well-being strategies at a Teacher’s Conference Sydney,  CPA Accountants Conference Brisbane, Resilience Talk Ipswich Library, Centa Care staff training and a Resilience workshop for Telstra .


Resilience Power Point Talk to 250 teachers at a Sydney Teachers Conference.

Finally, Karen Tyrrell Author  Speaker Testimonials

“Karen is a vibrant presenter with an inspirational story.  She speaks with great authority, her enthusiasm is contagious”Ali Stegert:  Counsellor North Side Christian College

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