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Karen Tyrrell Author tours Sydney with books to empower kids to live strong.

Pinch me! I can’t believe it. I’m speaking at a Teacher’s Conference. … I’m story telling at a library AND I’m book signing at a Dymocks book shop… all in Sydney.

WOW! How did this Sydney Tour happen?

A Teacher’s Conference invited me to be a key note speaker on coping skills for teachers. They wanted me to share my recovery story from parent-teacher bullying and mental illness to empower teachers to prevent burnout.

Principal Anthony Pitt (conference co-ordinator) requested I share wellness tools from my award winning resilience books Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness and Me and Her: A Guide to Recovery.

I can’t wait to “teach” the teachers practical life skills and self-care in workshop groups.

I’m traveling from Brisbane to Sydney with my husband Steve in a car loaded with banners, books … and HOPE.


Steve & Karen: Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery and Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness

 Why does this Sydney Tour mean so much to me?

I was born in the City of Sydney. I moved from Ultimo to Mt Pritchard when I was five. I attended Mt Pritchard East Public School and Liverpool Girls High as Karen Cox, maths and science geek.  Steve Tyrrell and I married on a boat on Sydney Harbour. Later we bought a house in St Johns Park where we raised our young family. I taught at Fairfield West School full time and later at surrounding schools as a relief teacher.  My dad and sister live there still.

Love to connect with family and friends in Sydney 🙂

 Karen Tyrrell Author …Sydney Dates

14 July 10.30-11.30:  Story telling Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra Wetherill Park Library

Join the FUN at Stockland Wetherill Park.  I’m presenting an interactive story telling session with my FUN space adventure Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids 2).

WIN Prizes for best super hero, space hero, alien or robot.

Zoom over for FREE Crafty, science and writing activities.

Are you joining the FUN?

Jokin vs Lord Terra Story telling Wetherill Pk flyer Sydney

16 July 11.30-1.30 Book signing books Dymocks Penrith 

Meet Captain Astra aka Karen Tyrrell and THOR aka Steve Tyrrell.

Come take a selfie!

I’m signing copies of all seven of my resilience books. Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra , Jo-Kin Battles the It,

STOP the Bully, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, Bailey Beats the Blah, Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness and Me and Her: A Guide to Recovery.

Terra Flyer Books at Penrith Sydney

18 July 9-3pm Sydney South West Teachers Conference (invitation only)

On Monday Pupil Free day I’m the Key Note speaker and later I’m presenting workshops on teacher coping skills.


Teachers from Fairvale Public school with Captain Astra from Jo-Kin Battles the It

WHO’s joining the FUN?

I can’t wait for this exciting tour to begin.  I really want to catch up with family, friends, teachers, kids … and my Facebook friends.

Please let me know if you can come along to one of my FREE events.

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6 comments to Sydney Tour Karen Tyrrell Author

  • Steve tyrrell

    It will be a great trip, I don’t know what qld will do without you, but Sydney will love you. Looking forward to catching up with people we know

  • Hey Steve
    Can’t wait for this trip to Sydney. To catch up with everyone. Its going to be SO much FUN with you beside me all the way!
    Karen x

  • David Kinniburgh

    Hey Miss Cox. Welcome back and looking forward to hearing you speak at the Sydney South West Teachers Conference on the 18th July. I might even make it out to Wetherill Park library with my littles. I think they would probably enjoy it. Enjoy your trip down from the north. Hope you brought your thermals!

  • Hi David,
    Lovely to hear from one of my Star pupils from Fairfield West Public School. The fact you’re now a teacher like me is brilliant. Can’t wait to catch up with you at the Teacher’s Conference and with your “littlies” at Wetherill Park Library. This trip is gong to be SO awesome… CYA soon Karen 🙂
    PS Please spread the word about my events to teachers and kids.

  • Silvana

    Hi Karen,
    I was in your K2 class and my sister has shared your link to me. I am in the front row with the white bows in my hair.
    Congratulations on your success and I am happy to see that all is well. I would love to see you again and I will come to see you at Penrith, as I work full-time.

  • Hi Silvana,
    Lovely to hear from you. I DO remember you. You were quietly spoken and very sweet.
    Look forward to meeting you at Penrith Dymocks on 18th July 11.30-1.30.
    Take care x

    Karen 🙂

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