Writing Competition Winners for Logan City Council

Port_and_lighthouse_overnight_storm_with_lightning_in_Port-la-NouvelleAnnouncing the winners of Logan City Council Writing Competition.

My name’s Karen Tyrrell, Logan resilience author. I awarded prizes to children who participated in the  School Storm Preparation writing competition. The judging panel was composed of Logan Mayor, Luke Smith, SES Officer, Jim Ferguson and I.  We  shortlisted excellent entries from  schools, until making our final selections.  We decided on a class story which featured all of the Get Ready Logan tips.

get-readyA very timely event after the recent fierce storm battered Logan and East Coast Of Australia with torrential rain, flooding and strong winds.

How do we Prepare for a Storm?

  1. Prepare your home and family prior to an emergency.  Then you’ll recover and be less likely to suffer during a disaster event.
  2. Tie outdoor furniture down and check roof tiles.
  3. Trim trees and cut down overhanging branches.
  4. Drive cars into a garage or cover cars with blanket.
  5. Create an Emergency Kit for humans and pets.
  6. Listen to radio 101 FM for storm updates.
  7. Don’t drive cars onto flooded roads.

Writing Competition Winners

As author judge, I was looking for the best example of a collaborative story based on selection criteria set by the Logan City Council.

LCC-LogoDrumroll …

1st place was awarded to Calvary Christian College, Springwood, Class 6C

writing competition

Class 6C with Jim Ferguson and Karen Tyrrell

2nd place was awarded to St Paul’s School, Class 5F

3rd Place was awarded to St Paul’s School, Class 6A

Mayor’s encouragement award has been allocated to Beenleigh State School, Class 5B.

Class 6C’s story ‘Ben & Felicia Prepare for a Storm’ shared practical ‘Get Ready Logan’ tips. This story read as a cohesive story, with a high level standard of presentation with pictures illustrated by the students. Class 6C worked as a team producing their story collaboratively.

6C Class Captains with "Ben & Felicia prepare for a storm"

6C Class Captains with “Ben & Felicia prepare for a storm”

How do you Create a Collaborative story?

  1. Ensure everyone knows what the selection criteria are or what the story goal is.
  2. Brainstorm ideas for a story line, characters, plot and scenes.
  3. Write a sequential story collaboratively ensuring the story is cohesive.
  4. Allocate group member tasks to complete i.e. writing, typing, illustrating, collating.
  5. Assess story using selection criteria.  Look for originality, realism (if needed), visual appeal, Is it interesting? easy to follow, unique style, well-written, does it achieve its message goal etc.

The winners were announced on 6th of June at the Logan Uniting Church building on Dennis Road. I delivered a 5 minute interactive talk immersing the children with FUN emotive actions and reactions.

Karen Tyrrell talks to Calvary Christian College

Karen Tyrrell talks to Calvary Christian College

Jim Ferguson and I gave each student a copy of their book and a small pack of “Get Ready Logan” goodies.

writing competition

6C students holding their book and their Get Ready pack.

I presented Class 6C a signed copy of Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra, my Fun space adventure with positive resilience and problem solving skills.

Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra

6C Student receives prize: Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra

 Writing Competition MEDIA

Please stay tuned for stories in The Reporter newspaper and in Logan City Council bulletins.

PLEASE Watch out for announcements of the official book launch in October.

Did you prepare for the storms… and keep safe?

Were the collaborative writing tips helpful? … Did they resonate with you?

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8 comments to Writing Competition Winners for Logan City Council

  • Jason singh

    What a cool topic for kids to write about. As a fellow teacher, I know that kids love getting involved in current issues when they can. Great storm tips too

  • Hi Jason,
    Thanks for taking a peek at the writing Competition I judged. Thrilled you thought it was a cool topic for kids to write about.
    Glad you like my tips too … Karen 🙂

  • Hi Karen,

    What an interesting and relevant topic for Queensland children to write about as well as to make a collaborative process. And how exciting to be judging it.

  • Hi Megan
    This opportunity came from nowhere … which I’m grateful for.
    I’ve learned so much in the process of judging and what true collaborative book looks like.

    Karen 🙂

  • Regan Verwey

    Well done to Calvary Christian College on this outstanding achievement. It just shows the level of teaching and learning at this dynamic environment. Congratulations to Mrs Baker and Mrs Cookson and the Year 6C classroom at the Springwood campus.

  • Hi Regan,
    Lovely to hear from you.
    YES!! Congratulations to 6C, Calvary Christian College for their magnificent effort in producing such a valuable resource.
    I absolutely loved their book ‘Ben & Felicia Prepare for a Storm’. Kids and families throughout Logan will benefit from tips on how to Get Ready for a storm.
    Karen Tyrrell Author

  • Good on you Karen, what a great idea and particularly timely. As a teacher, I’m keeping this link for ideas/criteria for collaborative story writing too 🙂

  • Hi Artelle,
    Lovely to see you here.
    Thanks for your kind support you’ve given me. I’ve liked your page today too.

    Thrilled my collaboratively writing tips were helpful to you. Hope you find a writing competition for your class.

    I’m heading to Sydney next month to speak at a teacher’s conference. I’ll be announcing it next week. Please stay tuned.
    Karen 🙂

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