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KAREN TYRRELL AUTHOR  Educate, engage, empower!

Welcome to Karen Tyrrell’s Website.

Karen is a Brisbane child-empowerment author, Children’s Rights Ambassador and key-note speaker, creating books to empower kids to live STRONG.

ANDY & GHOST BOY came second in the Foreavability awards.

It gently prompts conversations on facing fears, being brave and coping with anxiety.


Disaster magnet, Anxious Andy dreams of finding one true friend and his forever school, but how can he when Ghost Boy, his rambunctious friend, sabotages everything?

Andy and Ghost Boy trigger a catastrophe at school.

 At Camp Discovery, a bully showdown results in disaster.

Can Andy become the hero and save the day?


 Shortlisted in CYA Conference and the SCBWI Larrikin House Writing Competitions.

With a little supernatural support from his new sidekick, the zany and vaporous Ghost Boy, perhaps this time Andy will make friends and reach his goals…’ – Alison Stegert, Author, SCBWI QLD ARA, School Counsellor.

‘Imaginative and relatable  …’ –  Zewlan Moor, Author | GP | Bibliotherapist @byronbiblio

‘A timely, reassuring and hopeful read.’ – Anna Byrd Author, Book Reviewer

ANDY & GHOST BOY available here: http://www.karentyrrell.com/mybooks

Teacher Notes Andy Ghost Boy

Kids Activities Andy Ghost Boy


LET’S PLAY  by Karen Tyrrell is an interactive picture book for kids 0-3 years.

Published by Play Matters Australia, launched at Queensland State Library. #FirstFiveForever

Let's Play children's book cover

Let’s Play‘ aligns with the evidence-based Sing&Grow approach of strengthening family relationships and building capacity in parents to support their children’s development.
💥 READ  ALOUD Story-telling Video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhpiJddEWtE


Karrn Tyrrell Children's Rights QLD Ambassador

Children’s Rights QLD appointed me Ambassador.  My role is to educate the community and empower children on their rights to be happy, healthy and safe.

As a Children’s Rights QLD Ambassador, I will present interactive storytelling sessions using the picture book, ‘Right to be Me.’  Hubby, Steve and I use PowerPoint, costumes, props, activities and resources Children’s Rights QLD provide.


Karen Tyrrell authot in residence www.karentyrrell.com

During Book Week, I toured #12 Outback Queensland Education Schools as AUTHOR IN RESIDENCE 22-31 August. I presented bully prevention and resilience talks, reader’s theatre and writing workshops with Steve Tyrrell, author.

First, we flew to Charleville then drove to Quilpie, Eromanga, Cunnamulla, Thargominda, Morven, Eulo and Augathella. Our tour highlight was presenting to fifty excited remote students from the Charleville Distance Education studio via Blackboard APP and OneNote APP.

SONG BIRD DROUGHT RESCUE  is HERE  … Book 5 in Song Bird eco series.

Rosie, aka Song Bird superhero, must save the outback from the drought.

Animals are dying, water’s disappearing, dinosaurs are stampeding,

… and now Aunt Matty’s kidnapped.

Is Destructo behind the devastation?

Song Bird follows a secret map to unlock a mystery.

Can Song Bird rescue the outback before it’s too late?


It won an ARTS Queensland StART grant through RASN and BEMAC.

I collaborated with A.B. Paterson College, Gold Coast. 

 DROUGHT RESCUE Shortlisted in Speech Pathology Book of the Year .

ORDER http://www.karentyrrell.com/mybooks

Award-winning author, Karen Tyrrell and teacher presents interactive reader’s theatre, inspirational talks and engaging writing workshops, empowering kids and adults to live STRONG, stop the bully and care for the environment.

As a survivor of workplace bullying, Karen shares bully prevention, self-care and environmental skills at conferences, festivals, schools and corporate workplaces.

                                                                                                               Youtube : Karen Tyrrell Author channel


 In August 2020, Karen & Steve won as ARTS QUEENSLAND stART grant to research and write Song Bird 5!

Please stay tuned for more Photos, Videos and Blogs in August/ September 2020

Karen & Steve With Song Bird 5

Karen Tyrrell author won 4 awards, 7 grants and a mentorship from Society of Editors QLD.

Karen’s kids books,Bailey Beats the Blah and  STOP the Bully, are endorsed by Kids Helpline. Harry Helps Grandpa Remember won a RADF grant and is endorsed by Alzheimer’s Australia.

Karen won an Arts Queensland grant and a sponsorship for picture book, Ready Set Discover Logan. with themes of inclusion and diversity.


 Bailey Beats the Blah   STOP the Bully,  Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

and  Ready Set Discover Logan. are listed on NSW Premiers Reading Challenge 2019

Song Bird Series

Song Bird Superhero ,  The Battle of Bug World,  Rainforest Rescue and Great Barrier Reef Rescue are empowering eco warrior adventures. … Song Bird 5 coming soon…  Please stay tuned.

Karen received a letter from Sir David Attenborough, supporting Great Barrier Reef Rescue. ABC Radio interview.

David Attenborough Great Barrier Reef RescueThemes:  bully prevention, eco kids, self-belief, overcoming disabilities, girl power and STEM science.

They won *5 STAR reviews on Reading Time, Kirkus Review, Disney Princess magazine, Goodreads and Buzz Words . ABC Radio interview

Superhero Writing Workshops

KAPOW! Meet Superhero, Karen Tyrrell Author of the Song Bird Superhero series dressed in character. Kids will be supercharged with story writing powers to create an original SUPERHERO story, jam packed with SUPER powers, SUPER action and SUPER villains.

Steve Tyrrell author co-presents too.

Bully Prevention Talks

Karen wears her Song Bird Superhero costume or taekwondo outfit to present bully prevention talks. She shares approved and effective strategies for bully prevention for students, teachers and parents.  Many describe her talks as inspiring, educating and engaging.

Interactive Storytelling & Pantomimes

Karen and Steve Tyrrell presents interactive storytelling and pantomimes to children. Us authors, get into character, wearing FUN costumes. We educate children on social skills, self-care OR how to write engaging stories and characters. We present all 9 children’s books in costume and pantomime.

Eco Author Talks

Karen Tyrrell and Steve Tyrrell presents ECO talks on saving bees, trees and the environment.  Power point presentation includes interactive talks, dramatic book readings and Q&A. Dressed as Song Bird Superhero, Super Bee or Tree Man, we present empowering talks jam-packed with positive strategies.

Talks focus on how kids can be involved and RECYCLE … REUSE … REDUCE at home and at school.

Our talks are all about kids believing in themselves, connecting with their inner eco warrior and making a difference to the planet.

Amazon Launches Rainforest Rescue

Karen Tyrrell Author Writing Workshops

Karen presents practical writing workshops for adults and teens, guiding them to create and publish memoirs, picture books and junior novels. She shares how to create likeable characters and how to write a page turning story. Karen also presents Book Marketing Masterclasses.

Book Marketing Masterclass with authors, illustrators and writers

Resilience & Well-Being Talks in Power Point Format

Karen speaks about how she recovered from parent-teacher bullying and PTSD when she was a bullied school teacher. Her memoirs Me and Her and Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery empower adults to live strong with self-care, resilience and coping skills.

ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness and ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery

Teacher’s Conference Sydney


Resilience  Talk at Sydney West Teachers Conference.

Karen Tyrrell Author

  Author, Educational Consultant, Storyteller/Performer, Motivational

Karen & Steve Tyrrell School Visits youtube Link

Teacher Resources Link

‘Engaging – a wonderful experience for our students. Our primary students were excited to write, and the quality of their work showed how much they learned.’ Staines Memorial College Aug 2018

‘Engaged, enthralled and enraptured with Karen and Steve who got dressed up as book characters. They captured their audience who asked a load of questions. ‘ Brisbane Independent School August 2018

Speaker Agents – Please book below.

Speakers INK … Book HERE

Greenleaf  Press Agency … Book HERE

Creative Net Speakers Agency … Book HERE

Please contact me with any questions … Click here.

71 comments to About Karen Tyrrell

  • Andrew Carter

    Hi Karen,

    What you are doing regarding the 3 E’s is marvellous, and it’s marvelous what you are doing with your writing!! I am an ex-fisherman (gen X), from CAIRNS and Crooktown. I used to work as a reef fisherman mid 80s to mid 90s back when there wasn’t much ecological awareness. Thankfully, the boat sank. I’d love to learn more about writing for kids and I have a children’s book in mind called ‘Mad Fisher’ (top secret: your eyes only). Also, I have in mind creating an App with the same name which shows the virtues of environmental friendliness, and the beautiful underwaterworld wonder of the GBR. If, you have any ideas how I might pursue this goal, and any of your books you might recommend, and/or other information that may assist, please let me know. Kind regards, Andrew Carter

  • Hi Andrew, Lovely to hear from you.
    I recommend you read Great Barrier Reef Rescue. Available at songbirdsuperhero.com comes with FREE Great Barrier Reef show bag and a numbered certificate.
    My advice is as follows …
    1. Read every children’s book on the subject.
    2. Join a writers group and get your story critiqued.
    3. Join SCBWI, join Write Links and learn about the industry.
    Best wishes,
    Karen 🙂

  • Isla

    Hi Karen,
    I am a student at Farnborough State School. I loved your story today .
    I told my Mum all about you and your husband.
    From Isla Thorpe

  • Hi Isla,
    Lovely to hear from you.
    I’m thrilled you enjoyed our story and performances.
    Happy reading and writing,
    Karen & Steve xx

  • aidan

    hello Karen i am a student at st Pius and i would like to thank you for coming to our school on behalf of the year 5/6 students continue inspiring young students with your great books kid regards aidan yr 6

  • Hi Aidan,
    Lovely to hear from you.
    Please thank Year 5/6 students for being so SUPER enthusiastic and attentive at my ‘Reading is my Secret Power’ talk. I loved the way your students used their thinking skills to answer questions.
    Best Wishes Karen Tyrrell & Steve. xx

  • Vanessa Pallant

    Stop the Bully is such an incredible way to allow kids to see what can be done to stop bullying and it is so important to get it out there

  • Thanks Vanessa for leaving your comment. Good luck in my #4 book Giveaway!
    Karen 🙂

  • Hi Karen, I was recently telling my husband that your Steve had given up his day job to write and present with you. Alan said he’d love to give up his day job and be a ‘baddie’. Poor darling, he’ll be waiting a while. I like to be in the wings, head down and bottom up writing, not out in the front entertaining young ones. You and Steve do a wonderful job. Congrats on your much deserved achievements. I love hearing your good news stories. Best, Rhonda xxa4sE

  • Thanks Vanessa, for supporting STOP the Bully and the positive strategies to empower kids,
    Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Rhonda,
    For leaving your supportive comment on my About Karen Tyrrell page.
    I wish you well in your writing journey
    Karen 🙂

  • You leave your mark wherever you go. So much passion and energy.

  • Hi Julie, I just discovered your lovely comment here. Thanks so much for your very kind support and friendship. Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • Carol Nicholls

    Thanks Karen,

    I have asked at libraries and shops and just can’t find them.

  • Hi Carol,
    All my books are available on my book shop http://www.karentyrrell.com … Karen 🙂
    PS Thanks for ordering a book. Posting on Monday

  • Hi Karen,
    I have just ordered Songbird Great Barrier Reef Rescue for my great granddaughter.
    Your work with and for children and budding writers looks amazing.
    I began writing after raising a rather large crew of kids. What joy! My website (if you have the time to look) as follows: http://helenesmith.com.au, books mainly for YA but love my writers group each week and my also putting together a collection of short fiction and poetry for adults.
    Best wishes,
    Helene Smith

  • Hi Helene,
    Lovely to hear from you.
    Thanks for purchasing a copy of Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue. I will post you the book, a colouring sheet and some material on Rainforests. The reef material has depleted. I’ll have a peek at your website soon,
    Karen x

  • Hi Helene,
    I just checked your payment order. It says Song Bird Drought Rescue.
    But in the previous message above, you mentioned Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue.
    So, which book do you want me to send?
    Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue?
    Song Bird Drought Rescue?
    Please let me know ASAP.
    Many thanks,
    Karen x

  • Kathryn Hester

    The Rotary Club of Logan would like to purchase 2 copies of your children’s book on Logan to put in the Logan Hospital Maternity Children’s Library set up to recognise the service of Dr Muhktair Sidhu to the hospital

  • Hi Kathryn,
    Thanks for your query.
    Please go to my book page to purchase Follow the Sugar Trail. Sponsored by Beenleigh Rotary Club.
    OR Purchase direct: https://square.link/u/qL00DZO4
    Please order your books by following the above links.
    I will sign and post your books asap.

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