Bully Prevention Talks in Schools

Bully Prevention talk STOP the Bully COPYYAY! I’m presenting bully prevention talks in schools to empower kids to live strong. I, Karen Tyrrell, am passionate about bully prevention as a survivor of bullying.

I teach bully prevention skills via my award winning children’s book STOP the Bully. I share creative writing and my experiences as a gifted and talented teacher and author of six books.

I focus on how to STOP the Bully with school students, parents and teachers.  I help schools deal with bullies based on my knowledge and experience as a bullied school teacher who overcame mental health issues triggered by bullying.

What’s my expertise in Bully Prevention?

  1. Karen Tyrrell is a Brisbane award winning mental health, bully prevention and resilience author of two memoirs and four children’s books.
  2. Karen Tyrrell is an experienced school teacher, speaker, Toastmaster and workshop presenter. Karen presents in schools, libraries, conferences, festivals and in the corporate workplace.
  3. Karen writes for magazines and appears on radio & TV.

I share my coping skills in my memoir Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery, winning a major mental achievement award HERE

Last year, I presented bully deterrence talks, activities and creative writing to Beenleigh State High School and other schools.

STOP the Bully visits Beenleigh State High School

Endorsements for book: STOP the Bully

  1. Reviews of STOP the Bully from teachers, counsellors, Kids Book Review & reviewers HEREktyrrell-stopbully-facebook-timeline-cover-1
  2. Endorsed by Kids Helpline and aligned with Kids Matter Australian curriculum. HERE
  3. Mayor Pam Parker bought copies for reading tutors to share with Logan schools. HERE
  4. Groves Christian College bought STOP the Bully as a text book for Yrs 7 & 8.
  5. Download FREE teacher notes and kids activities HERE

In 2015, I presented literacy mentoring and bully prevention talks to Loganlea High School. HERE

 Loganlea High school Prize winners for reading

Loganlea High school Prize winners for reading

I gave bully prevention talks to Beenleigh library and Logan North Library

Book in a  ‘STOP the Bully’ talk

This year several schools have invited me to speak to their students, teachers and parents. Please book me for a Bully Prevention talk or program for your school. Leave a message on my contact page and I will reply with more information.


Can you please share my STOP the Bully talks and resilience books?

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