Winner in Mental Health Achievement Awards

MentalI’m celebrating! I’m a winner in the Mental Health Week achievement awards 2015. I, Karen Tyrrell won the Jude Bugeja Peer Experience Award for improving the lives of people with mental illness.

IMG_3857How did I win?

I share my peer experience as a survivor of bullying, PTSD and mental illness to help adults and children to live strong, with positive resilience skills to create their own wellness plan.

My recovery books: ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness, ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery empower adults to live strong

karen-tyrrell-banner her + himAnd for kids…

Bailey Beats the Blah, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, STOP the Bully and Jo-Kin Battles the It boosts coping skills, bully prevention and memory skills.

Karen Tyrrells Childrens books   WebsizeMy aim is to raise awareness and understanding of mental illness, to increase well-being and the value of mental health, thus reducing stigma.

IMG_3863I’m honored Open Minds recognized my devotion to improving the understanding and awareness of mental health in the Queensland community. Today I attended the Achievement Awards luncheon at Marriott Hotel, Brisbane with my guest, husband Steve.


Karen Tyrrell & Steve Tyrrell

I wasn’t the only winner… There were more!

DRUM ROLL …And the winners are…

Individual … Dr Louise Byrnes

Youth Award… Maddy Dyer

Not For Profit Organization Awards … Mindspot and Impact Community Services

Workplace Awards … Psych Professionals and EY

Media Award … Ms Leisa Jane-Scott

Earle Duss Award … Maddy Dyer

IMG_3878Congratulations to all the nominees, winners and finalists. I’m ecstatic I was the ONLY author who reached WINNER position.

These awards bring mental health to the foreground, helping to break down the stigma of mental illness. I’m blessed to be able to support others on their recovery journey as a mental health advocate, author and speaker spreading the news of HOPE to the Queensland and global communities.

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