How to Survive Suicide

(JPEG Image, 650 × 350 pixels)How to survive suicide is one of the HOT topics raised in October: Mental Health month.

Let’s talk about suicide and suicide prevention …

Those who survive suicide are conflicted with opposing emotions: guilt, regret, fear, grief, relief and gratefulness.

 How can  Suicide SURVIVORS recover and thrive?

Meet writer Mel Hall: who suffered long term depression after a stressful career in finance took its toll on her health.  She shares her insights into surviving suicide …(Edited by me, Karen Tyrrell)

Survivors of Suicide Conflicted by Emotions …

When someone tries to take their own life and fails, they face a multitude of conflicting emotions. Suicide is the MOST stigmatized of all mental health conditions, and something few people like to talk about. When someone survives suicide they discover people don’t know HOW to communicate with them, and their loved ones simply avoid talking about the suicide attempt or the underlying cause of it.

suicide-stop1How to Survive suicide is complicated: on one hand survivors feel lucky not to have died and to receive the help they need. On the other hand, many grieve in the same way as they would if they had actually died.

Attempting suicide makes you vulnerable and takes time to recover from. Despite the conflicting emotions suicide attempts can cause, please remember you can recover and return to your normal life again.

Tips for Talking about how to Survive Suicide                

–          Someone who attempts suicide may have an underlying mental health condition that they need treatment for. The best thing you can do if someone you love has attempted suicide is to encourage them to get help for this condition.

–          Allow the person who has attempted suicide the time they need to grieve. This is an important step towards their recovery

–          Don’t be afraid to talk about suicide: it’s more common than you think, and you will help by normalizing it.

–          Remember that you are fortunate to have been saved from suicide, and that leaves you free to live you own life and follow your dream.


Ring Lifeline 13 11 14

Ring Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467

How can we encourage conversation on Suicide prevention?

Did Mel’s insights resonate with you?

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2 comments to How to Survive Suicide

  • Thanks for a timely and sensitive article, Karen, on a topic of critical importance. I hope everyone who reads it will be encouraged to have a conversation about suicide prevention.

  • Hi Alison,
    Thanks for your support and encouragement with posting this article. I pray that the right people find this information and take steps to chat with someone about their feelings and experiences.
    And get the help they need.
    Hugs, Karen x

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