Self-Care for Authors Increases Productivity

Self-Care for Authors & Writers

OMG! I’m launching my empowering eco fantasy book, Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird 3) in just three weeks-time!

The pressure is mounting!

How to Remain Stress-Free and Increase Productivity?

I have SO much to do … I need to organize media interviews, book reviews and book signing events at bookshops, schools, libraries and festivals. I await delivery of books, costumes, bookmarks and banners.

Launching a book is the most exhilarating, exhausting and emotionally draining time in my life. I’m spending long hours behind the computer, on the phone and at meetings.

So, I must ensure I don’t experience a meltdown if things don’t go according to plan.

Self-care might be my saviour!

What’s Self-Care?

Self-care is the mindful practice to nurture your mind, body and spirit each day. It’s about taking daily time out to relax, unwind and recharge.

What’s my Credentials to share Self-Care tips?

I’m a survivor of parent-teacher bullying and mental illness. I know how easy a teacher can suffer anxiety, stress and sleeplessness when things go wrong. That’s why I wrote Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery, 30 Steps to Wellness.

I created well-being and self-care blogs and articles for health magazines.

Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery by Karen Tyrrell

How can Self-Care help me as an Author?

How can self-care turn my health and productivity around?

 Self-care empowers me, Karen Tyrrell, to care for my well-being while writing, organizing and presenting a rigorous schedule of events.

As the launch of my 11th book, Rainforest Rescue draws closer, I focus on stressing-less, sleeping better and staying well.

For me, my physical, mental and emotional health becomes my top priority.

Why do Authors and Writers need self-care?


#10 Self-Care tips for Writers

  1. Care for your back by investing in a sturdy office chair that supports your back and neck. Adjust your chair and desk to the right height for you. Maintain correct posture when typing. Make sure your arms are extended out and aren’t bent at the elbow. This is to relax the ulna nerve which stretches from your neck to your fingers. Stand up frequently, stretch your legs and exercise. Alternatively, invest in a standing desk.
  2. Care for your hands, your most important tool as a writer. Learn finger and hand stretches to relieve repetitive strains. See a hand physio for any concerns.
  3. Take care of your voice. Writers supplement their income by presenting author talks and writing workshops. So, be careful not to shout or strain your voice. Drink lots of water and see a specialist if you experience voice loss.
  4. Engage in relaxing activities you really enjoy, such as going for a walk, taking a bath, having a cuppa, gardening, listening to music or reading. Schedule it into your daily routine so that it becomes a natural part of your life. Try to squeeze in yoga or meditation before starting your day. Visualise a safe, peaceful space e.g. a comforting room, a beautiful beach or lovely bush setting, and spend 5-10 minutes imagining this in your mind.


5. Maintain your friendships. Connect regularly with friends and family.Plan something to look forward to, a holiday, day trip or an outing with friends.

6. Ask for help. If you are experiencing stress or worry, talk to someone about it. Speak to a friend, family member, you GP or a counsellor. Ask for help when you need it and accept help when it’s offered – realise you can’t do everything.

7.Get regular exercise. This will reduce stress levels and improve your health. Find an activity you enjoy. Exercising with others can help you to stay motivated. Aim for at least 20 minutes a day; even a 10-minute walk will benefit you.

8.Eat a nutritious, balanced diet. This helps with energy levels and stress management. Avoid consuming too much caffeine or sugar. It may help you to feel more energised in the short term but can have negative effects in the long term.

9. Be kind to yourself. A positive and compassionate attitude can help you manage difficult times. Encouraging and rewarding yourself for getting through a difficult period or achieving a goal will reinforce your self-confidence.

10.Get good quality sleep. Minimize screen time to sleep well at night. Go to bed and get up at the same time each day. Switch off all electronics at least an hour before going to bed so you can wind down. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, try a relaxation technique or quiet activity until you feel sleepy again.

For me, I plan to take time out to relax each day.

What about YOU?

What’s your ACTION plan for self-care?

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West Words Fest Book Marketing Masterclass

West Word FestWest Words Fest Book Marketing Masterclass

Want to maximize your income and optimize book sales and distribution?

Come to West Words Fest

Karen Tyrrell (that’s me) and Steve Tyrrell will present a FULL day Book Marketing Masterclass.

As award winning author, I share my marketing secrets as I teach you to how to promote, sell and distribute your book to the world as you develop your own pro-active marketing plan.

I’ll cover topics like book marketing, author platform, website SEO, social media influence, book launches, book reviews, blog tours, media releases, book sales and distribution.

My marketing class applies to every genre, indie published or mainstream.

West Word Fest

West Words Fest Key Note speaker

I’m thrilled to announce I’m key note speaker at the festival. I’m a Brisbane triple award winning author and publisher of eleven books, motivational speaker and workshop presenter.

My award-winning memoirs and children’s books are available in bookstores, online and via distributors.

I launch my children’s eco fantasy novel, Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird 3) at the festival.

Please watch Rainforest Rescue book trailer HERE

West Word Fest

Who is Karen Tyrrell?

I, Karen Tyrrell, am a survivor of parent-teacher bullying and mental illness. I write books to empower children to live strong. I’ve won 3 awards, 4 grants, 2 sponsorships, and a mentorship from the Society of Editors. My #11 empowering books will be available for sale at the festival.

I presented #5 Book Marketing Masterclasses .. This will be my 6th one.

West Word Fest

What is West Words Fest?

Each year, West Words Fest celebrates writing and publishing at Dubbo NSW over three days. This year, the workshop theme will be Romance Reboot.

My Saturday masterclass will help all genres.

West Word Fest

West Words Fest Program

Agent Consultation – One on One Pitch with Alex Adsett (agent)

Saturday 15 Sep – 10- 5pm – Book Marketing Masterclass – Karen Tyrrell

Saturday 5- 8pm – Free Your Inner Character Workshop – David Reiter

Sunday 2- 5pm – Writing Swoon-worthy Heroes’ Workshop – Wanda Wiltshire (YA Fantasy)

West Words Fest SAVE THE DATE

WHEN: September 15th 10am- 5pm
TICKET: includes Lunch
PLACE: Western Plains Cultural Centre, Community Arts Centre, Dubbo NSW.

Tickets HERE …

Who  wants to Market their Books to the world?

Please grab your tickets ^^^ and spread the word.

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Rainforest Rescue Song Bird 3 Book Launch

Rainforest Rescue Song Bird 3 Book Launch

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my eco-fantasy novel, Rainforest Rescue – Song Bird 3 at Logan West Library on August 18. OMG! I don’t believe it! Queensland National Parks gifted  me “goodie bags”  for kids to hand out at my book launch and author events.


Rainforest Rescue inspires children to care for trees, rainforests and national parks.

Rosella Ava Bird AKA Song Bird Superhero (main character) takes children on a fantasy adventure to ancient Gondwana where Australian mythical beasts rule the Earth!

Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird 3)

Rainforest Rescue Blurb

Half-Bird … Half-Girl … ALL SUPERHERO

Gondwana Rainforest is dying.

Kids disappear.

Mythical creatures materialize.

Song Bird travels to when time began,

 To battle her enemies

What’s really happening?

Can Song Bird unlock the secret before the world ends?

Rainforest Rescue Book Launch and Program

You’re invited to an interactive multi-media launch of Rainforest Rescue at Logan West Library on August 18.

Experience mythology and the magic of Ancient Gondwana rainforest.

Discover how my children’s novel, Song Bird 3 was created.

Dressed as Song Bird Superhero with blue feathered wings, I (Karen Tyrrell) will present dramatic readings.

Destructo, Song Bird’s evil arch enemy, will read out villainous parts too.

Kids …  please come dressed as Song Bird, a superhero, something Rainforesty or come as an Australian mythical beast.

Later, kids can complete FUN crafty activities too.

Rainforest Rescue Special Guests

Meet illustrator Trevor Salter who designed the brilliant cover AND a surprise BONUS illustration inside.

SUPER Tree-man AKA Steve Tyrrell guest author will MC the FUN filled program.

Aboriginal elder, uncle Barry Watson will present Acknowledgment to Country. He’s the cultural advisor to  Song Bird 3 and Ready Set Discover Logan.

Uncle Barry Watson aboriginal cultural advisor to Rainforest Rescue

Queensland National Parks … Rainforest Rescue Bag

All children will receive a bag of eco treasures about caring and visting our rainforests, compliments of Queensland National Parks.

Queensland National Parts supplied tips on caring for rainforests within the pages.

I will also give out Rainforest bags at my events at schools, libraries, book shops, conventions and festivals … while stocks last.

Announcing these NEW events on my website soon.

Rainforest Rescue

 Rainforest Rescue Date Claimer

WHEN: Saturday 18 August 10.00 am

WHERE: Logan West Library, 69 Grand Plaza Drive, Browns Plains 4118
BOOK: 3412 4160

Refreshments provided.

Books for Sale … I will personally sign your very own copy.

RSVP to the Event HERE

BUY Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird 3) HERE

Are you joining the FUN?

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Song Bird 3 Cover Reveal

Song Bird 3 Cover Reveal

Today I reveal the cover of Song Bird 3 to the world!

My heart races as I share my eco fantasy novel for the very first time.

Will you love Song Bird 3 as much as I do? (Karen Tyrrell Author)

TA-DAA …  Here’s Song Bird 3

Rainforest Rescue Song Bird 3

Half Bird. Half Girl. All Superhero

Gondwana Rainforest is dying.

Mythical creatures materialize.

Kids disappear.

Song Bird travels to when time began,

 to battle her enemies.

Can Song Bird unlock the secret before the world ends?

Karen Tyrrell Author of Song Bird 3

I’m an award-winning Brisbane author and school teacher. I reveal my 9th children’s book from Digital Future Press, about Song Bird’s eco adventure in Gondwana ancient rainforest.

I won 3 awards, 4 literary grants and a mentorship with the Society of Editors for books to empower kids to live STRONG.

Please Subscribe to Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Channel  HERE

Song Bird 3

Karen Tyrrell author of Song Bird Series … NOW on YouTube.

Who else created Song Bird 3?

Steve Tyrrell crafted two action-packed guest chapters. Can’t wait to give you a peek!

Trevor Salter created a brilliant cover illustration of Rosella Ava Bird AKA Rosie zooming over Gondwana rainforest in search of her missing friends.

Did you spot two evil eyes spying on her?

Anthony Puttee of Book Cover Café designed the cover and the interactive book, showcasing FUN special effects

What’s the Song Bird  series about?

Superhero Rosella Ava Bird …  disabled girl Amy Hillcrest … and Ben, the stuttering school captain battle bullies and villains. Three eco warriors risk everything to save the planet.

In Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird 1) Rosie discovers she’s half girl half bird. Using her super powers of singing and flight she battles to save her little brother and her school.

Winners Song Bird

In Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2) Rosie battles bugs and cyclones to save the bees and the planet.

Jackie French, Order of Australia, Children’s Laureate 2014-2015 supports empowering messages in the Song Bird series, said …

‘Friends who stand together ALWAYS have Super powers.’

Song Bird 2

Praises for Song Bird Series

‘Empowering story about believing in yourself. Inspiring read.’

Disney Princess magazine on Song Bird Superhero

‘Fast-paced adventure taking ecological issues, turning them into an engaging story.’            Children’s Book Council of Australia on The Battle of Bug World

If you want a signed copy of Song Bird 1 & 2, they’re available from me HERE .

Song Bird 3 coming soon.

Karen Tyrrell & Steve Tyrrell from Digital Future Press

Who Critiqued Song Bird 3?

My writing buddies in the Junior Novel group at Write Links critiqued Song Bird 3. Special thanks to Jacqui, Lucy, Danielle, Charmaine, Jenny, Jocelyn, Justine, Liane, Charlotte, Melinda, Rachelle, Lyn and Rebecca… Hope I didn’t forget anyone!

I’m a very proud member of Write Links and SCBWI, Brisbane’s premier writers groups for children’s authors.

Rainforest Rescue Song Bird 3 Launch Dates

Check out the launch date for Rainforest Rescue Song Bird 3.

RSVP to the  Book launch Event HERE

BUY Rainforest Rescue and Song Bird books HERE

Rainforest Rescue Song Bird 3

WHAT do you think of Song Bird 3 cover and the blurb?

Love to hear your feedback 🙂

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Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Channel

Karen Tyrrell Author YoutubeKaren Tyrrell Author Youtube Channel

Setting up my YouTube channel was one of the scariest, most challenging and the exhilarating things I’ve done! I literally had to DARE myself to do it! … Here am I below, Karen Tyrrell as my book character Song Bird Superhero wearing my RED wig.

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube

Karen Tyrrell AKA Song Bird Superhero

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Writing Videos

Each week, I’ll create FREE videos to inspire you to write a riveting page-turning story with kick-ass, compelling characters. In fact, I’ll share my secret writing tips.

Today, I launch my first writing video…  #6 tips on Writing with Passion.

#6 Tips on Writing with Passion HERE

Creating this close-up video was scary… especially when I loaded the video onto Youtube.  I know its not perfect. But the flaws show my human side. Next week I promise to do better.

Above is the thumbnail photo from my video … Please watch it HERE

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Trailer

I created a trailer to introduce you to my children’s books and innovative presentations to schools.

Here, I battle with exploding books, a plague of attacking bats and Harry Potter Magic. How does an author survive

I launched my channel with a special video trailer introducing myself as a child empowerment author, superhero writer, motivational speaker, workshop presenter and pantomime performer wearing costumes, props and humour.

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube

This is my Trailer thumbnail  … Watch the video HERE

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Channel

So far, I’ve created 9 thought-provoking videos, receiving over 4,000 views. Three videos divulge secrets on my recovery from parent-teacher bullying and mental illness. In one movie, the Mental Health Commission of Queensland interviewed me on winning a mental health achievement award.

PLUS I created FUN book trailers on my children’s books.

I created three playlists for you to choose …

  • Writing tips
  • Books to empower kids to live strong
  • My Bipolar & PTSD Recovery included coping skills, self-care, well-being, resilience 

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Channel HERE

Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube Banner

Next, check out my new banner heading my Youtube channel with 4 thousand views already. My banner reveals the name of my channel, Karen Tyrrell Author, my writing and focus on empowerment…  plus my website www.karentyrrell.

 Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube

 Karen Tyrrell Author writing genres

So far, I published 10 books across a wide array of genres including memoir, self-help, picture books, junior fiction, science fiction, fantasy … and magazine articles…. next week I’m announcing my NEW book. Please stay tuned!!

What’s next on Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube channel?

What writing tips would you like me to create on Karen Tyrrell Author channel?

What topics would you like me to share?

Please subscribe to Karen Tyrrell Author Youtube channel

I would absolutely love you to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Mwah! 🙂

Subscribe HERE

What’s your favourite video so far?

What’s the SCARIEST thing you’ve ever done?

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Steve Tyrrell Author Presenter Creative

Steve TyrrellSteve Tyrrell Author Presenter Creative

Meet Steve Tyrrell: children’s author, presenter, creative director of Digital Future Press.

SHH! Steve doesn’t know I wrote this blog about him … But he soon will. (Ha-Ha)

I’m so proud of Steve Tyrrell, loving husband to me, Karen Tyrrell, my best friend and father of our two kids … Steve holds two degrees, one in business, one in marketing.

 Little known fact … Steve attracts small children, wild birds and pets with his magnetic smile and personality wherever he goes.

Steve Tyrrell

Meet Steve Tyrrell

I owe everything to Steve Tyrrell

A decade ago, I reached rock bottom when parents bullied me as a teacher, triggering mental illness within me. Steve supported me through the other side to full recovery. His love and never-give-up attitude made me the resilient person I am today. He encouraged me to write two memoirs about our recovery …

Steve Tyrrell

With our two books Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness AND Me and Him: a Guide to Recovery

What’s Steve Tyrrell passionate about?

Steve is hopelessly addicted to reading. He reads up to 3 books a week. He’s an excellent cook, golfer, gym junkie, hiker, traveler, motivational speaker, comedic performer …  and writer.

Steve Tyrrell

How did Steve Tyrrell begin his creative journey?

Over 30 years ago, I met Steve when we were both students. He vowed one day he’d become an author and he did…  just two years ago.

What role does Steve Tyrrell play at Digital Future Press?

  1. Steve provides honest feedback and suggestions to all my eleven empowering books for adults and children. HERE

  1. Steve guest authored two chapters in each book of the Song Bird series for children. HERE

Please check out Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird #1)

The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird #2)

Song Bird #3 is coming soon

  1. Steve co-presented fun book shows with me (Karen Tyrrell) including pantomimes, puppet shows with costumes, props and humor.
Steve Tyrrell

Harry Help Grandpa Pantomime coming 7th Aug 10am Hyperdome library.

  1. Steve co-presented author talks on resilience, well-being and self-care to schools, libraries and conferences.
  2.  His favourite character is the evil Destructo which we co-created for the Song Bird series.
Steve Tyrrell

Steve Tyrrell … as the evil Destructo

What do YOU like best about Steve?

Steve is a humble person who would never think to write a blog about himself.

Well, I wrote this for him, to share my love and his talent.

Do you have a creative partner?

Please feel free to comment below.

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LEAF Eco Festival Karen Tyrrell

LEAF Eco FestivalLEAF Eco Festival

YAY! I’m performing two FUN children’s books on stage at the LEAF Eco Festival on Sunday 27th May. Pinch me, I can’t believe it!

Logan Eco Action Festival (LEAF) is Logan’s largest environmental event. And it’s FREE!

TV celebrities will present enthralling shows at LEAF Eco Festival. I can’t wait to meet Australia’s favourite gardener Costa Georgiadis and celebrity chef Paul West from River Cottage Australia. Let’s explore how we can all reduce, reuse, recycle and create a healthier world and future.

LEAF Eco Festival

Come to Eco Kids Zone at LEAF Eco Festival

Meet Gecko Wildlife, Ocean Life Education, Bugs Ed, Queensland Body Artists Society, face painting and me.

Our events at LEAF Eco Festival

Steve Tyrrell and I are thrilled to perform  our latest book show with puppets, costumes, props and FUN on the undercover children’s stage.

Ready Set Discover Logan by Karen Tyrrell

MEET characters: Bungi the aboriginal boy, Yana the newly arrived girl … and KT Koala.

Where will they discover eco attractions in Logan?

LEAF Eco Festival

My picture book, Ready Set Discover Logan won an Arts Queensland grant and is sponsored by Logan City Council, the sponsor of LEAF festival.


LEAF Eco Festival Karen Tyrrell Show times

TIMES: 10.40 am AND 2.25 pm

PLACE:  Eco Kids zone, Undercover area, Griffith University, Meadowbrook Campus.

DATE: Sunday 27 May 2018

LEAF Eco Festival Karen & Steve Tyrrell Site 22

Come say hi at our book stall at the kids eco zone.

Steve and I are right next to Queensland Body Artists Society.

Find my AMAZING stall in the Eco Kids zone with ECO books, banners and SURPRISES!

FREE gift bags with purchases of Ready Set Discover Logan.

FREE honey bags with purchases of The Battle of Bug World OR Song Bird Superhero.

LEAF Eco Festival

WHO’s joining LEAF Eco Festival on 27th May 10-3pm?

Mark yourself as “GOING” to receive all the live updates at

Please add 27th May to your calendar and diary.

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Structural Edit Song Bird 3

Structural EditStructural Edit Song Bird 3

My children’s superhero novel, Song Bird 3 is zooming in soon!

I just finished collaborating with a professional editor on a structural edit to prepare Song Bird 3 for publishing at Digital Future Press.

Penny Springthorpe, ex Penguin editor worked with me on structural edits for Song Bird series: Song Bird Superhero and The Battle of Bug World.

Can Song Bird Superhero defeat the evil child genius?


Can Song Bird save the bees and the environment from Destructo?

I’m thrilled with the incredible Reviews for the Song Bird series by Karen Tyrrell author.                    So far I received *5 STAR Reviews from Reading Time, Buzz Words, Disney Magazine, Kirkus Reviews, readilearn, Just Write for Kids, Educate Empower, Goodreads and Amazon. HERE

What is a Structural Edit?

A structural edit improves your story structure by looking at the MACRO picture. It analyses how to enhance your story by asking: ‘Does your manuscript work as a book?’

In fiction, the structural editor will address:

  • Plot: Does the plot make sense? Is it believable? Is it satisfying or leave the reader frustrated?
  • Themes: Do the themes interfere with the plot or complement it?
  • Characterization: Are your characters well developed and believable? Are they cast in a role that fits their personality? Do they sometimes behave out of character?
  • Point of view/voice: Is the voice consistent or is it sometimes confused? Is the voice authentic?
  • Pace: Does the plot move forward at an appropriate pace? Should the action happen sooner or should the tension build more slowly?
  • Dialogue: Do your characters sound real when they speak? Is your dialogue cluttered with adverbs and beats? Do you use clunky dialogue to move the plot forward?
  • Flow: Is the narrative interrupted by dead-ends, tangents or too much back story? Are there missing plot points that would give the narrative greater integrity?

What’s the first step of a Structural Edit?

Make sure your story is already written with a strong story structure. I wrote Song Bird 3 within the framework of the Heroes Journey. Then its critiqued, Beta read and rewritten many, many times.

When its the very best it can be, I seek a quote. I sent away my entire manuscript in the exact order I wanted it to appear in my book. These pages included dedication, acknowledgement, author, books published and a back cover blurb.

First Reply

A week later, my editor replied with a set of deep questions on how to improve my manuscript to kick-start me thinking and brainstorming ideas. She prepared me for the intensive questions arriving next.

How is a Line Edit/ Copy Edit different?

First, my editor corrected spelling, grammar, punctuation and tense on the actual manuscript.

Structural Edit Song Bird 3

Structural Edit itself

Next, my editor made requests on the manuscript in comment boxes. She either explained why she changed something. Or she asked questions to clarify a story plot point or a character.

Structural Edit Song Bird 3

Response Sheet

Over the next two weeks, I carefully answered each question for the editor. I listed sections to be deleted, changed or added. I sent these responses away. A few days later, my editor returned my manuscript with all my changes included. Carefully, I proof read this version checking for any discrepancies.

6 Sizzling Secrets for a Structural Edit

  1. Create the most intriguing, riveting story you can, with characters you care about who leap from the page.
  2. Ensure your story is critiqued by Beta Readers and critiquers. Thanks to my writing group, Write Links. …  Rewrite yours BEFORE you send it to an editor. This will save time and money.
  3. Choose the most highly acclaimed editor in your genre.
  4. Read the structural edit notes and suggestions carefully before you begin. Allow the possibility of changes to absorb into your thinking.
  5. Answer the structural edit questions one by one, asking yourself, What If? Take your time.
  6. Check your responses and edits carefully before sending back the final version to the editor.

What comes next?

This week, I continue to work with my illustrator, cover designer and book designer on Song Bird 3. My Book designer will format the pages so they follow the same book design in the Song Bird Series. Book Cover Café will create a cover design based on another incredible illustration by Trevor Salter.

How did you/will you structurally edit YOUR book?

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The Trouble in Tune Town Review

The Trouble in Tune Town Review

Written by: Maura Pierlot

Illustrated by: Sophie Norsa

Review by: Karen Tyrrell

My Review is part of a Blog Blast with Just Write For kids. It features reviews and /or interviews with Kellie Byrnes, Vanessa Jean, Dimity Powell (Boomerang), Michelle Worthington, Megan Higginson and MORE … listed below …

Meet Maura Pierlot, author of The Trouble in Tune Town

Maura is an award-winning children’s author who won an IBBY award for The Trouble in Tune Town eBook. IBBY stands for International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). She’s a playwright based in Canberra, Australia whose plays were performed in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Review of The Trouble in Tune Town

Meg is a Tune Town’s best performer. But she’s having trouble with rehearsing!

The flute sounds unbearable.

The piano notes disappear.

And the tuba notes vanish, searching for somewhere to belong.

In fact, all the music notes had run off their sheets.

Can Meg find the notes in time for your BIG concert?

Or will the whole performance be a BIG disaster?

The Trouble in Tune Town

The Trouble in Tune Town celebrates the fun and joy of music, told through imaginative fantasy and rhyme. It encourages children to relax, try their best and find joy in all that they do.

Sophie Norsa’s lively and colourful illustrations add to the charm of the story.

 The Trouble in Tune Town

Who is suited to The Trouble in Tune Town?

This book is suited to kids, teachers, families and all lovers of music.

Children will identify with a frustrated Meg, who wants to give up when she can’t play her song perfectly.

The picture book inspires kids to never, ever give up playing a musical instrument OR anything in life for that matter.

BONUS: Includes a glossary of musical terms, an introduction to musical theory.


Persistence • Overcoming frustration • Self-belief • Resilience • Belonging

Download your copy of the Teachers Notes here.

The Trouble in Tune TownBook Giveaway

To win a copy please leave a comment about The Trouble in Tune Town below.

Winner will be announced on 15th May, 2018.

**And the winner is … Paradise Kids **

Please contact me with your address for postage.

Please comment, Like on Facebook, tweet or Google+

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Writers Group Convention Book Marketing

Writers Group ConventionWriters Group Convention held their inspiring network meeting with writers and writing groups from all over Brisbane.

I was thrilled to be a guest speaker, sharing my Super Power marketing tips for authors.

Dressed as my superhero book character, Song Bird Superhero, I shared my WHY – my personal motivation to write, to over 100 writers.

Writers Group Convention

‘When I was a school teacher I was bullied by my student and the parents of my student to breaking point.

These bullies tormented me:  making threatening phone calls, even stalking me. Each night, horrific nightmares haunted me. I became stressed, anxious and depressed. I totally broke down. I spent time in hospital, recovered and developed powerful coping skills.

I published my first book, Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness.

As a survivor of bullying and mental illness, I wrote 10 books to empower kids to live strong.’

I shared my personal WHY for each of books sharing how I won awards, grants and sponsorships.

Who organized the Writers Group Convention?

Gillian Lloyd organized the convention held at Enogerra Bowls Club.

Which groups attended Writers Group Convention?

I met inspiring writers from so many groups: Michelle Beesley, Ruth M Greening, Rachel Amphlett, Tania Joyce, Lauren Elise Daniels,  Gene Flynn, Noelle Clark, Di Hill, Mocco Wollert, Edwina Shaw, Lynne Lumsden Green, Carleton Chinner, Bernadette Rowley … and many more.

Groups included Society of Women Writers, Brisbane Writers Workshop, Brisbane Active Writers group, Writers Room Ashgrove, Chermside Writers Group, Redcliffe Writers and NightWriters writing Group.

I was thrilled four members of my writers group Write Links attended: Maria Parenti-Baldey, Lyn Blanch, Renee Hills, Jenny Woolsey … and moi (Karen Tyrrell).

Writers Group Convention

Write Links members: Lyn Blanch, Jenny Woolsey, Karen Tyrrell, Renee Hills, Maria Parenti-Baldey

What marketing tips did I share with the Writers Group Convention?

Below is a summary of my 40-minute talk on author promotion and book marketing.

A. What is your WHY? … Why do you write?

Connect with your reader on an emotional level.

  • ASK yourself: Why did YOU start writing? Why do YOU write?
  • Every blog on your website must overflow with intrigue and your WHY.
  • Where do you share your WHY? Public speaking, your website and social media.                    What is your brand? … What is your niche?
  • Join online and face to face groups

B. Pro-active Marketing Plan

WHO is your target audience? WHO will benefit from your book?

  • Where will you find your target audience? Face-to-face or online groups, book launches, meetings and in the community. Form strong friendships.
  • Plan your book launch and book events at libraries, bookshops, groups, clubs, conferences, festivals.
  • Create NEW markets for your books: library services (ALS, Peter Pal) conferences, expos, online bookshops, schools, via a distributor.
  • Create a powerful Press release: send to newspapers, magazines and radio.

C. Social Proof

Most POWERFUL marketing tactic to ease the minds of worried customers and increase book sales. Give customers proof your books are worth buying through group influence.

  • Win grants, awards, endorsements, reviews, sponsorships, partnerships, funding, mentorships and support.
  • Ensure your book is created with the highest publishing standard with an intriguing, well-written, well-structured story, professional editing, professional formatting, breathtaking/intriguing book cover/ illustrations, PLUS an intriguing blurb.

I sub-contract a team of professionals to create my books published by Digital Future Press.

“Best way to predict the future… is to Create it!”

Each year, I present a 4-hour detailed Book Marketing Masterclass. … plus I speak at Writers Festivals and conferences.

Karen Tyrrell creates empowering books to help you live STRONG.

I’m an experienced teacher, speaker, storyteller & workshop presenter. I’m a winner Of an Arts Queensland grant. My acclaimed books include Song Bird Superhero series, STOP the Bully, Bailey Beats the Blah, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, Super Space Kids series, Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness, Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery.

I won 3 awards, 4 literary grants, 2 sponsorships & a mentorship with the Society of Editors (QLD).

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