Winners STOP the Bully Audiobook Giveaway

Winners STOP the Bully Audiobook Giveaway.

I’m announcing Winners STOP the Bully audiobook. Empowers children and families through humour and coping skills.

Children embrace my pro-active bully prevention strategies, addressing the bullying epidemic from multiple perspectives.

STOP the Bully audiobook

What’s STOP the Bully about?

‘Eleven-year-old Brian is hiding something.

His life is falling apart.

Dad abandoned the family. Brian hates his new school.

And now an aggressive bully attacks him every day.

Can Brian STOP the Bully without revealing his secret?’ ….  Karen Tyrrell Author

STOP the Bully audiobook

STOP the Bully Reviews

‘STOP the Bully offers readers specific strategies for dealing with bullying at school. It teaches children their best defense against bullying is confidence, positive friendships and speaking up when they find themselves in situations where they feel threatened or scared.’       

– Kids Book Review

STOP the Bully audiobook

Who supports STOP the Bully?

STOP the Bully is listed in the 2019 NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Kids Matter, Kids Helpline, teachers and school counselors support STOP the Bully.

STOP the Bully raises BIG issues. Like bullying, family break-ups, poverty, self-esteem, coping skills, friendship, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Who wants to listen to STOP the Bully Audiobook?

STOP the Bully audiobook

Listen to STOP the Bully Audiobook intro on YouTube. HERE

Where’s STOP the Bully Audiobook available?

Google Play, Storytel,  … plus MORE coming soon.

STOP the Bully audiobook

 WINNERS Stop the Bully audiobook

Drum roll… Congratulations to:

Print Book: Vanessa Pallant.

Audiobooks: Norah Colvin, Jeanie Bread, Alfred Bellanti.

I will contact you soon to arrange delivery of your book.

 Please LIKE, share, comment below to WIN!

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2 comments to Winners STOP the Bully Audiobook Giveaway

  • Leana warwickson

    Wow that audio book would be fantastic to entertain the kids on our drives. Congratulations Karen, hope you turn all your books into audio one day !

  • Thanks Leana for supporting STOP the Bully book and audiobook.
    Hope you and your kids enjoy listening while you’re in the car.
    Karen 🙂

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