How I Recovered from Bipolar Disorder on You Tube

bipolar disorderHealthline magazine USA requested I create an inspiring YouTube video offering hope to over 5.7 Million recently diagnosed with Bipolar … A tremor of fear took over me. Could I really do it?

I perservered, created a video…

“You’ve Got This – Bipolar – Karen Tyrrell” sharing my recovery from severe Bipolar Disorder and how I stay well and resilient with coping skills.

Writing every day became my #1 coping skill and a way to help others.  I created two books …


KarenTyrrell-Me-And-Him-Cover-WebUse-LgeMe & Her: A Memoir of Madness narrates the story of a teacher’s recovery from parent-teacher abuse, triggering mania, madness and mayhem.

My journey into and out of insanity. Read HERE

Me & Him:  A Guide to Recovery delivers thirty steps to recovery and happiness via my self-help manual.

Plus the FULL story behind Me & Her from the carer’s perspective. Read HERE

I’m so proud that I’ve recovered and stay well. I haven’t experience an episode since 2006. I’m now a full-time mental health author and speaker.

Please watch my video “You’ve Got This – Bipolar – Karen Tyrrell” …  Am I Brave or Brazen?

 My video shouts out to the those with bipolar disorder …

YOU are NOT alone!

You CAN recover from bipolar disorder … I did.

Let’s STOP the stigma!

Please transmit this positive message to everyone you know …

healthlineHealthline will donate $10 for every video created to the non-profit  group To Write Love on Her Arms

TWLOHA is a movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, and self-injury.

When I consider how I’ve put myself and my life on the line once again, I feel a tiny bit scared, wondering what you’ll think.

Did I do the RIGHT thing?

I’d LOVE to hear your feedback and answer any questions.

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