PUBLISHED: My mental health articles on Healthline

YAY! Its official! Healthline, America’s most popular online health magazine published #3 of my articles on Mental Health, my burning passion!
I’ve TRIUMPHED over parent-teacher abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder.

I created my tell-all story ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness and

ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery, winning a mental health achievement award and over #50 ★★★★★ reviews.

How did this Partnership come about?

Four weeks ago, one of Healthline scouts requested I publish an article close to my heart, Kill Anxiety for Good on Karen’s BLOG.

I offered #3 articles to raise awareness of mental health, and fight stigma of mental illness. Please leave a COMMENT on my #3 articles on Healthline

 How did I Recover from Bipolar Disorder  ? CLICK HERE
I reveal HOW I recovered from mania, madness, and screaming night terrors.
I share my wellness secrets and my guide to recovery
How to Sleep Better Naturally CLICK HERE

Check out my pro-active tips on how to overcome insomnia and sleep better naturally.

How can we raise MORE Resilient Children? CLICK HERE

Check out the shocking statistics of children who suffer from depression and anxiety.

How can we help our children to be resilient?


Could you please leave a COMMENT on these mental health pages on Healthline, so these mental health topics will RISE to the top?

Every time you tell someone about  ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness and

ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery you help to spread positive messages of HOPE and recovery.

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