How to STOP the Stigma of Mental Illness

I’m fighting against the STIGMA of mental illness.

I’m opposing discrimination against people with mental illness in the workplace and in the community.

I’m battling against negative labels ‘MAD, NUTTER, CRAZY’ and stereotypes portrayed in the media … in movies, TV, newspapers and magazines.

My Message of HOPE:

I’m shouting to the world … You can RECOVER from the grips of mental illness and live a happy, healthy functional life … I did.

My Pledge:

To humanize the face of mental illness and work towards changing HOW people perceive mental illness and mental health ….

Through sharing my gutsy story of RECOVERY…  Read #20 pages here > Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness

My pro-active campaign delivers messages of recovery and hope via public speaking, presenting mental health workshops, blogging, creating magazine articles and thought provoking interviews in the media.

#10 Ways to Fight the Stigma of Mental Illness

1.    Share your recovery story and personal experiences with mental illness with those around you.

2.  Support, respect and accept people who have mental illness.

3.    Initiate conversations in the workplace about mental health.

4.    Raise awareness of mental health issues through education.

5.    Promote positive attitudes toward mental health and mental illness.

6.    Stop using degrading words about people with mental illness.

7.    Remember mental illness can happen to anyone, anywhere, of any age.

8.    Become aware of the issues and disadvantages people face. Acknowledge people with mental illness are entitled to the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

9.    Lead by example. Display positive behaviours towards mental illness and mental health.

10.    Utilize social media to spread positive messages of respect, Hope and recovery.


Brisbane Lions AFL football club supports an anti-stigma campaign… Please watch this video…

Lions_Support video

‘If you want to make a difference…Treat them like a mate… Help us tackle the stigma of mental illness.’

We ALL can make a difference… Let’s STOP discrimination people face every day…

Let’s fight the good fight, utilizing social media to broadcast news of Recovery and how to manage mental illness with wellness plans and coping skills.

Which anti-stigma tactics do you agree with?

What are YOU doing to help stamp out stigma?


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7 comments to How to STOP the Stigma of Mental Illness

  • Absolutely oustanding and important messages you are spreading Karen.
    As someone who suffered from Post Natal Depression alone for so long because she was ashamed and scared of the stigma, scared of being judged, scared of being catergorgised, I know exactly how much difference positive messages like yours can make.

    The most powerful thing we can hear is often that we are not alone in what we are going through.

    Fantastic work Karen

    Rebecca xx

  • Thanks so much Rebecca,
    for sharing your very personal story of Post Natal Depression.
    I’m so proud of you going public here. Thousands out there are still summoning the courage to be Brave enough.

    Every time someone speaks up, the Stigma against mental illness is weakened.

    Thanks for your friendship & honesty … Karen 🙂

  • Warne Wilson

    Hi Karen,
    I have been helping people with dementia and cerebral palsy and other disabilities at the Flaxton Care Cottage near Montville.
    I have been interested in church tower bellringing all of my life and for practice we use a set of musically tuned handbells which have leather straps and are easy to ring. Four years ago I was approached to start a ringing group with clients of the cottage and the results are outstanding. I have simplified the music to numbers and the group of eight or ten sits in a semi circle around a music stand with numbers which I point to. We actually create music with a good rhythm but the effect on the ringers is outstanding. It has given them a purpose and a goal, excitement and something to look forward to in sometimes sad lives.

    Warne wilson

  • Thanks Warne,
    for sharing the fabulous community work you’re doing. You are bringing joy and creativity to these people’s lives.
    Thanks so much for helping break down the barriers, and increasing understanding and empathy… Karen 🙂

  • Hi Karen,
    I am currently working with Time to Change to encourage young people from 14 years up to look at mental health and stigma with a view to engaging them in the conversation. The aim is the same as yours understanding, standing up, and changing negative behaviour.

    Well done you!


  • Thanks FAY for dropping over to check out my website and mental health messages. Glad we’re working on the same “team” Really appreciate your friendship and support … Karen 🙂

  • […] Mental health issues are NORMAL. Everyone is struggling with something … anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stress, or sleep disorders sometime in their life. Either their own or with someone they love. It’s time to STOP the hushed whispers and start talking about mental illness. STOP the stigma! […]

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