HOW to Beat Anxiety

Have you ever worried with unrelenting Fear and Distress?
Has your heart pounded fast in your chest? So you couldn’t breathe?

Have you ever felt faint …shaky… sweaty…choking … or suffered from an upset stomach?

My Story

I, Karen Tyrrell, teacher recovered from post-traumatic stress disorder after parents at my school terrorized me until I could take no more. I experienced screaming night terrors, panic attacks and insomnia.

In Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness, I share my journey into mental illness and out through the other side into Recovery.
I overcame uncontrollable nerve wracking anxiety by empowering myself with pro-active coping skills.

I share my strategies in my self-help manual: Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery.

Crippling anxiety is our BIGGEST mental health problem in our ever increasing stressful lives.

Mental illness is growing in epidemic proportions. 50 % adult population will suffer from a mental illness at some time in their lives.

HOW to Beat Anxiety

1.    Develop a pro-active wellness plan with a wide range of coping skills

2.    Take anxiety medication such as Effexor. See your doctor.

3.      Change your negative thoughts into positive ones. Read ME & HIM  to learn HOW.

4.    Seek a psychologist for talk therapy

5.    Visualize yourself coping and feeling calm and positive

6.    Take slow deep breaths to calm yourself.  Learn HOW to Meditate.

7.    Exercise every day. Embrace yoga and tai chi.

8.    Mindfulness … Live in the NOW. Engage in all your five senses

How can Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery empower you to live your HAPPIEST Life?

I share my detailed toolkit for wellness and resilience: HOW to beat anxiety and depression, HOW to de-mystify Meditation, HOW to overcome panic attacks, HOW to stress-less, HOW to STOP insomnia, HOW to find your happiness and MUCH MORE.

Major mental health organizations endorse and support my mental health books.

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2 comments to HOW to Beat Anxiety

  • steph l

    I used to take effexor for it’s antidepressant qualities. For anxiety i am currently on valium which isn’t as good as my previous panic attack/anxiety medication, which was addictive as hell and a bugger to come off (can you believe i forgot the name). My psychologist is my saving grace. Habe been seeing the same one for 7 years

  • Thanks Steph for sharing your medications and treatment plan for anxiety and depression. The MORE coping skills we have, the better we can manage our stress and anxiety levels 🙂

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