Success! Me and Him Book Launch

WOOT!  Last night my first Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery book launch lifted off with a BANG!
Over eighty guests attended Logan North library in Brisbane, Australia. 80! The librarian said it was one of their TOP book launches EVER.

I was unexpectedly surprised!  Writers, readers, teachers, friends, neighbours and colleagues waltzed in, many keeping their attendance secret until they arrived. Warm tears and smiles overcame me. I’ve come so far along my journey from harassed stressed-out teacher suffering from mental illness as depicted in ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness to published author.

Wendy Johnson

Guest Speaker Wendy Johnson, editor of South City Bulletin spoke on the alarming statistics of mental illness and suicide in Australia … “Do you know that depression is on the rise?
•    More than one million Australian adults live with depression. One in five women and one in eight men will experience depression in their lifetime.

•    Depression is the third most common cause of illness among women and the tenth among men.

•    Depression during pregnancy will affect one in ten Australian women with many saying that they felt really down and disconnected from life.

•    Around half of us will experience a mental illness at some stage of our life

•    And — saddest of all – Australia has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

Wendy also shared her personal battle and recovery with depression. Now wishing she had a self-help book like ME & HIM to guide her out of the darkness at that time.

I, Karen Tyrrell delivered my speech reminding the audience how 10 months earlier I had launched the prequel Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness at the very same venue. I shared how ME & HIM is for everyone who wants to keep happy, healthy, and mentally balanced.
Part 1: 30 chapters sharing the pro-active steps I took to recover from mental illness and maintain my daily happiness by stressing less, sleeping better, overcoming anxiety, beating depression.

Most importantly I developed my own personal wellness plan.
Part 2: is dramatic memoir revealing personal disclosures after my husband opened up at my psychiatric check-up in December 2011.

Me and my wonderful HIM, Steve Tyrrell

READ the first #20 pages of ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness here.

READ the opening page to ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery here.

Do you want to read MORE?

After the EVENT everyone embraced and congratulated me, turning my book launch into an undeniable success.
My cramped hand couldn’t keep up with all the book signings! I needed another cloned ME to help out! Or maybe a HIM!
What a celebration we reveled in! We partied on scrumptious nibblies, sushi, ME & HIM cupcakes, chatting with our friends.

Kelly Hart, Anthony Puttee, ME, Wendy Millgate, Shaun Behan, Debbie Behan.

I’d like to thank ALL those who attended and the well-wishers who sent congratulatory messages.

Your support lifted me up, giving me confidence to SHARE my mental health dream.

When’s my next Book Launch?

This Friday, the 8th March, I’m launching ME & HER: A Guide to Recovery at 

Black Cat Book shop at Paddington at 6pm.

Love to see you there! This time there’ll be bottles of bubbly too!

Please come along and join a celebratory drink with me!

Please call 3367 8777 to reserve a seat.

RSVP to this Blackcat Facebook event:

Please spread the NEWS about Me and Him: a Guide to RECOVERY and to wellness.

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18 comments to Success! Me and Him Book Launch

  • Wendy Johnson

    There was certainly a buzz in the air last night Karen. Every best wish for your Brisbane launch on Friday night xo

  • Thanks Wendy, I was awe-struck by your thought provoking speech last night. The stats on mental illness and suicide are staggering. I pray Me and Him: a Guide to Recovery will help many in need… Can’t wait for my next launch on Friday …Karen 🙂

  • Looks simply marvellous. Well done Karen! I am positive you wowed them to bits. The pics are radient. Dimity x

  • Karen,
    Exciting to be involved last night, to hear a little more of the story, to get a sense of your own journey, but also imagine the impact your courage will have on others in the future.

    well done… if nothing else, many teachers I am sure are cheering loudly for you!… B

  • Thanks Dimity, I really enjoyed last night feeling relaxed and calm . Just an occasional tear trickled down my cheek … Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Bruce, for sharing my book launch with me last night. YES, teachers have embraced my recovery story … as well as psychiatric wards in hospitals, the corporate workplace and wellness centres where I deliver mental health workshops … Karen 🙂

  • Bravo, Bravo, Bravo for a very successful launch last night. Highly recommend the books to everyone as I too was horrified at the statistics on mental illness and suicides!! Your books have proven methods to overcome a lot of those issues and are definitely a better alternative than mental wards…

  • Graham Clements

    Eighty people! You’ll need to hire bigger venues soon. It would have been great to be there, but I live a bit too far away.

  • Heather Golding

    It was an awesome book launch Karen. There was a positive buzz in the room from everyone who attended, and I am so glad to have been a part of that buzz for a second time at the launch of your second book! Well done again Karen, Congratulations xox

  • Thanks Marie-Paule for you enthusiasm, I enjoyed it too. LOVED sharing my recovery steps with everyone. YES, Wendy’s statistics definitely shocked us all, giving me extra inspiration to focus on my messages of recovery … Karen 🙂

  • Hi Graham, 80! Hard to believe! Those wonderful people kept walking in. LOVE to meet you one day. Thanks for all the support you’ve given me and mental health … Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Heather, I could feel that wonderful Buzz last night too. I enjoyed every minute on the launch. Can’t wait for my next launch on Friday night:)

  • Congratulations Karen(and Steve)! Hooray for you!! So lovely to see you turn adversity around and make a difference by telling your story so candidly and with such courage! It’s wonderful to see you and your books continue to go from strength to strength!! with love and sunshine, Lai Peng and Michal

  • Carrol de la Motte

    Hi Karen, great to hear that your evening was such a success. Congratulations. Is there a chance of a recount on the Sunshine Coast? Even Redcliff? Warm regards, Carrol.

  • Thanks Lai Peng for your incredible support for mental health awareness. Hope to catch up with you soon … Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Carrol, for your words of support. I would LOVE to present a talk at the Sunshine Coast. Please friend me on Facebook so you can catch up with all my book launches & signings … Karen 🙂

  • Diane Mychael

    Congratulations Karen on such a successful book launch!! Let us know when you plan one for North America.

  • Thanks Diane, Lovely to discover you here. YES! We’re coming to North America in August/September. LOVE to meet up with at Niagra Falls, part of our New York tour. Please message me for specific dates and itinerary. LOVE to do a speaking Gig or two in San Fran too 🙂

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