Launching Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery

WOOHOO! My tell-all memoir, Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery, sequel to Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness launches today!

I’m experiencing a roller coaster of emotions:  ranging from exhilaration to gut-wrenching angst on revealing my latest exposé! Cast our eyes on Me and Him‘s brand-new double-sided bookmarks, Anthony Puttee of Book Cover Café designed!

Anthony created this intriguing grab: Her life fell apart and now his secret is out.’
Baring in mind two points of view in my self-help mental health memoir: the recovered ME and my watchdog carer-husband HIM.

Thanks Wendy Johnson, editor South City Bulletin for your review …

‘This is a book to turn to in those moments when life threatens to overwhelm us. From meditation to exercise, ME AND HIM is generous with practical, life-affirming tips we can all use to maintain our mental wellness. The bonus memoir chapters are enlightening and entertaining.’

Thanks Belladonna Took, writer for Her Canberra for your review …

‘The husband who will stop at nothing to help his wife recover…A touching story about love and the resilience of the human spirit.’

Check out the flip side BLURB …

‘In this self-help memoir, Karen shares practical mental-wellness advice, demystifies meditation, addresses sleep problems and explains how to beat depression and anxiety.
Karen discloses the dreaded secrets Steve finally revealed to her. ‘On that fateful blue-sky day, my life as I knew it fell apart…

“You better rewrite that memoir of yours. What I’m going to tell you now will change everything.”

I’ll hand out these *FREE* bookmarks at book launches, book signings, bookshops and events. Please grab yourself one!

What do you think of my spanking new bookmarks? And the Reviews and blurbs?
I’d really appreciate your feedback. Would you like a *FREE* bookmark?


March 5: I launch Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery at Logan North library.

Wish me luck! … Fingers crossed xx
Please stay tuned as I publish MORE launch news and photo shoots as SOON as they arrive.

Please spread the positive News of HOPE and RECOVERY with your friends.

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2 comments to Launching Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery

  • Graham Clements

    Good luck Karen. So does this mean the book is now available?

  • Thanks Graham,
    Its available now as a direct signed copy by me, at Blackcat Books Paddington, Brisbane. On March 10-17 I’m launching ME & HER as an eBook with special bonus offers. Please stay tuned 🙂

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