STOP-PRESS Author launches 2nd MAD book

Stephanie Masters, journalist at Albert & LOGAN News interviewed me, wanting to reach the TRUTH on my controversial memoir, Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery about parent-teacher harassment, insanity and how I recovered.

How did I Score a Newspaper story?

•    Research! First I secured the reporters email address and telephone number.

•   I wrote a Press Release with an attention-grabbing headline. I detailed how my book will be beneficial to the community.

•     I emailed this Press Release to Stephanie to pique her interest.

•   VIP: I followed up with a personal telephone call to finalize the newspaper story.

Albert & LOGAN News interviewed me on WHY and HOW I wrote my confronting memoir …

Stephanie: ‘In Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness, author Karen Tyrrell divulged her journey with mental illness.

Now in the sequel, she looks back at her journey incorporating the important role her husband played in her recovery.’

Karen: ‘The sequel is in two parts with 30 chapters covering steps I took to maintain happiness by stressing less, overcoming anxiety and stopping panic attacks.

‘The 2nd part is a memoir starting when my husband, Steve opened up at one of my psychiatric check-ups.

‘Steve puts himself on the line as he knows ME & HIM will help people.’

Albert & Logan NEWS announces my book launch on March 5 at Logan North library @ 6pm.

Please ring 3412  4140 to reserve a seat.


Announcing my third book launch  for my Gold Coast friends at Tweed Heads Library on March 23 @ 10.30 am EDT

Please RSVP  to Tweed Heads Library Facebook Event :Ring 07 55639150 to book a seat.

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