Newspaper Reports Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery

Today I discovered my smiling photo and newspaper story staring back at me on page 28, in the What’s On section of The Reporter.

I couldn’t stop giggling at the headlines …

‘Logan author proves all Write’

Ashleigh Howarth, journalist with The Reporter newspaper interviewed me about my upcoming book launch of Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery at Logan North Library on 5th March at 6pm. Wendy Johnson, Editor of South City Bulletin magazine is the Guest speaker.
Ashleigh reveals the story behind Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery

‘In this book, Karen divulges the crucial role her husband played in her recovery process after she suffered a mental breakdown and was placed in a psychiatric award.’

Ashleigh quotes me: ‘Part 1 is a self-help mental health and happiness book where I share practical mental-wellness advice, demystifying meditation, addressing sleep problems and explaining how to beat depression and anxiety.

Part 2 is my dramatic memoir as it was happening, dating from December 2011 to September 2012.Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery exposes personal history about me and my husband, Steve.

It tracks our traumas, our real-life dramas dealing with mental illness. I hope my revelations lead to greater understanding of mental illness.

Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery will help everyone on their quest for mental happiness.’

Check out the FULL Story HERE

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When was the last time you read a POSITIVE story about mental illness?

Will my self-help memoir help others on their quest for recovery and mental happiness?

Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery is available at …

Logan North Library Launch and Black Cat Brisbane Launch

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