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Launching Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery eBook , Bonus offers, giveaways and BLOG Tour.

From Sunday March10, ME & HIM will be available internationally on Amazon Kindle as an eBook … click HERE

Two books in one…

A Mental Wellness and Recovery guide plus startling memoir disclosures from the Carers point of view leading from the prequel, Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness.

On Sunday, ME & HIM Blog Tour begins!

I’ll be guest blogging around the globe, from India, UK, Canada and Australia.You’re promised a fun-packed week!

o    Interviews with internationally renowned psychologists and mental health advocates
o    Book reviews from Jill Smith & Ang Hall of Bug in a Book Reviews
o    Writing and Editing Process with editor Sally Odgers

Special BONUS Offer

o    Purchase Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery eBook on Amazon March 10-17

o    Email your Amazon receipt dated March10-17 to

5%  of  book sales go to Black Dog Institute for research into Depression and Mood Disorder diagnosis, treatment & prevention

And you’ll receive …

*BONUS Me and Him audio book

*BONUS audio meditation

*BONUS wellness video

Launch at Logan North Library with 80 attendees

International Blog Tour and GIVEAWAYS

Leave a comment/query/ shared experience on any of these sites to win a FREE eBook

10th March    Nicky Johnston – Writing Inspiration 

11th March    Dr. Prachi S.Vaish – Interactive Interview   

12th March    Natasha Tracy, Canada – Recovery  Advice   

13th March     Mary Metcalfe, Canada -Interactive Interview    

14th March    Gabrielle Sheppard, UK – Bipolar Recovery   

15th March    Ang Hall – ME & HIM Book Review   

16th March    Sally Odgers – Writing & Editing Process   

17th March    Jill Smith – ME & HIM Book Review    

Your chance to WIN a Kindle eBook copy of ME & HIM!
Simply by commenting on the blogs above. The more you comment the more chances you have to WIN.

Please Don’t FORGET to Purchase ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery on Amazon March 10-17

Email Amazon receipt to: to Receive #3 Bonus offers!

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Please leave a COMMENT below to win a FREE eBook of ME & HIM … Thanks 🙂

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20 comments to Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery eBook BONUS Giveaways

  • Susan Stimson

    I enjoyed your first book so much.
    Would love to win a copy of your e book
    To read while I am

  • Miche Fowler

    Karen congratulations on the publication of Me and Him. I’m very much looking forward to reading the continuation of your healing … as you know, I too am in that healing process.

  • jaimie

    Loved the first book, now just dying to read the 2nd to find out about how”Him” fits in.

  • Thanks Jaimie for you comment. Please make sure you leave a comment on all those interviews and reviews this week to increase your chances… Good lucK xx

  • Thanks Michele for you comment. Please leave a comment on all those interviews and reviews sites this week to increase your chances… Good luck Karen xx

  • Thanks Susan for you comment. Please leave a comment on all those websites this week to increase your chances… I’m praying for your Recovery .. Karen xx

  • Anne Richards

    Hi Karen, I’m really looking forward to reading your new book. I really enjoyed your first book and plan to read it again.
    You’ve been incredibly brave in writing your story and deserve every success……Anne <3

  • Thanks Anne, for your awesome support. The first *5 STAR* Reviews have come in over at Amazon and Goodreads. I feel so Relieved !! … Karen 🙂

  • Art Antonious

    WOW!!! “Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery” is truly an outstanding value of 2 books in one!

    An easy to understand and follow Mental Wellness and Recovery guide plus startling revelations from the Carers point of view, Karen’s supportive and loving husband.

    A valuable and helpful *5 Stars* book to have in both paper and electronic versions! Thank you, Karen 🙂

  • kelly mcdonald

    Well done karen. Best of luck with your continued journey

  • Thanks Kelly for leaving a comment here and over at Nicky Johnston’s interview today. Good luck with the win-a-book competition …Please read the first #15 pages and #3 Reviews over at Amazon 🙂

  • Dear Art, I love your enthusiasm and support for mental health and my book ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery … Thanks Karen 🙂

  • It takes such incredible strength and courage to pen one’s memoir…even more when the author elects to disclose they are afflicted with a mental illness. I am in such awe and hold Karen Tyrrell Author in such high esteem. I have the greatest respect for the true grit she has demonstrated in taking on this bold challenge. Many underestimate how gut and soul wrenching it is to ‘go back’ and revisit those places and pen them with the intention of ‘helping’ others with the risk of being judged, ridiculed, humiliated…mental illness even today carries a stigma. That is all the more reason to celebrate Karen Tyrrell’s accomplishments. I’ve had the pleasure of reading a brief preview and so far I am very impressed. I wish Karen every success in her courageous and generous endeavor to take a stand and bare her soul to help do her part in bringing forth understanding, compassion and insight as well as validation for those who are struggling…

  • Hi Betty,
    Lovely to meet you. Thanks for your incredibly generous words of support. I put myself on the line to bring greater awareness to mental illness and mental health … Karen 🙂


    Karen, With people like us working in The Mental Health System hopefully someday soon we will have them looking to replace The Medical Model with The much preferred Recovery Model! I can tell u one thing and that is we need to work as a group and not just many individuals in order to get what we as colleagues and fellow consumers need from the system so we can really enjoy life!

  • Thanks Laura for your fabulous interest and support. YES, I agree. Recovery is a team effort and so is spreading the NEWS of recovery and hope into the community … 🙂

  • Congratulations Karen on your tremendous courage in sharing this experience. Wishing you every success in the future, I am sure your book will help so many. It will work towards stopping the silent shame many carry within their own hearts. God Bless You.

  • Thanks Shelly for your awesome support of ME & HIM:A Guide to Recovery and recognizing the silent shame and stigma that Mental illness still has. My promise to is work towards lifting the veil. LOVE & Light… Karen 🙂

  • steve law

    Looks great!

  • Thanks Steve,
    For registering your vote. Last day! Offer Triple bonus to ME & HIM: A Guide to Recovery eBook
    #BONUS audio Book #BONUS audio Meditation #BONUS Wellness Video
    Email Receipt to March 18
    READ #15 Pages for FREE. What do you think? … Karen 🙂

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