SECRETS to Balancing your Emotions

Are you sick of riding the emotional Rollercoaster?

Consumed by stress, worry, anger, guilt or depression?

Do you want to be in control of your emotions? … Be filled with an inner calm and peace? … With a deep optimism that everything will be alright?

I was stressed to the max, after parents at my school repeatedly harassed me to breaking point and BEYOND...

I suffered from intense anxiety, screaming night terrors and long term sleep deprivation. Later I developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and bipolar disorder.
My emotions spun out of control, they were completely out of balance.

How did I TRIUMPH over these Disorders?

I learned how to Balance my emotions by attuning myself to my moods and how I was feeling in the moment. I recovered from mental illness by developing a repertoire of coping skills and a pro-active WELLNESS plan.

#10 SECRETS to Balancing your Emotions

1.    Ask yourself… What’s really on your mind? How are you really feeling today?
Recognize, verbalize and describe the emotions you’re feeling.

2.    Express your emotions and angst on the written page. Write every day, expressing your feelings and what you’re thinking.

3.    Be mindful of how you’re feeling. Live in the NOW. Forget the past. Don’t worry about the future. Empower yourself with positive self-talk to balance how you’re feeling.

4.    Meditate every day. Meditation balances your emotions and energy. Close your eyes and concentrate on the rhythm of your breath. Breathe slowly and deeply.

5.    Connect with your gut feelings, your intuition and your spiritual self.

6.    Visualize yourself succeeding at challenging tasks.
Empower yourself with humour and laughter to gain confidence. Use your imagination to tap into your inner child.

7.    Eat a healthy natural diet with lots of raw foods. Minimize caffeine, alcohol and sugar which can affect your moods. Drink lots of water.

8.    Get enough sleep. Develop a calming pre-sleep routine. Sleep will energize you.

9.    Relate to nature. Listen to the birds. Watch the clouds roll by. Gaze at a sunset. Take an invigorating bush walk.

10.    Exercise every morning. Physical activity will lift your moods & energize you.

Step off the Emotional Rollercoaster: Become a healthier, happier you.

Expressing your emotions in positive ways allows you to enjoy optimum physical and mental health. You’ll feel more serene and confident. You’ll be in control of your life and make better decisions.

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What’s your favourite tip HERE for Balancing your emotions?
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2 comments to SECRETS to Balancing your Emotions

  • Steph L

    I thought I was doing well until this last week. Having a house guest has thrown me for a loop as I have not been able to have my me/total alone time. Add in extra time with the kids as it was my birthday and today I fell in a heap staying in bed all day.

    i need to develop a new coping/wellness plan to cope with changes to my normal routine and will see which of Your tips suit me.

  • Thanks Stephanie for sharing your personal experiences. The BEST wellness plan you can develop for Stephanie is one with a wide repetoire of tools that work for you. To keep you resilient. Its BEST to keep to your calming pre-sleep routine even with visitors. I just explain that I go to bed early …:)

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