How to Write with Passion

I’m Guest Blogging from war-torn Israel!

Australian writer Beryl Belsky, now resident of Tel Aviv, requested I guest blog a motivational piece for her ‘The Writers Drawer’ website . Something that could give her Readers  HOPE.

I blogged about my dual passions: mental health and writing and what drives me every day!

Beryl contacted me, Karen Tyrrell after discovering my recovery memoir, ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness (READ #20 pages free HERE) on the Gold Coast Writers Festival website.

Here’s my Guest Blog…

“Who would believe from the depths of mania and madness, I would transform from a harassed teacher to a published multi-genre author!

Passionately, I wrote ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness to make sense of the repeated abuse ravaged upon me by parents at my school.

How did I overcome the frightening psychiatric system, post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder?

Writing became my saviour, a cathartic way to express the anguish I was feeling. In the process I saved myself and shared my Guide to Recovery with others. Writing and mental health became my dual passions, the driving forces within me.

Every day I’m compelled to write. How do I nurture my writing passion?

Seven Steps to Writing with Passion

1.    Write what you know from the heart, offering a depth of feeling and emotion.

2.    Tap into your imagination, dreams, intuition and gut feelings. Unblock your writing channels. Connect with your creative inner-child.

3.    Let your passion shine through in your writing, so every word oozes energy, excitement and fun. Develop your own unique, authentic voice as a passionate writer.

4.    Identify the purpose of each piece of writing, to give it direction and hold it together.

5.    Be honest and transparent in your writing. Transform your writing into something thought-provoking, meaningful and profound.

6.    Express your passion for the story and for the characters who drive it. Create compelling hero characters we empathize with.

7.    Connect with passionate writers and readers who spurn you on. Allow passion to leap off the page, into the reader’s mind, heart and soul.

For the real deal please check out  How to Write with Passion

I challenge you to write with authentic passion.

What  passionate Writing step are YOU up to?

*Sending my heart-felt  hopes and prayers for peace for the people of Israel and Gaza.*

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