Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery travels to Middle East

Guest blogging from war-torn Israel!

Writers Drawer website  based in Israel requested I share Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery, my self-help memoir of HOPE and empowerment. Writers Drawer presents creative writing tips, book reviews and book promotions.

In 2012,  writer Beryl Belsky posted my blog How to Write with Passion about my prequel Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness.  

Here’s a snippet from my latest blog…

‘My name’s Karen Tyrrell: survivor of parent-teacher abuse, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.  I created Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery , two books in one…

Part 1: 30 chapters sharing pro-active steps to maintain daily happiness by stressing less, sleeping better, overcoming anxiety, beating depression. AND how to develop your own personal wellness plan.

Part 2: is dramatic memoir revealing shocking disclosures from Steve, the carer’s perspective.

What secrets did Steve finally divulge six years on?

What impact did those revelations have on my marriage AND recovery?

Statistics for mental illness are staggering.

Around half of us will experience a mental illness at some stage of our life…
In these stressful times we live, we ALL need a daily wellness plan to keep ourselves happy, healthy and mentally balanced.

Me and Him will provide you with a pro-active tool kit to live the best life you can.

My Challenge: If I, Karen Tyrrell can recover from long term harassment and bullying, post-traumatic stress disorder AND bipolar disorder …Think of what YOU can achieve in your life!

I urge you to buy ME & HIM for yourself or for someone you love. Click HERE

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