The Forever Kid Review Book Giveaway

 The Forever Kid Review by Karen TyrrellThe Forever Kid by Elizabeth Mary Cummings … Illustrated by Cheri Hughes.

Published by Big Sky Publishing. Picture book for kids 4-8.

‘Uplifting, thought provoking, heart-warming.’

 The Forever Kid

 Author of The Forever Kid

Meet Elizabeth Mary Cummings author of The Forever Kid. Elizabeth was awarded a psychology degree and a Masters of Education. She writes children’s books about resilience, empowerment and anti-bullying. (Similar themes to myself, author Karen Tyrrell.)

 The Forever Kid

The Forever Kid – Review

Johnny is The Forever Kid and he’s celebrating his birthday. Only problem is, he’s passed away. His family still gather and lovingly celebrate his birthday. They continue Johnny’s favourite party traditions by sharing very special memories of him. They experience a sense of closeness and comfort on his special day of remembrance.

 The Forever Kid

Johnny will forever be The Forever Kid in their hearts and memories.

Elizabeth’s picture book gently tackles how children can deal with grief. I love the quote below on how she wrote this book.

I draw on messages of hope, of resilience and of the power within each of us to understand our emotions even with these strong emotions of grief and loss and to be able to keep living.’

Cheri Hughes illustrates the book beautifully, sensitively … and tenderly.

 The Forever Kid


Grief, memories, loss, family love, resilience, traditions, hope.

Target Audience

The Forever Kid is for children, especially those who are dealing with grief over the loss of a loved-one or sibling. Perfect for families, teachers, social workers and counselors to gently open up discussion and feelings on grief and loss.

 The Forever Kid

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 The Forever Kid


Book Giveaway – The Forever Kid

I’m giving away a free copy!!  So, please leave a comment below for an opportunity to win. Competition is based on skill, not chance, so leave your best comment on why you want to win. Australia Only. The winner will be announced next Friday 19th October 5pm.

 The Forever Kid

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19 comments to The Forever Kid Review Book Giveaway

  • Natalie King

    What a wonderful way to address family tragedy and the grief that follows after a child passes. I can see this book being so helpful in the way it talks about such a sensitive time. Congratulations to Elizabeth for having such courage and skill to create this beautiful story , I’m sure it will help many youngsters coping with loss, see things in a more positive way.

  • Thanks Natalie for your awesome words on The Forever Kid. Thrilled you like it.
    Good luck in the book giveaway competition …
    Karen 🙂

  • It beautifully explores an area kids can really struggle to understand and manage.

  • Hi Sonia,
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on The Forever Kid. I agree 100%.
    Best wishes in the book giveaway … cheers, Karen 🙂

  • Thanks for bringing this book to my attention Karen. I’d love to win a copy. I’m slowly building a collection of useful books for difficult subjects, including domestic violence and death of a loved one. This collection will be useful for my reading prescriptions for my bibliotherapy practice, Byron Bibliotherapy.

  • Monique

    Great to see books that talk the talk and walk the walk from children’s perspectives, helping them to process grief and develop and learn resilience.

  • Hi Monique,
    This book definitely walks the walks. Its brilliant. Thanks for leaving a comment.
    Karen 🙂

  • Hi Zewlan,
    I’m thrilled you checked out this clever …and heart-warming little book. Thanks for leaving a comment.
    Karen 🙂

  • Hi Karen, It’s great to be travelling with you on this Book Tour. I love your review and totally agree. The Forever Kid is very sensitively written and will be sure to find a place in many hearts. I wish I’d had it to share with my sister’s children when she passed. I think it would have helped a lot. Best wishes to Elizabeth.

  • Ali

    What a lovely book. A welcome addition to the resource shelf of anyone who helps or works with children. All the best to Elizabeth!

  • Hi Norah, Yes wonderful to be sharing the tour with you.
    So sorry to hear about your sister. This book will help so many families. That’s it’s power.
    See you on Sunday.
    take care,
    Karen x

  • Hi Ali,
    Always lovely to see you here. Thanks so much for checking out the book and leaving a comment.

  • Ali

    What a lovely book! All the best, Elizabeth
    (Sorry my last comment didn’t post).

  • Sara Snyder

    This looks like a wonderful book! My son just started kindergarten and it’s sparked a whole new love of books. It’s been wonderful to watch. He’d love this book!

  • A nice touching book full of love.

    All the best,


  • Hi Sara,
    Thanks for leaving a comment for The Forever Kid book giveaway competition.
    Good luck,
    Karen 🙂

  • Hi Lily,
    Lovely meeting you over on LinkedIn. Thanks for leaving a comment for The Forever Kid book giveaway competition.
    Good luck,
    Karen 🙂

  • Erin Bond

    My kids would love this

  • Hi Erin, Thanks for leaving a comment. Good luck in the competition. Winner announced on Friday 5pm… cheers, Karen Tyrrell 🙂

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