ME & HER headlines International Newspaper

WOOHOO! ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness featured in Al-Watan daily newspaper, one of the major news agencies in the Middle East, appearing on online as well.

London journalist, Monira Boarki contacted me via Linked-in wanting to know MORE about ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness and my recovery from bipolar disorder. Monira […]

SYNOPSIS–How to write a KILLER Synopsis

Today I finalized a KILLER synopsis for my crime novel, SAYONARA guaranteed to get attention from editors, agents or publishers. The synopsis is the most crucial part of my submission package and needs to be developed, sweated over and polished with the same attention as to my novel. The synopsis is the sequential summary […]

WHY I wrote Sayonara?

A few years ago, our beloved Japanese exchange student, Yumi (not her real name) vanished from the suburbs of Brisbane. In the middle of the night, her distraught parents rang, pleading for us to find her … A wide police investigation ensued. Her disappearance and the devastating outcome, deeply affected my family … TRUE STORY


Hello Sayonara

I’ve almost completed my Crime Novel, Sayonara … It’s a gripping tale based on a personal story! A few years ago, Yumi, our beloved Japanese exchange student vanished from Brisbane without a trace. Sayonara explores the ensuing police investigation although I’ve woven in new fictitious scenes and characters straight from my imagination. … Will you […]