WHY I wrote Sayonara?

A few years ago, our beloved Japanese exchange student, Yumi (not her real name) vanished from the suburbs of Brisbane. In the middle of the night, her distraught parents rang, pleading for us to find her … A wide police investigation ensued.
Her disappearance and the devastating outcome, deeply affected my family … TRUE STORY

WHY did I write Sayonara? For Yumi’s sake, I needed to tell her story and seek retribution, if only in a work of fiction.
To protect the innocent (and the guilty), I’ve rewritten the story changing names and places, and I’ve added red herrings and extra clues for you to solve.
My main character is now Josie, a pacifist forensic student who searches aggressively for Yumi, often at odds with the police. I tell the story from Inside the Heads of five viewpoint characters (aka Jodi Picoult style) as they wrestle with the crisis.

Many sections of Sayonara read as Memoir, reflecting the powerful bond between the host parents and ‘adopted’ daughter, and the emotions stirred by the baffling events.
Other chapters are pure fiction straight from my imagination, brimming with suspense and intrigue.

Sayonara is FACTION.
Will you be able to discern the line between Memoir and Fiction?

My Work in Progress is in its final Editing stages, as I twist and tweak it to its full potential.
… Due date, late March.

Sayonara has already captured the attention of a Publisher, who emailed me Requesting I send the manuscript to her when its completed.  She’s been following my BLOGS. Don’t under estimate  the POWER OF THE BLOG …

Can you believe that? … That part’s definitely NOT fiction.

Fingers crossed that she’ll like it! xx

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