Hello Sayonara

I’ve almost completed my Crime Novel, Sayonara … It’s a gripping tale based on a personal story!
A few years ago, Yumi, our beloved Japanese exchange student vanished from Brisbane without a trace.
Sayonara explores the ensuing police investigation although I’ve woven in new fictitious scenes and characters straight from my imagination.
… Will you be able to discern the line between fact and fiction??

I developed Sayonara with the Year of the Edit course with QWC in 2009. Its now 85,000 words strong and I’m into the 9th Draft, over fourteen months in the Making. I tell the story from Inside the Heads of five viewpoint characters (aka Jodi Picoult style) as they wrestle with the crisis.

Recently Doctor Kim Wilkins and fellow writers from Year of the Edit critiqued my first three chapters. They were hooked! I left them dangling and begging for more.

Sayonara packs one emotional wallop!
We’re all barracking for Josie, the forensic student and the police to find Yumi before its too late! … Find out what really happened to her.

Exciting NEWS … Next week I’m sending the first 40 K to a Writing Buddy for feedback.
Can’t wait to see what she says … but feeling oh so scared ! … Will it make the grade? … Will she like it?

Then I’ll work out what I need to do before I send out the next 40K.

Fingers crossed. XX

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9 comments to Hello Sayonara

  • Sally

    Hi Karen, Did you find Yumi in the end?

  • Hi Sally,
    Sorry, I can’t tell you. It’ll spoil the story. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happened. LOL …Karen:))

  • Hi, Karen. Nine drafts!! Wow, you are one hard worker. Guess I know what I’m in for now. As you know, I’ve only completed draft one of my first novel manuscript. Looking forward to doing YOE with Kim in 2010.
    ‘Sayonara’ sounds fascinating. Good to know that you had the YOE class ‘hooked’.
    So you have on the boil (correct me if I am wrong): 1. Your memoir, ‘Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness’ (awaiting reply from publishers), 2. Sayonara (crime, ready for critiquing as above), 3. Science fiction YA novel (working on editing it). Is that right? Three books on the go? Or is it four? I know I’ve asked you this before. Sorry. Can’t locate the answer on my FB inbox. OK, better get on to some writing myself. You are the model of discipline, Karen! Congratulations on all your achievements and the inspiration you provide to all aspiring novelists.
    Bye for now, Joanna :))

  • Ready for critiquing, I mean. I wish there was an edit option here! Too late once you’ve submitted a comment.
    Joanna :))

  • Hi Joanna, Yep you’re right. Two books with Publishers and Sayonara at Critiquing stage. (The Sci-Fi is not a YA but a Kids Junior Chapter book.) Thanx Joanna for all your kind words. I wish you The very BEST for your projects… Cheers, Karen:))

  • Joanna, How true!! I can only edit from this end. PS. I’ll fix up that other comment for you. Karen:))

  • This sounds like a great book, Karen. Good luck with it. I can’t wait to read it.

    It’s nerve wracking waiting for feedback. I’m in the same boat at the moment. I bet you don’t sleep much, ‘cause I don’t.

  • Hi Trisha, I’m glad you like it … Waiting! Waiting! We, writers spend our time waiting, don’t we?… I’m actually sleeping rather well. Trying to be philosophical about it and keeping very busy. Trisha, I wish you well in your Feedback … Karen :))

  • Thanks, Karen … Joanna :))

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