38 Fiction Writing Mistakes

I’ve just discovered this AMAZING book for Aspiring Writers.
‘The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes’ by Jack M. Bickham.

Bickham instructs the Beginner and Emerging Writer, all the way to the more Experienced, on how to advance your Creative Writing to the next level.

Doctor Kim Wilkins from QWC explained at our final Year of the Edit session.

“Writers always make the Same Mistakes with their Writing. I’ve checked with my colleagues … They agree. It’s always the same ones.”

If we’re all prone to these Mistakes, how can we improve OUR writing?
… By looking at Bickham’s Tips … Here’s a few BIGGIES …

•    Conquer Procrastination …write EVERY day

•    Don’t write about WIMPS …build characters that are ready to ACT

•    Don’t write BORING, unrealistic dialogue …Make your character’s speech come ALIVE with slang, dialect, colloquial and their own TAG phrases.

•    Look for TROUBLE … Create CONFLICTS for your characters

•    Make your story RIVETING …Tell the story through the Character’s Viewpoint and Problems

•    Don’t use REAL people in Fiction …Exaggerate your Characters using their Characters Traits and Flaws.

•    Don’t HIDE your Feelings … Fill your writing with PASSION and EMOTION and your Reader will respond.

•    Don’t ignore SCENE STRUCTURE … In each scene, state the Character’s motivation upfront, Show opposition through another Character … Develop Conflict/Struggle climaxing with a Disastrous/ climactic Ending.
My Mistake? … I need to Rethink and Strengthen those SCENE STRUCTURES.

Can YOU look at your Writing through Critical Eyes and see where YOU need further developing? … I did.
Think of your Creative Writing travelling along a Continuum, forever moving forward, forever improving.

Happy Writing and Rewriting :))

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