Published: How can we Sleep Better?

SQUEE! South City Bulletin magazine published my wellness story, How can we Sleep Better? in their October issue, both in glossy print and online. I’m so proud I could burst!

Have you ever?

Tossed and turned all night unable to get to sleep. Woken the next morning feeling exhausted, with dark circles under your eyes. Wishing for a solution to your sleep problems? So many are seeking solutions to sleep better. Everyone in their life will experience sleep problems at some time. Sleep deprivation affects our feeling of wellness, our ability to concentrate, to make decisions and think clearly.

My personal INSOMNIAC story:

Once I was severely stressed, unable to sleep. Parents of one of my school students terrorized me on a daily basis. At night I was tormented by anxiety and screaming night terrors. Long term sleep deprivation triggered a severe manic episode, leading me to develop bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. When I mastered a relaxing sleep routine, my mental health radically improved. So did my emotional and physical health.I wrote ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness, my recovery story.

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How did I overcome severe Insomnia?

Top #10 tips to sleeping better

1. Establish a regular pre-bedtime calming sleep routine. This is the KEY to your physical, emotional and mental wellness.

2. Meditate every night taking yourself to your ‘happy relaxed place’. Concentrate on the gentle rhythm of your breathing. Focus on one positive thing only.

3. Avoid these nasty sleep deprivers. Avoid caffeine, alcohol or sugar before bedtime.

4. Disconnect yourself. Decrease brain stimulation from TV, mobile phones, computer work, and food intake at least thirty minutes before bedtime. Relax every muscle of your body.

5.  Write down any strong emotions you’re feeling before bedtime to release them. Express your angst, anger, guilt or depression in a free-flowing stream of consciousness type of way. Let it go!

6. Listen to Ambient and white noise CD’s. Listen to gentle relaxation CD’s. Relax your muscles one at a time.

7. Establish a Sleep time. Go to bed at a regular time each night. Sleep in a cool, dark room.

8. Change your environment. Sip a warm relaxing drink, in a darkened room with soft lighting.

9. Slow down your breath, breathing slow deep controlled breaths.

10. Take herbal or natural remedies to help establish a calming sleep routine. Drink chamomile tea. Inhale lavender oil. Vitamin B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12 and Magnesium Orotate may help too.

Let’s strive to improve our sleep habits. Let’s rejuvenate our body, mind and spirit with restful sleep. Let’s sleep soundly to optimize our ability to process information, increase alertness, lift our mood and control our appetite.
We all want to function at our optimum levels, to get the most from every day.

READ the Full story on How can we Sleep Better?

HUGE hugs to Wendy Johnson, editor of South City Bulletin for publishing this wellness story for Mental Health Week 7th-13th October.

“Sleep problems are the most prevalent mental health issue in our society.” Karen Tyrrell

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Have you ever experienced sleep problems?
Which of these Sleep Better tips is your favourite?

LOVE to hear what you think 🙂

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3 comments to Published: How can we Sleep Better?

  • Michele Fowler

    I burn candles, take valerian for relaxation, sprinkle my pillow with lavender or menthol oils and I have calming sounds on my iPod – waves breaking on the beach, rain falling, windchimes, waterfalls, trickling water etc.

  • Hi Michelle, Thanks for sharing these excellent sleep better strategies. I’m thrilled they are working for you. Sweet dreams:)

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