How to Achieve Work Life Balance

Achieve Work Life Balance

Achieve Work Life Balance

Coming home exhausted? Over worked? Stressed to the hilt?

But still striving to achieve Work Life Balance?

Read my article The Work Life Balance published in South City Bulletin magazine April edition. I’ll show you 10 keys to boost your happiness levels and manage the demands of life.

I’m a survivor of bullying and mental illness, resilience author of Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness and Me & Him: a Guide to Recovery and books for children, Bailey Beats the Blah and STOP the Bully.

Karen Tyrrell Resilience author

Karen Tyrrell Resilience author

I seek empowering ways to shake off pressure and manage stress before it starts. For me, it’s about incorporating pro-active healthy habits to increase my happiness, while nurturing my body, mind and spirit.

Here’s 10 scientifically-backed ways to boost your happiness levels and create work-life balance.

#5  ways to achieve Work Life Balance

1. Get outside! A daily dose of nature increases your sense of wellbeing, vitality and energy while reducing feelings of stress, negativity, and sleep problems. Play with your pet, water your garden, breathe in the fresh air and sunshine. Spending time in nature makes you feel more productive on the job, whatever it may be!

2. Do something FUN every day, something you really enjoy. Laugh, sing, smile, do a little dance, tell a joke. Remember grinners are winners!

3.Perform an act of kindness. Showing Kindness to others makes you feel amazing too; improving your wellbeing by generating positive thoughts and nurturing meaningful interactions with those you care about.

4. Take time out to relax with a little ME time. Give yourself permission to nurture your body mind and spirit. Sip coffee with a friend. Take a soothing, fragrant bath. Have a relaxing massage.

5. Sleep better. Good sleep improves your ability to cope, make decisions, lift your mood and improve concentration, memory and brain performance. To improve your sleep: try meditation, a warm bath and turning off all electronic devices an hour before bedtime.

Live, work and play happier and healthier!

Read all 10 TIPS and my FULL magazine article HERE

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Achieve Work Life Balance

Achieve Work Life Balance

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 How do you achieve work life balance?

Which wellness tips resonated with you?

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4 comments to How to Achieve Work Life Balance

  • Steve

    All those things and a nice cup of tea too

  • Hi Steve,
    Excactly! Take time to sip on a relaxing cup of tea with your friends and family …All part of the balancing act of Work Life balance … Karen 🙂

  • Karen, I am interested in know more about your books. What are the cost. I am having a event in June where I know that they will be a great resource, and maybe a great promotion for your work as well. Check out my website for the details.

  • Hi Denise,
    Thanks for getting in touch with me. I’m an Australian author. My books are available through Amazon in print and eBook. If you click on the Amazon links on my webpage you can go directly to the amazon pages.
    My print books can be ordered in at any Barnes & Noble store ….
    Cheers, Karen 🙂

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