Writers Group Convention Book Marketing

Writers Group ConventionWriters Group Convention held their inspiring network meeting with writers and writing groups from all over Brisbane.

I was thrilled to be a guest speaker, sharing my Super Power marketing tips for authors.

Dressed as my superhero book character, Song Bird Superhero, I shared my WHY – my personal motivation to write, to over 100 writers.

Writers Group Convention

‘When I was a school teacher I was bullied by my student and the parents of my student to breaking point.

These bullies tormented me:  making threatening phone calls, even stalking me. Each night, horrific nightmares haunted me. I became stressed, anxious and depressed. I totally broke down. I spent time in hospital, recovered and developed powerful coping skills.

I published my first book, Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness.

As a survivor of bullying and mental illness, I wrote 10 books to empower kids to live strong.’

I shared my personal WHY for each of books sharing how I won awards, grants and sponsorships.

Who organized the Writers Group Convention?

Gillian Lloyd organized the convention held at Enogerra Bowls Club.

Which groups attended Writers Group Convention?

I met inspiring writers from so many groups: Michelle Beesley, Ruth M Greening, Rachel Amphlett, Tania Joyce, Lauren Elise Daniels,  Gene Flynn, Noelle Clark, Di Hill, Mocco Wollert, Edwina Shaw, Lynne Lumsden Green, Carleton Chinner, Bernadette Rowley … and many more.

Groups included Society of Women Writers, Brisbane Writers Workshop, Brisbane Active Writers group, Writers Room Ashgrove, Chermside Writers Group, Redcliffe Writers and NightWriters writing Group.

I was thrilled four members of my writers group Write Links attended: Maria Parenti-Baldey, Lyn Blanch, Renee Hills, Jenny Woolsey … and moi (Karen Tyrrell).

Writers Group Convention

Write Links members: Lyn Blanch, Jenny Woolsey, Karen Tyrrell, Renee Hills, Maria Parenti-Baldey

What marketing tips did I share with the Writers Group Convention?

Below is a summary of my 40-minute talk on author promotion and book marketing.

A. What is your WHY? … Why do you write?

Connect with your reader on an emotional level.

  • ASK yourself: Why did YOU start writing? Why do YOU write?
  • Every blog on your website must overflow with intrigue and your WHY.
  • Where do you share your WHY? Public speaking, your website and social media.                    What is your brand? … What is your niche?
  • Join online and face to face groups

B. Pro-active Marketing Plan

WHO is your target audience? WHO will benefit from your book?

  • Where will you find your target audience? Face-to-face or online groups, book launches, meetings and in the community. Form strong friendships.
  • Plan your book launch and book events at libraries, bookshops, groups, clubs, conferences, festivals.
  • Create NEW markets for your books: library services (ALS, Peter Pal) conferences, expos, online bookshops, schools, via a distributor.
  • Create a powerful Press release: send to newspapers, magazines and radio.

C. Social Proof

Most POWERFUL marketing tactic to ease the minds of worried customers and increase book sales. Give customers proof your books are worth buying through group influence.

  • Win grants, awards, endorsements, reviews, sponsorships, partnerships, funding, mentorships and support.
  • Ensure your book is created with the highest publishing standard with an intriguing, well-written, well-structured story, professional editing, professional formatting, breathtaking/intriguing book cover/ illustrations, PLUS an intriguing blurb.

I sub-contract a team of professionals to create my books published by Digital Future Press.

“Best way to predict the future… is to Create it!”

Each year, I present a 4-hour detailed Book Marketing Masterclass. … plus I speak at Writers Festivals and conferences.

Karen Tyrrell creates empowering books to help you live STRONG.

I’m an experienced teacher, speaker, storyteller & workshop presenter. I’m a winner Of an Arts Queensland grant. My acclaimed books include Song Bird Superhero series, STOP the Bully, Bailey Beats the Blah, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, Super Space Kids series, Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness, Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery.

I won 3 awards, 4 literary grants, 2 sponsorships & a mentorship with the Society of Editors (QLD).

Please CONNECT with me, Karen Tyrrell Author on Facebook and Instagram.

Which Book marketing tip was most helpful to you?

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4 comments to Writers Group Convention Book Marketing

  • Jamie Connerly

    Karen, one of my friends attended and said they really got a lot out of your talk and from some of the other speakers. I’ve been following you for a long time picking up your writing tips and learning from your experiences. I too was a teacher and experienced forms of bullying in the workplace, and suffered as a consequence. Me and Her has really helped me in ways I cannot explain, and I hope you continue to have the courage to go on writing about coping and recovery. I think you help a lot of people, many, many thanks.

  • Aww Jamie, Thanks so much for connecting with me here.
    YES, There are so many people who’ve experienced bullying … and mental health issues.
    I wish you well on your journey to recovery. Karen x
    PS Glad your friend enjoyed my talk.

  • Hi Karen, I’m certain all attendees learned much from your talk. You are indeed a superpower. You need no cape to prove that. It’s a lovely photo of the Write Links members. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend. Best wishes for great success. Full steam (or flight power) ahead. Norah xx

  • Thanks Norah,
    Always lovely to hear from you.
    Thanks again for your awesome support and friendship.
    I like sharing my marketing tips with writers.
    But what I really love is writing books for children.
    Currently writing two superhero books. One is in the final stages. Can’t wait to share it with you soon.
    Cheers, Karen x

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