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Digital Future PressBooks by Karen Tyrrell …. published by Digital Future Press

Jo-Kin Battles the It (Super Space Kids #1 )

ktyrrell-jokin-cover-promo-web-smlHow can Jo-Kin save Captain Astra and the Galaxy from the dreaded It?

Humorous space adventure with problem solving, science and STEM themes.

Empowers kids to live strong with teamwork, resilience and brainpower. FREE teacher resources





STOP the Bully



How can Brian Bennett stop the bully before it’s too late? Brian life is falling apart: his dad abandoned the family, Brian hates his new school and now he’s bullied every day. A humorous fast-paced story to empower kids to live strong with bully prevention. FREE teacher resources. Endorsed by Kids Helpline.




Bailey Beats the BLAH


How can bailey beat the BLAH and change the blah to HA-HA-HA ? Bailey hates everything about his life: His tummy aches, he can’t get out of bed, his dog slobbers over him, he hates his school, and he has no friends. An empowering picture book to lift a child’s mood. FREE teacher resources. Endorsed by Kids Helpline.




Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Harry Helps Grandpa RememberHow can Harry help Grandpa remember again? Harry will do ANYTHING to help grandpa. Harry finds ways to boost grandpa’s memory and coping skills.

Uplifting picture book for kids & grown-ups to raise awareness of memory loss and dementia. FREE teacher resources. Winner RADF Grant.




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Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness



ME ─ wife, mother, writer and teacher
HER ─ manic, psychic, healer to the living, telepathic to the dead … and she was insane.

How does a bullied teacher claw her way back from insanity? Winner of two awards



Me & Him: A Guide to Recovery


What shock secrets are behind Me & Her: A Memoir of Madness? How can you recover from depression, bipolar, anxiety and PTSD?

Self-help manual shares Karen’s 30 steps to recovery: sleep better, stress less, find your happiness and stay well from CARER’S perspective. Endorsed by Black Dog Institute for suicide prevention.

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