The Trouble in Tune Town Review

The Trouble in Tune Town Review

Written by: Maura Pierlot

Illustrated by: Sophie Norsa

Review by: Karen Tyrrell

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Meet Maura Pierlot, author of The Trouble in Tune Town

Maura is an award-winning children’s author who won an IBBY award for The Trouble in Tune Town eBook. IBBY stands for International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). She’s a playwright based in Canberra, Australia whose plays were performed in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Review of The Trouble in Tune Town

Meg is a Tune Town’s best performer. But she’s having trouble with rehearsing!

The flute sounds unbearable.

The piano notes disappear.

And the tuba notes vanish, searching for somewhere to belong.

In fact, all the music notes had run off their sheets.

Can Meg find the notes in time for your BIG concert?

Or will the whole performance be a BIG disaster?

The Trouble in Tune Town

The Trouble in Tune Town celebrates the fun and joy of music, told through imaginative fantasy and rhyme. It encourages children to relax, try their best and find joy in all that they do.

Sophie Norsa’s lively and colourful illustrations add to the charm of the story.

 The Trouble in Tune Town

Who is suited to The Trouble in Tune Town?

This book is suited to kids, teachers, families and all lovers of music.

Children will identify with a frustrated Meg, who wants to give up when she can’t play her song perfectly.

The picture book inspires kids to never, ever give up playing a musical instrument OR anything in life for that matter.

BONUS: Includes a glossary of musical terms, an introduction to musical theory.


Persistence • Overcoming frustration • Self-belief • Resilience • Belonging

Download your copy of the Teachers Notes here.

The Trouble in Tune TownBook Giveaway

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Winner will be announced on 15th May, 2018.

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10 comments to The Trouble in Tune Town Review

  • Melvene watson

    My daughter has just started playing the flute, she is entranced with it and also says “her notes fly away sometimes “. I will look out for this one, thank you Karen

  • Hi Melvene,
    Thanks for leaving a comment here. You are in the running to win “The Trouble in Tune Town”.
    Good luck … Karen 🙂

  • I love the cover artwork it shows just enough to spark interest in that you want to know what the story is about. After reading on and seeing the other page samples I think it will be a great story as many can remember in childhood not wanting to stick with something we first practically begged our parents to let us do.

  • Jean Peel

    I would love to give your book to a young friend of mine who is learning to play the fife and the French horn through her primary school. I’m sure the lesson of not giving up will encourage her to keep going if/when she meets a little but of adversity.

  • Hi Paradise Kids,
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I wish you all the best for the book giveaway competition.
    Karen x

  • Hi Jean,
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Best wishes for the book giveaway competition.
    Karen x

  • This sounds like a fun book, Karen. I hope I win a copy, otherwise, I might just have to buy one. 🙂

  • Hi Norah,
    Thanks for checking out The Trouble in Tune Town,
    Good luck with competition, Karen 🙂

  • Thank you so much Karen for gifting this lovely book for the children at Paradise Kids… we look forward to our prize!

  • Hi Paradise Kids,
    Congratulations on your book prize. I look forward to sending it off to you with a little surprise included.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful work you do for children.
    Take care, Karen x

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