Talking Bipolar Recovery on Blog Talk Radio GLOBAL

SQUEE! I’m broadcasting my recovery memoir, Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness to the outer reaches of the globe.

NDB Media Blog Talk Radio will be internationally transmitting my interview direct from San Diego, USA. I’m so excited I could burst.
I’ll be revealing HOW I developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and bipolar disorder.

I’ll be sharing personal details on how parents of one of my students repeatedly harassed and stalked me until I could take no more.  HOW did I become severely manic and psychotic ? “I escaped and ran to a lonely motel, where police and a medical team incarcerated me into the psychiatric system.”

Maggie Reese, author of bestselling bipolar memoir, Runaway Mind will be interviewing me. Maggie will be quizzing me on HOW I recovered and reclaimed my life. I’ll be sharing my pro-active wellness plan and my  Guide to Recovery which lead to my mental health.

Why is this Runaway Mind interview VIP?
So many out there are seeking answers and solutions to their mental health issues.

My wish is that Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness will open up discussions on mental illness and mental health, providing HOPE and a guide to Recovery for those dealing with their issues.

I’m Requesting your SUPPORT

1.    Please listen in to the *LIVE* show transmitting from Brisbane, Australia and San Diego, USA and across the world. Please BOOKMARK the LINK.

2.    Please call in to speak to the host and share what’s on your mind.

3.    Scribe these dates in your calendar with an *Asterisk* and underline!
Pacific Standard Time, USA … *Saturday 21st July 6-7 pm
Eastern Standard Time, Australia … *Sunday 22nd July 11-12 am

Or convert these times to YOUR local time.

4.    Go to the Facebook event page for the Radio Show and click GOING … GO TO THE EVENT

Please tell your friends about this VIP once in a Lifetime event.

What do you REALLY want to know about ME & HER: a Memoir Of Madness and HOW I Recovered?

How can I help YOU or your loved one?

Will you be LISTENING in?  … Please SHARE this page !!

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8 comments to Talking Bipolar Recovery on Blog Talk Radio GLOBAL

  • Lexie Mitchell

    Congratulations once again, Karen. You have reached so many people with your story, and achieved so much success with your efforts. You deserve all your success and I wish you much more of the same.

  • Thanks Lexie for supporting me for so long. Really appreciate you leaving a comment here and spreading The NEWS…. Please stay tuned for More eXciting NEWS arriving soon from the International front!

  • Art Antonious

    This is just AWESOME, Karen. I honestly can’t contain my joy and share your excitement about this great news! You are certainly being blessed for your all your hard work behind the scenes and most of all for just being you as a loving wife, mother and a friend sharing her life’s journey from hell to normality with a positive attitude of gratitude 🙂

  • Thanks so much Art, for sharing my eXcitement and understanding the bigger picture of this opportunity. Your very kind words have touched me. Thanks friend xx 🙂
    PS Like your words “From hell to normality!”

  • Congratulations, Karen. Wonderful news. You’ll be fantastic. An inspiration as always. I’m reading “Me and Her: A Memoir Of Madness” every night in bed before I go to sleep – and I’m loving it. When it comes time for lights out, putting your book away is terribly difficult. I want to keep reading. I’ll look forward to your interview. You’ll be great. Love and Light, Robyn

  • WoW! Thanks Robyn for your wonderful support and friendship. Thanks for reading ME & HER. I had no idea you had it. Love that awesome signature of yours… Love & Light back-atcha … Karen 🙂

  • Kerry Pilli

    Congratulations Karen
    You are an inspiration to me and to a lot of people
    Am so glad you wrote Me and Her a memoir of madness
    It has sure turned my life around for the better
    Am looking forward to listening to your interview
    Cheers Kerry

  • Thanks so much Kerry for your awesome support and for cheering me on. I’ll be smiling through the interview knowing you’re listening in. Thrilled to be helping you and other listeners on their journey to Recovery. 🙂

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