Seeking an Agent

A BIG Publisher are close to deciding whether they’ll Publish Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness … Any day now. So I desperately NEED an Agent to negotiate the best Contract for me.

Yesterday I rang the Queensland Writers Centre (+61 7 3839 1243) for advice and they provided a link with information […]

Book Proposal

Agent?…Publisher?…Agent? I feel like I’ve yanked out the last daisy petal … Its PUBLISHER!!

Well if I’m proceeding to the Publishers DIRECT, then I’ll need a strong Book Proposal. Something that will convince the Publishers to take me on.

A BOOK PROPOSAL is similar to the Agent’s one-page Query letter but is far more detailed, […]

The Hunt for an Agent Begins …

I’ve scraped my self-doubt off the floor, once again …

Two weeks ago, I entered a competition, called BOOK IN A NUTSHELL, to gain attention from a US agent. I wrote a 3-sentence blurb about my memoir in 150 words or less. Only winning entrants contacted.

Well, that date has come and gone. No luck […]

Am I Brave Enough?

This week has been an incredible ride for me … my announcements about my completed memoir Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness … launching my website and Karen’s BLOG.

The overwhelming support has been amazing. Thank you! Next week the hunt for an Agent begins. Its all happening so fast.

Now let me pause […]

Welcome to

This is my first BLOG to launch my official website, coinciding with the completion of my first book and search for an Agent.

I’m an Australian writer in the genres of Memoir, Crime and Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

Future blogs will centre on facets of Writing and Publishing tips.

And I’ll be revealing my writing secrets and describing […]