How to be Stress FREE over Christmas

Are you Frantically rushing round preparing for Christmas?

Frazzled by Christmas shopping, heavy traffic and parking? Feverishly attending and organizing Christmas celebrations? … Think again.
STOP pressuring yourself!

Christmas is a time of peace and relaxation. And most importantly a time to nurture yourself.

For those managing mental illness like Me, Christmas can trigger stress, depression and anxiety.

I’m bolstering myself with a toolbox of wellness strategies to fight stress and my triggers for bipolar disorder.

How to Be Stress FREE over Christmas

1.    Take TIME OUT. Nurture yourself with ME time. Take a warm scented bath. Indulge in a soothing, relaxing massage, restoring not only your body, but your mind and your soul.

2.    Don’t over commit. Delegate. Learn to say no.

3.    Avoid known triggers. If someone brings up a sensitive topic, use distraction and quickly move onto something else to talk about.

4.    Infuse laughter into your Christmas festivities. Laugh out loud. Smile. Tell jokes. Do a merry little dance.

5.    Keep up your exercise over Christmas. Take a brisk walk. Swim.

6.    Enjoy simple Christmas pleasures with friends and family. Delight in your neighbourhood Christmas lights.

7.    Lighten up. Say ‘everything will be OK’. Positive self-talk and gratitude for all the good things in your life empowers you to cope and to relax. You ARE what you think.

8.    Meditate and relax. Breathe very slowly and deeply to calm yourself.  Shrug your shoulders slowly. Breathe deeply and release the tension.

9. Make a pro-active ACTION plan of what to do and what to AVOID.

10.     Unplug your TV, computer and phone. Go outside and commune with nature. Chill out in a natural environment. Enjoy watching glorious sunsets, rolling clouds across the sky. Feed native birds.

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Thanks for your Awesome friendship and support in 2012.

Wishing you the most relaxing Christmas ever, with family and friends, love and laughter.
How will you be spending a Stress FREE Christmas?

LOVE to hear your comments.

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