Please *Support* my PlanBIG Dream to Publish ME AND HER

plan-big-logoI’m requesting YOU and members of the PlanBIG community to *support* my pro-active quest to publish ME AND HER :a Memoir of Madness, my gutsy tell-all memoir, encapsulating triumph over adversity … I’m NEVER, ever giving up till I see my book in print! … Supporting PlanBIG only takes 30 seconds of your time!

ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness, a teacher’s struggle and victory over bipolar disorder, is the story that MUST be told.  My DREAM :- ME AND HER will raise public awareness on mental illness and recovery, spearheading discussions, initiating change in community attitudes.

How does PlanBIG turn Ideas into Reality?

PlanBIG is a community of courageous people creating positive change across Australia and the planet. PlanBIG offers awesome tools, skills and know-how, enlisting crowd support, turning BIG ideas into reality.
Please hop on board the PlanBig express, and ensure ME AND HER gets publish.

The inspiring story of how a teacher reaches breaking point after being harassed repeatedly by parents at her school … and her brave journey back to sanity.

How can you *Support* my PlanBIG dream?

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•    Sign up… takes 30 seconds …You can create your own plan later

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•    Broadcast the news on social media sites

•    Get involved …  Please Pledge support …


Yesterday I sent ME AND HER off to an amazing opportunity! … This may be THE one that helps ME AND HER over the finishing line!  I’m very eXcited by the possibility … Hope you are too!

Please cross your fingers! … Imagine the combined positive energy transmitted by all those good luck  double digits!

I’m relying on your enthusiasm, experience and expertise raising support and getting ME AND HER Published …

What do you suggest?

Whats my NEXT step?

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