My Newspaper Life Story is OUT!

logan-news-articleSQUEE! Finally my gutsy news story has hit the streets!  My heart is pattering with exhilaration, my stomach clenched with apprehension. For two years, I’ve hidden myself  here on my website in cyber land.

But it’s another thing to have your personal story and photo plastered across the pages of the newspaper for your neighbours, ex-students and teacher colleagues to see.

Am I finally brave enough to see my bipolar story ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness splashed across the tabloid?

Weeks ago, Logan and Albert News approached me to do a story on Logan Writers collective, which I coordinate. I invited them to our Queensland Writers Week celebration in October to meet our talented authors, illustrators and editors.

Unfortunately, the reporter couldn’t make the occasion but instead requested a phone interview on my “experiences” based on her research of my website. Oh no!  Did she mean my personal struggle and victory with mental health?

My stomach churned. Could I really be brave enough? … Maybe, just maybe my story could bring awareness to mental health issues.
I needed time to weigh up each question carefully. What should I do?… I responded to the questions via email, allowing time and reflection.

What are my HOT #5 Tips to be Media Savvy?

•    update your website to display only what you want the world to see and print
•  learn how to write an attention-grabbing  press release
•    hook your story in with intriguing details
•    keep updated with the latest media contacts and names
•    divulge heart rending stories via email rather than phone interview


Here’s two sample Q and A from my newspaper interview.

Q: When did you first think about writing as a career?

A: I knew my story must be told … ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness, my struggle and triumph over Bipolar Disorder.

Q: What is your ultimate goal for your writing career?

A: To see all my six books published. Especially ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness, my journey into mental illness, and out through the other side into recovery and forgiveness.

For an enlarged version, please click on this link. Turn the corners to Page 27 to find the story titled ‘Author pens life story’...

What do you think?

Did I make the right decision to  agree with the newspaper interview, not knowing what they’d ask or print?

I’m praying for positive karma and synchronicity,  to result from this interview and newspaper story …

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27 comments to My Newspaper Life Story is OUT!

  • Rod

    Congratulations Karen on your bravery in getting your life story in the paper.
    The more exposure mental health issues receives, the better.

  • Thanks Rod, I really had to think about my answers to the interview carefully. Then I Took a deep breath to send that email to the paper 🙂

  • Art Antonious

    Well done & congratulations Karen as this is a good milestone and another step forward in the right direction to publishing your memoir “Me and Her”. I am happy and so proud of your incremental achievements so far. I always believe in you and will always be supporting you till the end. Great newspaper article and your answeres were very professional and well thought out. -:)

  • Thanks so much Art for your awesome support and encouragement … I didn’t rush the answers to the questions but took my time to answer them … I’m so grateful of this opportunity … another step toward publishing 🙂

  • Graham Clements

    Hi Karen,

    He didn’t exactly ask very probing questions – if I was him I would have asked a few more about your bipolar and its affect on your writing. Anyway, it’s still good publicity. Hopefully some publisher was reading who was thinking she’d like to publish a memoir from someone with bipolar.


  • Hi Graham, The journalist wanted to focus on writing as she covers the Entertainment/ Books section. But I decided to add a few answers with a “Bipolar” edge. 🙂

  • Congratulations. This is really good news. Keep up the great work.

  • Fantastic courage, Karen. Keep spreading the word. Keep helping others. Your story will inspire others, Cher x

  • Thanks Paula, The newspaper story came as a glorious surprise today. I didn’t think they’d print it 🙂

  • Hi Cheri, Yes it did take courage. The newspaper will be circulated to my former teacher colleagues and students. Plus people I know throughout the community.
    Yes, I hope it’ll be for the greater good 🙂


    CONGRATULATIONS KAREN; Positive karma and syncronicity win every time.

  • That’s really excellent Karen. The exposure is great but having got into the paper will reflect well on you for potential publishers.
    Perhaps next post do a screen shot or something from the paper so that people (publishers)can easily see it, as people are notoriously lazy. (and it took me a while to get to).


  • You control the pen you use and the words you write, but once it leaves this arena it’s no longer your responsibility, but the ether, the spirit world, Karma [whatever is out there] connects your creation with those it is meant for… from this time forward.

    Thanx for taking the time, setting the standard, having the courage… blessings to you… B

  • Thanks Garry,
    I hope that positive karma and synchronicity is on its way 🙂

  • Thanks Anthony,
    Its awesome how it all worked out. I’ve turned page 27 into a PDF. When my techno savvy son comes home soon, I’ll/ he’ll turn it into a pic for the website 🙂

  • Thanks Bruce, for your very kind and your spiritual focused words, giving me inspiration and hope 🙂

  • Karen well done you! It’s a brilliant article, pithy with just the right amount of personal. Great pic too! It’s an old adage, but true from a marketing pov; any publicity is good publicity. It’s the spin you put on it, and of course how you ride the resulting wave afterwards. I think you did the absolute right thing to go to the local press with this. Good luck on all levels. Dimity

  • Thanks Dimity, I’m pleased with the positive reactions and support this story has received. About the local press … they contacted me in the first instance. Not sure how they got my email. But I’m now glad how its all worked out 🙂

  • Congratulations! You are going to inspire so many with this gutsy story.

  • Thanks so much Michelle, for your awesome words of support. I hope my gutsy story will reach many 🙂

  • Jan Mills

    Awesome, Karen. I’m so excited for you.
    I’ve just read an anonymous quote: “Don’t wait for
    your ship to come in: Swim out to it.” That’s exactly
    what you have done in pursuing your goals. You have
    come such a long way since I first met you and I know
    you’ll go sooooo much further.
    Jan x

  • Thank so much Jan, for your very generous support over the years. I really appreciate your friendship x

  • Hi Karen,

    This is so exciting, you have taken a big leap off the cliff and now you are sky surfing 😉 I think you did the right thing with the newspaper article, no one knows what the press is going to write, but it worked out well. Good luck – not that you need it!


  • Hi Linda, Lovely to “meet” you here. The reaction to the newspaper story has been nothing but positive. Thanks for your very supportive and encouraging comment 🙂

  • Steph L

    that’s 6 books and counting Karen 🙂

  • LOL> Thanks Steph for keeping the tally 🙂

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