Opening Page: ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness

Photo:David Castillo Dominici

Photo:David Castillo Dominici

SQUEE! I’ve just finished amping ME AND HER : A Memoir of Madness to the MAX … My struggle and victory over Bipolar Disorder. Hope you LOVE the revised version.

‘After parents at my school harass me to breaking point, my personality and moods begin to change.’

A year ago, my cyber friend, Bi-Polar Girl suggested I post the first page from ME AND HER : A Memoir of Madness on her website, I asked myself … Could I really be Brave Enough?

I sucked in a deep breath and snapped my eyes tight, pleading for guidance.
Could I really divulge my opening page for the world to read?
Self-doubt  overwhelmed me …

Again I ask in 2011, Will everyone understand my anguish and my mania ?

So here’s the  BRAND NEW opening to ME AND HER : A Memoir of Madness … Please let me know what you think.

In May 2005, my mad half, ‘Her’ was born …

Hot water flowed over me, soothing my skin, washing my anguish and tears down the drain. After a week tucked up at the motel, should I return home to Steve and the kids? To teaching? I quivered … No, I can never return to that horrid school. Never.
I heaved a loud sigh.

Without warning, the shower screen shook, reverberating from thuds against the bathroom window. I dropped the soap, bumping the tap. The stream became icy as I stood there shivering. I spun the handle around and turned off the water. Muffled shouts came from outside. Then someone pummeled hard on the front door of my motel room.

‘Samantha, you all right?’

Samantha? That’s not my name!

My hands shook, beads of sweat forming on my forehead. ‘I’m naked. I’m getting out of the shower. Wait. Wait till I’m dressed!’

I grabbed a towel, drying my body as fast as I could. The chipped steamed-up mirror reflected a glimpse of myself, hair dripping over my face ─ skin  the colour of milk.
Why is someone banging on my door? I didn’t do anything.

‘Open the door now! Samantha Howard, you’ve got three minutes to let us in!’

I gulped. But that’s my fake name. The name I registered at the reception counter.
My heart hammered fast, the surging adrenaline pumping through my veins.

What will I do now?

Karen Tyrrell 2011 © Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness

What did you think of my Opening page ?

Is the first page strong enough to peek your interest?

Do you want to read more?

PS. Original post has been edited. KT.

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106 comments to Opening Page: ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness

  • Hi Karen
    This is a great opening and has me wanting to know so much more. Please keep writing. I am currently reading ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King. One thing he says is to be honest with your writing. Your honesty in telling your story will make it great. Keep up the great work.

  • Thanks Kay for your support and checking out my opening page. Love Stephen Kings book too. ME AND HER is as honest as I can write it. It will be launched on the 1st May 🙂

  • Craig Pickering

    The first page is very confronting, and well written.

    I fully support your efforts in the area of mental health, and hope your book is published.

    Hang in there…I know of an author who took 10 years for her manuscript to be finally accepted, and she is now a best selling author of two books.

  • Thanks very much Craig for supporting my important PlanBig project. I have exciting news to share with you. Please check out SQUEEE! … ME AND HER published soon!

  • Ani Peters

    Hi Karen, I can’t wait to read your book and love the opening page. It was riveting and very well written. As a closet writer myself, I am inspired to keep going. I wish you continued success and may this be the beginning of one huge,exciting adventure.

  • Thanks Ani. I can hear the enthusiasm in your voice! Thanks so much for reading my first page and giving me such positive feedback x 🙂

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