Meanjin Writers Camp created Superhero stories

Meanjin Writers Camp kids created Superhero stories. And I, Karen Tyrrell author taught talented young writers how to write them.

ALEA (Australian Literacy Educators Association) invited me to present two 90-minute writing workshops for children. I was gobsmacked!

When I discovered which uber-talented authors would co-present with me, I almost keeled over!

Well-renowned children’s authors Morris Gleitzman, Gregg Dreise, Kris Sheather … and lil ole me, Karen Tyrrell taught children how to unlock their imaginations.

Meanjin Writers Camp

Kids and teachers from Logan and Ipswich schools attended the Meanjin Writers’ Camp at USQ at Springfield campus on Thursday 19th October.

I’m a Superhero author, writing empowering Superhero books, so it was only natural that I chose to teach: Create a Superhero story.

I’m a passionate writing workshop presenter and interactive story teller wearing fun costumes.

How was I chosen for the Meanjin Writers Camp?

Someone recommended me to ALEA as a presenter and I will be forever grateful to them.

I’ve won a range of awards for my books …

Song Bird Superhero (Song Bird 1), The Battle of Bug World (Song Bird 2), STOP the Bully, Bailey Beats the Blah, Harry Helps Grandpa Remember, Super Space Kids series ignite imagination and positive self-esteem.

How did I present my Superhero writing workshop at Meanjin Writers Camp?

Wearing my red and blue Song Bird Superhero costume, I taught kids how to create a superhero story with SUPER powers and SUPER villains. Using superhero posters, slides and story starters I posed questions, to jump start children’s creativity.

Kids dressed up as characters from my book, Song Bird Superhero rehearsing dialogue in a play. Step-by-step I guided children through the writing process focusing on characters, worlds and problem solving.


PLAY: Song Bird Superhero VS Frank the evil child genius

What did the authors present at Meanjin Writers Camp?

Morris Gleitzman – Keynote author, shared his secrets on writing funny, moving books.

 Gregg Dreise  – “Bringing back endangered stories and storytelling.”

Kris Sheather – “Creating believable 3D characters.”

Karen Tyrrell – “Interactive Superhero Writing Workshop.”

Karen Tyrrell & Kris Sheather at the USQ sign


AUTHORS Gregg Dreise & Karen Tyrrell


“I would like thank you for presenting at Meanjin Writer’s Camp yesterday. My student’s were able to stand in front of the student body this morning and share their experiences with passion and excitement for literacy. One of my students proudly read out the story she began in your writing workshop. She was so nervous but thrilled to bits when I asked 500+ students if they wanted to hear how her story ended. 500+ students and staff members all raised their hands. So I have challenged her to complete her story and a student is going to illustrate it. We are then going to publish it to the school library for the school to read. Passion and Inspiration lit. Most of the students at *** come from under-privledged and ESL/D backgrounds. This would normally not be an opportunity that they would be able to take advantage of. So if your purpose was in inspire, arouse passion and light a fire in the bellies of young Australian writers – then Mission accomplished. Thanks for your presentation on behalf of my students and myself.” Below is a student’s illustration of me at my workshop …


I will present four Superhero Writing Workshops at Brisbane City Libraries very soon. Please stay tuned for dates and locations.

All children at these FREE workshops will receive a double-sided Song Bird Superhero bookmark and a story starter kit.

I’m gobsmacked by these awesome opportunities … Thank you universe!!

How do  YOU present Writing Workshops for children?

What tips would you like to share?

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6 comments to Meanjin Writers Camp created Superhero stories

  • Judie Stirlling

    What a wonderful day Karen, My daughter really enjoyed the whole experience and seeing and listening to you, what an inspiration you are. Keep going girl

  • Hi Judie,

    Thanks for checking out my Blog n the writers camp.
    I don’t know who enjoyed themselves the MOST today! The kids, the teachers or the authors??
    Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • Wonderful. Deservedly so✨?✨

  • Aww, Thanks Maria,
    I’ve dreamed of the day when I could present my workshops at Meanjin Writers Camp… and now this dream has come true.
    I can’t wait to present four Superhero Writing Workshops at Brisbane City Libraries soon.
    Karen x

  • What a wonderful experience, Karen, for the authors and the children. I used to attend the Meanjin Writing Camps as a teacher/leader during the 80s. They were weekend camps at Mt Tamborine. They were marvellous fun and inspirational, just as you describe your day.
    I’m delighted to see that two of my special interviewees (you and Gregg) were both presenting on that day.
    I met Morris Gleitzman years ago at a book signing for Two Weeks with the Queen. (It’s probably more truthful to say – attended the book signing). Imagine how many fans you’ll get to meet over the next thirty years!
    Congratulations, Karen, I’ve popped in here from FB where I read the amazing letter from a school principal in response to your talk. Brilliant work. If that was all you ever achieved, it would be enough. But you do much more and touch many more lives. Wonderful work.
    Best wishes, Norah.

  • WOW! Thanks Norah for reading the letter from the school who attended my writing camp … and coming over here to comment.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with Morris Gleitzman and Gregg Driese … and for believing in me as an author too.
    Hugs, Karen x

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