Superhero Writing Workshops for Children

Superhero Writing WorkshopsSuperhero Writing Workshops for Children! … I’m thrilled to announce, I’m presenting 4 Children’s Superhero Writing Workshops … And they’re absolutely FREE!

YIPEE! My dream for 2017 was to present writing workshops in Brisbane City libraries. And its finally come true!!

KAPOW! Meet Superhero Karen Tyrrell, author of the Song Bird Superhero series and Super Space Kids series. Kids will be supercharged with new story writing powers to create an original SUPERHERO story. Stories will be jam-packed with SUPER powers, SUPER action and SUPER villains.

Ideal for children aged 7-12 years. Bookings essential.

This event is part of Brisbane Libraries’ Summer Reading program.

What are my Credentials for presenting writing workshops to kids?

  1. I’m an experienced early childhood teacher AND a gifted and talented teacher.
  2.  I present writing workshops to primary schools, high schools, libraries and festivals.
  3. In October, I presented Superhero Writing Workshops for Meanjin School Camp on behalf of ALEA (Australian Literacy Educators Association). I presented with fellow authors Morris Gleitzman, Gregg Dreise and Kris Sheather.

I’m thrilled to present 4 Superhero Writing Workshops to Brisbane Kids.

All children will receive a Superhero Story starter kit including a starter sheet and a Song Bird Superhero bookmark.

All seven of Karen’s award-winning books are available for sale. And signed especially to you. Great for Christmas presents.

Song Bird Superhero … and Song Bird 2: The Battle of Bug World

Jo-Kin Battles the It … and Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra

Super Bee AKA Steve Tyrrell will make a special appearance. Steve wrote two highly acclaimed guest chapters. ( We both have current Blue Cards)

He wrote Chapter 2 in Song Bird 1 and Chapter 6 in Song Bird 2.

Steve Tyrrell Super Bee with Karen Tyrrell Song Bird

Children’s Superhero Writing Workshops 4 locations & times

Hamilton Library, 36 Racecourse Road, Ascot

When: 14th December, 2-3 pm
Cost: Free
Bookings: Bookings required. Phone Hamilton Library on 07 3403 1050 to reserve your place.

Web link:

Mt Ommaney Library, Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre, 171 Dandenong Rd, Mt Ommaney

When: 16th December, 2-3 pm
Cost: Free
Bookings: Required. Phone Mount Ommaney Library on 07 3407 7010 to reserve your place.

Web link:

Superhero Writing WorkshopsBrisbane Square Library, 266 George Street, Brisbane City

When: 3rd January, 2018. 1-2 pm
Cost: Free
Bookings: Bookings required. Phone Brisbane Square Library on 07 3403 4166 to reserve your place.

Web link:

 Stones Corner Library, 280 Logan Road, Greenslopes

When:11th January, 2018. 10.30-11.30
Cost: Free
Bookings: Bookings required. Phone Stones Corner Library on 07 3403 2170  to reserve your place
Web link:

Book Superhero Writing Workshops ASAP … as places will go quickly.

Can you please share these special events?

Which superhero workshop are you taking your kids to?

Please comment below, LIKE, tweet, Google plus or share on Instagram 🙂

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8 comments to Superhero Writing Workshops for Children

  • Kate leemone

    Wonderful initiative Karen . I hope you have a huge attendance. Any child that attends will come away with a toolbox of new writing skills

  • Hi Kate,
    Thanks for dropping by to check out my Free writing workshops.
    Hope your kids can join the SUPER fun.
    Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • This is wonderful, Karen. Congratulations.When I saw you were going to be at my local library, I thought, “Great. I’ll be there!” But sadly I’m not available that day. Never mind. I’m sure you’ll have fun without me. 🙂

  • Hi Norah,
    Thanks again for cheering me on. Sorry that you’re not available when I visit your local library … Hope I will make it another time.
    Thanks for all the wonderful work you do creating school resources at ReadiLearn.
    Karen x

  • Yahoo! You have worked and worked and worked. So awesome to have a supportive family. Will aim for the Stones Corner one. Cheers Maria

  • Hi Maria,
    Thanks for your wonderful support. Please ring Stones Corner to book a seat. Hope you can bring a kidlet or two.
    Karen 🙂

  • Sue Fairley

    Hi Karen, is it possible to do a Skype version. My Granddaughter Amelie would love to do a writing workshop but we live near Yungaburra on the Atherton Tablelands, west of Cairns. She is 8 years old and absolutely loves writing stories. She has been a finalist in a National Story writing Competition.

  • Hi Sue,
    Sorry I don’t present skype writing workshops. I present face-to-face interactive workshops using Powerpoint, whiteboards, Starter sheets and personal one on one assistance to every child.
    Please request my Superhero Writing Workshop to Cairns library, Atherton Tableland library and Amelie’s school.
    Please check out my Song Bird Superhero books and let me know if you would like a signed copy.
    Many Thanks,
    Karen Tyrrell

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