Digital Future Press WINS Awards

Digital Future PressDigital Future Press publishes empowering books to energize kids and grown-ups to live strong. Karen Tyrrell (that’s me) published 9 highly acclaimed books barely mentioning my imprint. Now, it’s time to shout Digital Future Press to the world!

 WINNER: Digital Future Press

Digital Future Press received 3 mental health awards, 4 literary grants, a mentorship with the Society of Editors PLUS two sponsorships.

Digital Future Press now is emblazoned with its own logo…

Digital Future Press

What books did we publish?

In 2012, I published my ground-breaking story Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness. Its reveals the breakdown of me, a bullied teacher told through the eyes of my sane self “MEvs my insane, manic self “HER”.

In 2013, I published my self-care manual Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery with 30 steps to recovery and happiness. Its endorsed by the Black Dog Institute and mental health organizations.

In the same year, I published my self-care picture book for children, Bailey Beats the Blah. Bailey teaches kids how to cope with anxiety and depression. Its endorsed by Kids Helpline and aligned with Kids Matter on the Australian curriculum.

In 2014, I published STOP the Bully, a humorous yet powerful story about Brian and the dark secret he hides. Its endorsed by Kids Helpline and aligned with Kids Matter on the Australian curriculum.

In 2015/16, I published FUN action-packed Super Space Kids series with Book 1: Jo-Kin Battles the It and Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra. Kids laugh along, learning NEVER to give up and how to work as a team.

In 2016/17, I published the superhero page-turning Song Bird series about Rosella Ava Bird, half-girl half-bird. In Book 1: Song Bird Superhero discovers how to defeat the evil child genius and save the school from disaster. In Book 2: The Battle of Bug World, Rosie must save the bees and a climate-changed world. Song Bird is both an eco-warrior and a bully prevention champion.

Digital Future Press prides itself with a published memoir, a self-help book, two picture books and five exciting junior novels … All with *5 STAR Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

What’s coming in 2018?

Two NEW books …

** Song Bird will battle mythical creatures in a mysterious eco adventure in Book 3.


** A unique picture book  with eco and diversity themes … Winner of an Arts Queensland grant.

Who is Digital Future Press?

Karen Tyrrell – author, publisher, creative, speaker, presenter.

Steve Tyrrell – director, creative, guest author in the Song Bird Series with chapters 2 (Bk1) and chapters 6. (Bk2)


During Mental Health Week in October, Steve and I are BOTH speaking at a forum at Brisbane Convention Centre. We will share pro-active coping skills and well-being tips.

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Where can I buy Digital Future Press books?

My books are available from Amazon, Booktopia, Apple, Barnes & Noble and selected bookstores across the world.

How can I spread the news about Digital Future Press?

Who’s read a Digital Future Press book?

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12 comments to Digital Future Press WINS Awards

  • Congratulations Karen and Steve, you have achieved so much. Love the new logo ☺

  • Thanks Aretelle,
    Thanks for dropping by to check out our logo. Thrilled you like it.
    We’ve had this LOGO for a while … but we were so busy creating books and speaking out in public.. We forgot to mention it.
    Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • Steve Tyrrell

    The future is digital and so are we, we want to entertain, help and be meaningful for adults and especially kids. We’ve turned a passion into our vocation and we have only just begun.

  • Diane port

    Whoopy love the child centred logo. I think it captures what you are all about, getting kids to enjoy reading again. Well done!

  • Thanks Diane for checking out my Logo. Thrilled you like it too … Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Steve for sharing our vision and passion so succinctly! … Hugs, Karen xx

  • Congratulations to you both. Incredible work.
    When will you take on someone else’s book to publish? 🙂 🙂 🙂 ( I know that was cheeky!)

    Great logo.

  • Congratulations Karen and Steve !! How exciting . I’m looking forward to following the progress of DFP

  • Hi Sandy,
    Lovely to see you here.
    YES! Exciting times ahead for Digital Future Press… Thanks for following …Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • Hi Kara,
    Thanks for the query. We’re looking into the possibility of an anthology of children’s stories in 2018.
    Please stay tuned, Cheers Karen & Steve x

  • This is wonderful news, Karen. I can feel you excitement. Well done! I have read six of your DFP publications, and another picture book by you also. I’m a well-read DFP reader! Great work on your logo. You must be very proud of all you accomplishments, and rightly so (or is that writely so?). You have worked hard for them. I wish you continued success.

  • WOW Norah! You’ve read 6 DFP books!
    That’s really showing your support and commitment.
    I’m thrilled you like the Logo … and hope my titles for 2018 have spiked your interest… Cheers, Karen 🙂

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